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  1. You are right.. for me, HPL is healing drama ... HPL gives us an example of how a mature relationships are, mutual trust, mutual support and understanding what couples need. from KJW's gaze to PMY we can see that he loves and values PMY as a partner. I hope that the two of them don't experience a difficult time to get out of their character, because Ryan and Deokmi are the ideal partners dreamed of by all couples nowadays .. this definitely feels like breaking up with the best partner ever in your life .. I hope they will be paired again in a movie and act as husband and wife ..
  2. I hope they give updates on their instagram about HPL, because they always do that after the drama is over, thank the fans and say goodbye to the characters they play .. because it's kind of weird they both don't upload anything on Instagram, even though other actors even PD nim upload something on their IG ... I hope this is because they are tired and resting and don't have time to open IG ... sleep well, eat well KJW and PMY .. See you in another project ...
  3. I try to compare the proposal scene in wwwsk n HPL, so I decided to rewatch proposal scene in wwwsk.. in wwwsk it feels only PMY is trying to build her own emotions, but PSJ is just flat with dialogue without showing a touched expression or anything, just delivered dialog. even though they kissed after that, but that's all. and in HPL, as we all see, how KJW says every sentence with sincere emotions, and KJW's eyes say everything that he really loves PMY and wants to marry her. so in HPL, just by looking at each other PMY can see KJW's sincerity. and PMY's voice when answering KJW's said everything. even though it ends with a hug, but we can feel their sincerity and love, the way KJW embraces PMY ... it's love
  4. HPL is a healing drama.. One of the strongest points of HPL is KJW and PMY, they have outstanding chemistry.. love them so much.. finally watching last ep with subtitle.. I hope uri LaBit couple will reunite in other project (CF, Magazine photoshoot, movie, or appears as special guest in fanmeeting)..
  5. I think he look sad and tired After wrap up party.. its not just wrap up party, but he also has to say goodbye to ryan gold, his love for dukmi.. they together for months, n meeting almost everyday.. i think its must feel like break up with your girlfriend that u love with all your heart.. PMY must be special to him, after all one side love story he had in other drama, he got everything in this drama, woman who really love him, proposal, alot of kiss, and we can feel how much they love each other.. in press conference, KJW said that he grateful that PMY decided to work with him in HPL.. I hope the best for this two beautiful soul, I hope they meant for each other.. because their chemistry is undeniable.. please get married in real life...
  6. Kim Jae Wook - Can't take my eyes off you Minyoung ah.... Let him love you Park Minyoung.........
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