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  1. sorry, I can't share it here... they makes my heart flutter too... so many happy thing happen today.. KJW and PMY IG update PMY IG caption Daum and Leon HPL PD nim reply to a fans
  2. she is being bold this time.. last night I try to read their pattern ig update... and I got the day is TODAY they going to update together again.. and these is what happen.. OMG... I am Screaming right now....!!!
  3. PMY Ig Update OMG.. I already have a feeling that they going to update their Ig together today... Its Happy Tears...... Its late post... the video was from 14 june 2019..
  4. Me too... Their update never fail make me happy.. its ok become delulu.. Iam Labit Shipper, but more than that.. I love PMY and KJW as a person, Whatever their choice in the future, as long as they happy, they always get my support..
  5. KJW ideal type.. Follow this account guys... and you will be happy Labit Shipper..... this account provide amazing and very detail analyze of our lovely couple.. https://www.instagram.com/jaemin_couple/
  6. Controling Girlfriend... PMY controling KJW, and what made me surprise is he didn't look bothered, instead he smile and looked very happy and didn't seem to be angry at all .. their behavior shows that they are very close and comfortable with each other .. PMY Lowering KJW hand... PMY take over the microphone from KJW hand.. focus on 1.45...
  7. Me too.. I couldnt finish TOL and Marry me mary.. because i got Second Lead Syndrome.... and for the abs, there no one else besides Hong Tae Sung...
  8. Prince Sun Ki Sexy Killer... Mo Tae Gu CEO Park Jung Woo Kyu - Pygmalion Love Player - In Sung Choi Yoon Lee Hyung Joon
  9. yeah, I can see that too ... they really don't hold back their feelings .. do you see the sixth snippet, the last kiss after their intense kiss.. I dont know why, but the kiss remind me of the proposal kiss (the BTS kiss) and i am sure its adlib..
  10. it's in Doekmi's birthday scene, before they go to Ryan's apartment. scene before the painting scene.. but I think its PMY adlib.. they did so many adlib in HPL, both of them.. out of that 10 snippet, I am sure most of them its adlib..
  11. Prince Sun Ki Sexy Killer... Mo Tae Gu CEO Park Jung Woo Kyu - Pygmalion Love Player - In Sung Choi Yoon Lee Hyung Joon
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