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  1. So true like all these latest appearance are just making it harder to get over the drama and LSK in general. Also thank you for reading I am really glad you like it! I am hoping to update soon but I caught a cold and have a bad fever that's not going down so everytime I write my head spins so that's not helping lol .. Maybe I will use the heat to write some cute stuff
  2. Sooo in January I was looking to buy a new calendar and couldn't find a single one that I liked so me being the obsessive fan that I am I decided to make a My Ahjussi calendar. I only made one for the winter semester and now I use the one at work so if any of you would be interested in having one for yourself to print, let me know and I will design new ones for June to December and post them here:) Here's the Jan-April one https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1CrWxGOs62rIbior_NOR4mXECI-2NpzGF?usp=sharing I am considering making an IU and a LSK version so if you have pics you like and want them to be in there please reply them to this:D
  3. That picture was more than I can handle...plus he just looks too perfect in this movie and these days in general like the premier and all, it's almost like he ages backwards or just keeps getting better with age...what is this sorcery.
  4. @sadiesmith I can never get enough of that hammer scene, he's all fine until someone tries to harm his family or the people he cares about and just something in him breaks. I enjoy all these different sides of him and Ji An so much. Despite the lack of background on Ji An they're very round characters indeed, I really applaud the writers. ALSO, WAY TO END YOUR POST @justamom I almost screamed when I saw your link, that's the very first fanfic I came across for the drama and is definitely my absolute favorite!!! I kept following your blog at the time too, loved it. Also I will be looking forward to the translations, I am fighting the urge to buy it for the script, don't know if my korean can handle that level of writing. edit: actually now I'm confused who the blog belongs to but whoever it is, I keep going back to it, it's wonderful!
  5. We're way past this but I literally went through the thread to find someone who thinks like this. While in many instances Ji An seems to be dominant and more courageous than him, I am pretty sure in intimate relationships it would be just the exact opposite. Dong Hoon is not a victim in intimacy, Ji An is probably the one who is because of all the violence she has come across. Dong Hoon is not unpassionate because he holds back and struggles in life, he just hasn't had that passion with Yoon Hee, plus he didn't let it show as much to Ji An just because he is a man of strong morals and manners and that I appreciate so much. The fight proved that he has it in him. I think while he loved Yoon Hee at some point they just never had that passion, it was just a basic relationship, and with time it even lost that love, and became just like house mates who got used to the other being there, just existing. Like someone who is smart and has a good job and they do it well, but they don't go out and beyond for it because they're not passionate about it. Things change when they're hit by an instances that push them beyond their comfort zone, and they find something they're so interested in that it constantly reminds them of itself, something they connect with so they start finding purpose and meaning. So they go like 'oh wait, there's better? I thought it was normal to just get used to the routine, that it just happened with time?' I think even that last bit of respect and 'basic' relationship was destroyed and gone when Yoon Hee cheated on him. So they became as good as strangers, probably not even able to be housemates anymore. But about Ji An...You know how we just get used to tv shows because you have been watching them for years then get into Kdrama and realize there's a whole world you weren't aware of? or watch kdramas then get hit by something like My Ahjussi and you go like 'oh wait dramas can get better?' lol so yeah... it's obviously not that basic there's a lot more to it but that's one of the many reasons why I think he has that passion in him.
  6. The last time I was on soompi was when Dokkaebi was airing, safe to say I can no longer login as yukipinkk but here I am back as a noob. It's nice to see this forum still ongoing so long after the drama has finished. I still can't get over it but it's nice to find a place to share the feelings. Tips on how to move on? because everything about this drama is so well thought out and meaningful that I think I will carry it all with me for the rest of my life.
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