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  1. This onion sure is great! It helps that Jing Chao brings out all these layers to the character - it's in those emotive eyes and small micro expressions. I really wish there was an alternative version where our dear general got the love he deserved. Maybe in the next life ... with or without RL.
  2. You can find on YouTube subbed eps and also on most streaming sites. Lucky you! Starting now so its not such a long wait for the next episodes lol Has anyone read the novel Lost You Forever ( an amazing translation can be found at the blog of Koalasplayground if you Google it) I feel like these leads would be PERFECTLY cast as the main characters in that novel. And this in this adaptation our poor Luo YunXi can finally get the girl!!
  3. This link has the raws out much faster than any other site I've used so far ... be warned! The latest episodes are intense!!! http://chinaq.tw/cn190515/
  4. I actually really like the FL teeth - it helps her emote lol I wish this was more popular - all the actors are doing and amazing job in bringing their characters to life and the music is so beautiful. I've never paid much attention to any of the leads prior to this drama. The subbed episodes cannot come fast enough! Anyone know any news/updates which they can kindly translate and share with us? Totally feeling the wait between subs
  5. Does anyone know if there is an English translation of this novel?
  6. Although the actress was chosen for prettiness over acting first, I have to say shes one of best female leads in a long time. Absolutely cannot handle Crystal in Listening Snow Tower. Gave Crystal as much good will but when it comes to really meaty scenes shes either this blank look or a confused/maybe torn/maybe uncomfortable look and it just ruins the entire scene. Her response to the criticisms are that she will take all feedback and work her best - good to be positive but I dont see any improvement SMH I realised the Male lead in LST and the Female lead here in PS stared together in the recent Summers Desire remake, I keep imagining if the worked together in both dramas and honestly I think it would have been much better!
  7. Your spoiler is amazing - thank you so much! I can feel there is a lot going on behind the scenes which is yet to be revealed so your post pretty much confirmed it and more. Absolutely loving this drama so far and the cast are spot on. I dont normally post but just want to say thank you... and can u tell us the ending lol Need to prepare my heart because although there is an obvious OTP I'm loving all three leads
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