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  1. no no - with naughty eyes I don't mean indecent - I think used the wrong word - I was referring to his mischievous ways and also his childish rants like askin for the room to be cleaned etc. ya of course - JCW never needs that ! His smile is enough to slay fan meets surprised me a lot - Is it common in south korea? here in india it's very uncommon for an actor to be this out going more these fan meets are no less than a dream - he has enacted scenes with his fans , then having a date , handshake session all this was way beyond my imagination - would love to land up in one such fan meet if ever I can I still haven't seen the fisherman show - he is in more than one episode , right? He looks so different in these new picture - maybe because of his hairstyle love the new photo shoot
  2. I watched secret love he has such naughty eyes in this show - I love him here also I was completely unaware that the angel would show up naked It was a shock but a pleasant one
  3. no sorries cherkell thank you for the detailed explanation Although I am still confused - for now I'll stick to JCW
  4. Also how do you all address JCW ? I don't know how it is in South Korea but here calling full name is very official - we call people adorably by their first name Ji is a family name and Chang Wook is the name , right ? but I haven't seen anyone calling him only Chang Wook ! My concern is not to call/say anything which is considered wrong also do tell if you buy that life size JCW standso exciting to have something like that ! I wish I had a 3D projecter only to see him so closely
  5. JI Chang-Wook is going to be my first and last I am not that much into series or films but I found him in a mix vedio and his smile steals my heart his warmth is so palpable! I know JCW since a month only actually - by far I haven't actually experienced any problems - Thank You but oh I did not know that actually - I found this page while browsing JCW's gif's on google images - that's why I had only saved the link of an intermediate page and haven't even seen the official first page of the site but I'll surely have a look - anything about Ji wook is welcome oops... no I hadn't known any rules - thought it would be same as other forums ... but I'll take care of it next time onwards thanks for letting me know PS I don't knnow why I can't remove the box below but it would be taken care of next post onwards
  6. in bold - yes exactly!! he's passionate about work and puts in all his efforts into whatever he does! I really love that about him I can't really watch the vlive without subtitles I only stared at him the whole time I am looking forward to the fishing show too - hope there are subtitles in whirlwind 2 , I am at the part where he has confessesd to bai cao that was so honest , genuine and intense also his little smiles he steals while falling for bai cao (and before confessing) are life and his jealousy
  7. he looks so diiferent now - I mean looks a bit lost I know he is shy around cameras though - but he looks really cute - I love his face here is an old vedio !! his back flip though
  8. thank you mai stars! I am from India - no we don't have those big posters , jus a mini card set I am watching whirlwind girl 2 right now - his anger is so sexy he does make a really hot teacher!
  9. hey !! a new born Ji wook fan over here watched suspicious partner and completely fell for him I am so happy to have found him wish I could have a life size poster of him too
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