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  1. Even I also want this drama season 2 with same cast. Because many plot is not clear here. Like Domik ikk mother accept him like her own son and understand his feelings Dominik become a president , Domin and Galhe wedding, their married life . After married Dominick and Galhe struggal dominikk's face blindness problem. One the other hand veronika and Daejoo relation progress, wedding, Mrs park accept dj as a son in law, dj's father truth and so many things. We all know that trp of this drama is very low reason this writing so makers will bring this drama season 2 with interesting plot and twist to improve this drama.
  2. Ok it was a great ending episode. All 4 leads were happy with their respective partners. But it could be great if they showed wedding ceremony. But I did not expect Domin ik leave his presidency post for worker. I know Mr. Lee and secretaries intention was good but their way was wrong and dj mother died to save this dam fish it was not Domin ikk fault and not his father fault. His father just scolded them for fish that day. Boss generally scolds his employees. It is a normal thing. Dj's mother died for her own fault no-one responsible for her death. About Dj president I don't think it was good. Domin ik most deserving person for president not dj. I know many people thaught he has a face blindness episode how he become a president but in last episode he back his eye sight and recognise people's face. So makers couĺd showed him as a president.
  3. Here is nobody like ki dae joo character. Here everybody is thinking he is bad person. No one is looking forward to see his story. Someone said this he want to see plot(galhe and her sister, Domin ikk and his mother,Domin ikk and veronika bestie, Domin ikk disease, company politics) I know it his personal opinion to which plot he want to say, I am just saying it as a example that here everybody like him want to see those plot nobody want to see ki daejoo story/Daejoo and veronika lovestory. Acctually it is not our fault I think it slightly makers fault that most of people are not attract their character or story. I have watched many more drama like (secret garden, high society, my love from another star) In those drama makers created best story of second lead with main lead story. About second leads they were getting so much screen space in those shows. I definitely watched here main lead story if it would logicall. But main lead story is kind of boring to me like we see here face blindness which it is copied from beauty inside, boss secretary relation copied from what's wrong with secretary kim threat to male character copied from strong woman do bong soon. Here is nothing new in the main lead story. It is the reason I can not connect their story. I think in this drama writer is not justice main lead story like male character has face blindness problem but he could not recognise people voice and their activity and female character deceive male character with no reason. In this drama something new about dae joo and veronika story and their story is logicall. I hope makers justice their characters. I am looking forward to see here second lead story how their story will go. Anyways it was my last post to share my opinion. It was a great time to here. Take care everybody.
  4. In this drama the main leads story is so illogical. I know male lead is a facial recognization problem but why he cannot recognize other voice like his secretary and friend. He spends most of the time with them but he can not recognize it. Ok I understand he has a brain problem so he has some brain issue. One the other hand female lead Gal he she deceives Do min ikk to act as a veronika.She is sweet girl, she helps her boss lot. But this kind of action is not be forgotten? I hope writer of this drama would work on this story because the main leads they are really good at acting they have so much potential to lead this drama. But this concept of this drama is very poor. I am sorry if I hurt someone. I just shared my opinion. I hope you guys understand.
  5. I can't get it. Does Domin Ik love Gal he or veronika? I mean why he can't recognize Gal he's voice? Why is Daejoo telling police officer clearly what happened that night exactly? What is he up to? What is his secretary Lee doing in his house? Do they any love relations (Daejoo and Secretary lee). And also there is a photo album in daejoo's house, was it Domin Ikk and daejoo's childhood photo?
  6. I follow this drama. But I don't get it why most of people is saying Daejoo is bad person. He is trying to kill Do min ikk or he knows that person who is trying to kill Do min ik. But I saw he requested veronika to help his friend which he consider as wife. In epi 2 he gave his favourite toy to Do min ik. I think there is strong cause why Daejoo is behaving like this or someone is blackmailing him something. He has no money no parents that's why when people say you are a minion of Do min ikk. He feels bad for it. So watch this drama and quickly don't reach any conclusion.
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