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  1. Ok. Another for us to lose our mind over. The same watch. Are those the his and her kinds? Looks like it, right? Something for us to swoon over on 14 August. Heh heh.
  2. It's Green Day today. 14 August 2019. Since there is no exciting news about them wearing green, I shall content myself with this parallelism of actions by both LDW and YIN. LOL
  3. @cherrinekim i'm really curious about "but their agency (more like ldw agency) r working hard to cover it up.." I couldnt find the news. What did they say?
  4. Yes!! It was intertwining between reel and real, just like TYH!! And yes!! I am going crazy - a very good reason to stop doing my work and procrastinate by going through their scenes again! Lol By the way, the latest from YIN. She is so into books!!
  5. OMG!! It cannot be suddenly about Goblin because Goblin was TWO years ago! It cannot JUST be about their chemistry because the whole knows about that! It cannot be about their CHEMISTRY in GOBLIN because there is a conclusion - TOUCH YOUR HEART. So, Pichie Shippers, is it about "LDW and YIN are THE PERFECT COUPLE"? My heart is BURSTING!!!
  6. Oohh...this man is too precious!! May he receive all the happiness that life has to offer because he really deserves it. May this happiness bring everlasting love and joy to him and may this happiness be YIN!! SO MUCH LOVE FOR THEM!
  7. I have been watching this scene like a million times!! And still, I get butterflies in my tummy!! What if this is a true event captured in TYH the way Sundabang IS the real show captured!
  8. How precious is this man!! I pray that he will get all the happiness life has to offer the way YIN does and THAT happiness will be the reason why they are together.
  9. Are those crates of peaches accidental? OR do they bear any kind of meaning?
  10. I'm not sure myself. Hopefully someone could explain to us.
  11. LDW is sooo happy doing this show my heart simply bubbles up for him. He does so much for these kids, allaying their anxieties, comforting their disappointment, boosting their morale. He was very happy doing TYH. I do hope he will be happy doing his new drama and he will remain happy for the rest of his life (with YIN hopefully)!
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