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  1. Shipper nim.. Lets check esquire.korea Ig story https://www.instagram.com/esquire.korea/ who do you think the model?
  2. yeah.. you are right.. from the following list, we already know... they also create other account.. and only post about that rumors..
  3. Someone point out in the comment section "This scene wasn't in the drama. In the drama he kissed the tip of her nose. This kiss is to the side of her nose" BTS Pic Ver. Drama ver.
  4. PMY full interview statement here: “First, I was angry because I felt misunderstood and I wondered what I could do about it. I tried to laugh it off but the situation became more and more serious. You can clearly tell that these ‘evidences’ were forced but people started believing them. I didn’t feel it required an explanation. But as the topic became more and more viral, I began to feel apologetic towards everyone who worked so hard on the drama with me. I spent a difficult day because of it. That’s why I decided to calmly explain everything. Should I call it the box of evidences? (laugh) I looked through them, and there’s no truth to any one of them. There’s no truth to the shoes, hats, or anything. While I was on my way to this interview, my mom told me to bring her passport and show them the immigration stamps, so that I can prove that the trip I went on was with her. They compiled a lot of so-called evidences that had no credibility, and I felt horribly misunderstood. No matter what happens, through this interview, I hope that I can stop being a burden or a negative impact on everyone that poured their passion into this drama. I want to emphasize that the dating rumors are not true. I don’t understand how someone can say I’m dating someone by putting together false evidences and rumors. The reports say that a close acquaintance confirmed the dating rumors but I don’t think that person was actually one of my close friends. I do feel frustrated but I also understand that I should be thankful, but the timing was just wrong. The dating rumors started as soon as the drama ended, and I felt so guilty that it cast a shadow over the drama. I hope that this interview will help the source of interest to turn back towards the success of the drama. My final say about the dating rumor? I’m not dating. I’m not dating and I’m not getting married.” — Park Min Young https://www.koreaboo.com/news/park-min-young-park-seo-joon-dating-rumor/
  5. I don't care about PPC claims and about the things they consider to be a proof of PMY and PSJ as a couple.. its shipper land after all, you can be a shipper of any pair.. but as a labit shipper, I believe PSJ and PMY are not a couple .. if you still remember about PMY denial statement, she not only said they were not dating, but she also added that "I tried having a secret relationship, but not with park seo joon" its really strong denial i ever heard from her.. and latest thing is LED Mask CF.. Its really weird, if they were a couple, why did they become the advertising stars of the opponent's products? They couple in real life, but rival in CF land... are you kidding me?? after all.. being a labit shipper, doesnt make me a PSJ hatters.. I also watched his movies and drama.. and he is great actor.. but what happened two days ago, it's a crime .. I feel bad for KJW, he doesnt deserve being treated like that.. PS I am already a fan of KJW, PMY and PSJ long before wwwsk and hpl, with who ever they end up, i will support them.. no hurt feeling..
  6. yeah.. you are right.. the shop owner didnt tag KJW because its not KJW.. I fell bad for him.. he was very taken aback when he heard of the rumors.. But Iam really curious with the pic of KJW that they used to compare with the guy hand pic.. because i search on so many kjw pic, he doesnt have mole on his little finger, but why there is a mole on that pic (its doesnt make sense at all).. does anyone here, have that pic? the original one..
  7. dear labit shipper nim.... lets make this video viral and trending... is there a way to do it????
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