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  1. About Korean Drama industry, we can see how they make a drama in World's Within, the PD talks with scriptwriter and makes the script, then they think of possible drama cast and who will produce their drama, investment and other issues. The cast they chose can back out or demand changes in the script after several meetings. It is not final yet until all production matters are resolved. That's why I love World's Within, very realistic. Tomorrow, October 27 is 12 years since the drama aired in Korea.. Hyun Bin considers this drama as one of his
  2. Kyo usually does a drama every 3 years and it's not yet 3 years. If she makes a drama soon then I think I know the reason why but I can't post it here.
  3. My source said Kyo has no decision yet. In Hyena she already accepted but changed her mind. So let's see. I hope for a romcom like Full House. She was so good in it but she prefers melodrama.
  4. There's a rumor that Kyo will do a drama next year from Hong sisters. This kind of rumor has some truth because it came from SHK Korean fans not from the trash sites Funny how the title is Welcome Marriage. After divorce in Encounter, its Welcome Marriage?
  5. Showbiz is short for Show Business. It is business. Some people are just too gullible on what they see in social media. It's real life that matters Korean Entertainment circle is small. Everybody knows everyone.. It's on how you decipher the stuff you see if it connects to real life.
  6. @leek He is getting married? I thought he secretly married already and now secretly waiting for birth of his baby?
  7. The past few days Kyo has been trending in Naver for her photoshoots, donations and CF. Today, her alter ego is Naver's logo Binnie will for sure be amused when he opens Naver app today Funny how there's also a Woodpecker which is Kyo's nickname from her friends for being a fast talking girl.
  8. A glass of water and sitting on the floor concept? What is the brand of that glass I wonder? Is it from the company owned by a common friend?
  9. The haters are laughing at us on the dogs and they also hate the dogs. Proof they really don't know Binnie at all.
  10. Why are people pretending to be BinKyo and Kyonatics in their usernames. THE SOURCE OF FAKE PROJECT IS NOT LONG TIME FAN BUT THE TRASH SITE LOVEKPOP95 WHICH IS THE FAVORITE SITE OF DELULUS. One Korean fan read it and she is also confused. She didn't understand that there are rabids who always make fake news about Kyo. KOREANS ARE NOT AWARE THAT THERE ARE CERTAIN PEOPLE ALWAYS BASHING KYO AND SPREADING FAKE NEWS ABOUT HER. MANY OF THEM FROM MY COUNTRY. ALL SO DELUSIONAL WHEN THEY SHIP. As @WhitePeach1122 and @leeksai
  11. It looks like the ones walking with Baby R and Little Panda are Little Panda's parents. Where are Baby R's Eomma and Appa?
  12. A toy of an animal which belongs to camel family hmmmm hmmm
  13. While others concocted several delusional theories on what they read in the media and trash gossips, here are BinKyo Squad in their daily lives continue to silently share crumbs.
  14. SONG HYE KYO, THE LEGEND OF KOREAN SCREEN https://www.scmp.com/magazines/style/celebrity/article/3105728/descendants-sun-full-house-these-5-k-dramas-prove-hallyu I am a bit sad World's Within is not in the list. At 8% ratings, WW was an average rating drama. In fact nowadays if you constantly monitor the ratings, a lot of terrestrial station dramas considered as hit dramas have not even reached 8%, but since WW is a Song Hye Kyo drama, it was below expectations. As Hyun Bin said in 2017, World's Within was aired way ahead of its time. Back in 2008,
  15. I have just read again being discussed by some chingus somewhere that March sighting of Hyun Bin in a park wearing sports attire and on same day, Kyo also has pic wearing same sports attire. That day in April when he was about to report on set of his movie early and Kyo also had early IGS. More coincidences then latest was yesterday when Kyo was busy whole day doing photoshoot and Binnie was also spotted after being MIA for several days. I wonder how many of those who call themselves "fans" will remain if the truth will be out
  17. Kyo is still having Photoshoot today and Binnie was spotted somewhere too
  18. BINKYO MAKES ME BELIEVE IN TWIN FLAMES OR SOULMATES OR WHATEVER. THEY BOTH HAVE MOLES ON SAME LOCATION RIGHT?! SO MANY COINCIDENCES! Here is another one that just crossed my mind today. WE KNOW THAT KYO AND HYUN BIN ALWAYS LOVE USING THEIR BDAY NUMBERS 22 and 25 - Just two examples: Naming his building 925 Naming her IG Kyo1122 What a coincidence that an ex of Kyo filed the divorce on 25th of June and it was granted 22 July. 25 and 22 wow. What a coincidence that coincides with freedom to love
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