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  1. Agreeing with the chingus here - One Spring Night has to be the most satisfying series ever ! It just climbed to my most favorite kdrama. I loved Something in the Rain and now OSN. I will be in a look out for this director and writer's next show. I hope to see you all then
  2. If I may spoil ... JI pledged that no matter what she will marry him or otherwise stay single while JH crossed out the drinking part and promised that he would never lie. It was all tied up so sweetly.
  3. Watched yesterday's episode once again and realized that JH's self worth and confidence seems to have taken a huge beating after EW's mom left the two of them. He must have been doing his best for his boy and his family so that EW doesn't feel like a loser too. He worries for his son perhaps and what he will tell him once he is old enough to ask questions about his mom. May be JI provided a glimmer of hope for him and for EW too as she seemed so accepting of his situation. I am glad his insecurities regarding this past surfaced so that the two of them can face this together and specially for JI to realise that the good man he loves also has insecurities and fears that she will have to be party to and help him face. Being a mom to a little boy like EW is not a pinwheel fluttering in the wind...it is going to take hard work and I hope she won't give up. With love everything is possible.
  4. One more point before going to bed, loved the silent conversation between the two moms. I think it worked out better for JI's mom to overhear JH's mom's concerns instead of meeting JH at the pharmacy - awkward because it's his workplace and surprise because he did not expect to see her there. To hear about him from his mom was such a great plot writing ...I am impressed how this show uses characters, all the minor ones to make a point.
  5. I agree with you. OSN has surpassed template if kdrama in all quarters - Story, writing, acting, addressing subtle social issues, screenplay, romance etc, etc.
  6. I think the topic of EU's mother is super necessary to the plot. So far JH has been very understanding, even with JI going back and forth and even suggesting her to be considerate of her ex. The story would have been incomplete if we did not see JH grappling with his difficult past, and how it has affected his son, (he has never seen his mom) and to live in fear that she might come back one day and stake her claim. This must be the nightmare that JH must have lived everyday. He is keenly aware of his situation even from the beginning, therefore not even dating anyone and avoiding feeling anything for JI in the onset. I hope the next episodes helps JI understand the underlying fear that JH lives with everyday and behind this kind person, there is a past that will always lurk. This is their final hurdle in this 16 episode show and with only two episodes left it would be good to see the writer address this. Angsty or not, I am in. Bring it on last week of OSN!
  7. I think the writer had to address the giant dinosaur in the room, meaning EW's mom. Maybe she won't make a real appearance but it will be just in the background, the threat of her coming back and claiming EW.
  8. Jae In really shine in this episode. She is becoming one of my all time favorite bkdrama character.
  9. I was wondering what it was in JH's pocket and you gave me the answer. Also the director and writer expects us to remember that the pinwheel conversation happended between the EW and JI. Awww ...
  10. I loved Something in the Rain and I love this too. I am going to like both for a long time and rewatch.
  11. I love how JH is touched by little things JI says like saying she has a lover not a boyfriend and let's go out and have fun with EW. Give his life experience in the last few years, post EW's birth I think he now appreciates little things in life. He was so happy that JI was waiting for him at his apartment and even asked if she could make herself some ramen noodles. I am just a huge fan of this character !!! Another tiny aspect that I enjoy is the relationship between the JI's younger sister and JH's friends. Them hanging out with each other and talking about random things like the rent in his building makes me happy. They seem to be dating now and YJ seems to have no problem with them being open about it. They ended up being one of my favorite characters together. Also mom, JI's mom just took my breath away with how she made food for the pregnant daughter and left her gifts while her father just in denial of what is happening in his daughters' lives and turning his head away from reality, choosing to think doing that will change reality.
  12. I am actually digging JH ankle pants and shoes. I like JI's realistic fashion as well. In some shows the female characters is dressed to make her look less attractive (in a conventional way) so that she can transition into a pretty butterfly in the second half, making the male lead take notice of her. I still remember a drama I watched few years ago that had the male lead wearing long coats of all colors of the rainbow. I remember the coats but nothing else about the show. I just love that this show is so low on style and focus is on the story and not what characters are wearing.
  13. Yesterday's episode was beautiful. High points for me were when JH stood up for himself and his feelings for JI in front of GS. As a character he seems so drunk in his own superiority that he does not see why JI and JH makes sense and why JI would leave him for JH. The break up is not an issue for him, the fact that JI now likes a man he looked down upon is a sore point for him. Another favorite is JI's sudden confession of her love. I was surprised and surely JH was too and mostly he did not seem to believe it himself. However I like the fact that his face now shines with the confidence that JI's confession has given him. I love how he said the 'endgame'. I am rooting for these two beautiful souls to start a life together, married or not, with Eun-U.
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