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  1. Yes. In korean language oppa means brother.
  2. Did you read this full webtoon series? But somehow I think I read Sol Ah call him brother. Actually I can't remember it clearly. Anyways two more episodes left to finish, hope we can see a happy ending
  3. But in this webtoon I think heroine saw him as a brother(Hong jo). There was no romantic equation between Solah and Hongjo.
  4. Oh! My poor Hongjo I can't see him die. He is the only person or cat who knows every person better than any other. He understands sol ah, jai soon even he understands do shik gf very well.
  5. I can't understand in kpop article we see meow the secret boy and our miyangso on top. But other good data collection is different picture. It is so sad that people will not encourage meow type drama. In lockdown period it's a mood refreshing drama.
  6. Honestly I don't think this drama left are only for two weeks. Because kbs channel is promoting so much of this drama. Most of the people watch this drama some online platforms like drama cool, kiss Asian this will not be counted. It is a teenage type drama adult and senior person they will not like this kind of drama. In this lockdown they will watch the world of the married, hospital playlist kind of serials throw the tv.
  7. Yes I am looking forward to see Wednesday's episode. Sol ah will come to know hong Joe's real identity. Then what will happen will sol ah except honjoh as his soulmate? And also in the preview we saw ja soon snatched hong Joe's chain and we all know without this chain hong jo can not be able to turn human. So much mysterious in upcoming episodes. Plz keep watching it and support this drama.
  8. Yes you r right. Rating does not matter. Currently hospital type drama is more popular because of corona cases I think. And other highest rating drama is not worth watching. Sometimes I think there is no reason to poor ratings of this drama, why people don't like this its discourage this drama. If people liked my love from another star, goblin such type of drama then why they r not liking this drama. Now maximum articles are saying it is the most lowest rating serial in kbs drama. Even I saw maximum kbs currently and old drama's ratings all are better than meow the secret boy(welcome). Because of this poor rating they reduce this serial episode from 32 to 24 I think. So we r all #welcome to people who want to watch this show and join us. Plz people watch this amazing cute lovestory show
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