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  1. So how many polkadot outfits were worn by SHS in the ALM? She also wore it in 30 but 17. Strange...
  2. I read her lips more as "Hajima, Hajima, Juguh." "Dont, Dont, You are dead."
  3. One thing I noticed is SHS use of Korean vocabulary that is highly wide range, highly pointed and wordy classic words, for example, in the radio show with KMS and Ugly Duckling variety show. Very uncommon, not that I think people in Korean entertainment industries are less educated. She is also known to have good memorization for her lines in her past interview. She always corrects KMS's lines. That means she memorizes the other actor's dialogue too. This probably comes from constant coaching from parents, education or high IQ. It makes me curious about her family and her up bringing. Not sure if she will be compatible with just any guy in a long term relationship. She is cute and bubbly, but can be intimidating when you listen to her and in your mind go "huh"?
  4. Does this imply he may have been with a girl friend? Why and who made him erase it, unless his current girl friend.
  5. In the wrap up party. I think at the end of the video PMY changed into comfy red t shirt sitting close to KJW.
  6. SHS said KMS is her elder/senior (Sunbae), I think she meant when it comes to years in the entertainment business. KMS sang in this interview, a short teaser of OST of the drama that is not officially out yet, but he said he sang the entire song for SHS already.
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