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  1. Hi.


    When I heard news about SongSong divorce and the reaction of SJK father texted friends saying sorry for the divorce. I cannot help but see the parallelisms between this real life story and One Spring Night.


    It does happen in Korea. Many other considerations why people marry. The families also considered it status or like prestige when they marry into successful persons.


    Antiquated set up I know but this is reality in Korea. Aside from the couple's personal relationship with each other, the Family relations play important factor in their society for the success of marriages. 


    For whatever it is, I am sure SHK being raised by a single divorced mom is raised on the modern side of things and her family is pretty much private and from there alone we can see how incompatible their upbringings are. 


    Just wish them the best to find the persons really meant for them.

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  2. About the comment on audience wanting deeper kissing scenes which may be disrespectful to actors, well what I can say is that kissing is also part of their acting. Acting workshops in a big entertainment network in my country includes kissing scenes workshops. The kissing scenes should be in accordance to what the characters feel in the drama. First kiss tends to be hesitant while deeper kisses will be needed when leads are falling deeply in love with each other. Actors and actresses are aware if they are required by the role to kiss. It's up to them to negotiate with the director if they don't want to do it or suggest some ways to make them comfortable doing the intimate scenes. 


    The kissing scenes in the drama are okay and in accordance with their status. So for now I won't expect deeper kisses but maybe soon. :P:lol:

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