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  1. KJW aiming for her cheek, but PMY give her lips... love their smile at the end.. Labit Couple Proposal kiss (the best BTS ever)....
  2. Soompi post of Kim Jae Wook attending SS20 Paris Fashion Week Men’s for brand Dunhill
  3. Labit Couple Coincidence IG updates During HPL 17th and 29th March 2019 4th and 22th April 2019 10th, 19th, and 22 May 2019 After HPL 1th, 8th, 18th and 23th June 2019... to be cont...
  4. did our couple, steal and lent each other habit? Couples not only act alike, they also change the same way when it comes to habits..
  5. maybe.. because at that time, there are several flight schedule to singapore...
  6. Park Min Young was caught by Newsen today at Incheon International Airport with her Mom.. I Hope She goes to Europe...
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