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  1. @shimachep. hi hallo welcome . We actually ship them a lot but mostly just in silent mode. I don’t know with the others, but even tough I don’t post or come by to this thread a lot, I always lurk and always try to find something about them everywhere. I am sure they have feeling for each other, it is so clear. What I can do is just waiting and keep delulu for myself. I will ship them until the news come. Good or bad.
  2. Yes, yes, I was asking about this IG post before, what made the same day post become a clue that they’re lover, because it’s such a silly move for adult imo. But also curious when they did that, it’s not like coincidence but intentional move to tease us. And of course they won’t do it again after the mole case. But delulu is allowed here right? Feel free to interpret their caption, as long as it makes you happy.
  3. @cenching btw why you always give me the same reaction? Lol lol lol Someone here has the link to watch subbed lifebar full version of KJW ep?
  4. @JaeWook'sFangirl yes yes yes I can relate. So, do we clear with the pd’s cut dvd issue? Is it true that both of the KJWxPMY agencies denied to make it?
  5. I think my problem is bigger than yours girls. Not just can’t watch another kdrama, but also this pairing has ruin my daily activities. I am a woman, wife, and mom with a lot tasks to do. The fact I created an account to join this forum is already wrong at the first place (imo lol), but hey I also found myself lurking around on internet just to watch and looking something for this craving heart, in short: I am now being an absolute fangirl Nobody can help but time, enjoy~
  6. Move move move! @redcoral @cenching @mushforbrains See you on shipping thread
  7. @mushforbrains @cenching What else? Let me mention it girl: yes he has feeling for her. Clean and clear. Checked and rechecked hahaha. Actually I dont mind if kJW date someone elses, just feeling sad if he has to feel one side love (because it’s so clear KJW has a crush for PMY), that’s why I am hoping she also feel the same. And that’s why I shipe them.
  8. I think the girl in the video has longer hair. That video was taken before he got enlisted to military. What year was that? 2013?
  9. KJW just post smthng on instagram. If the girl do the same, I swear I will camp here no matter what!
  10. Errrrr is that LE in the picture? They did magazine photoshoot together?
  11. That’s what we need actually. As long as the steamy hot story just between Ryan x Deokmi, then you’re still at the green zone. I mean, not KJW PMY because yes it sounds pervert even for me, LOL. ps. I would love reading fanfic abt KJW PMY, the beautiful one, hope it will also happen in real life
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