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  1. miss, Demi Gods and Semi Devils will be airred tommorow on WeTV, but the topic has been archived , how to unarchive it?



    1. partyon


      @a_tumiwa @sugarplum892 Unfortunately we cannot unarchive a thread after it has been archived.

      Therefore, feel free to start a new thread for the drama as it will start airing already on August 14th.


      In case you encounter any issues or need help with creating the new thread, please reach out to the global entertainment moderator @SC2019 as she will be able to assist you. Alternatively maybe one of the other moderators may be able to help as well?


      Good luck! :kiss_wink:


      re: @SC2019 @ferily @serenilmauve @chococarmela

    2. SC2019


      Thanks for replying @partyon, yes, it can't be unarchived. But I saw that @a_tumiwa has started a new post. I have also put into spoiler, the images after the rules section, to comply with the forum format.

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