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  1. But I can't help myself for not rooting for them. The same agency, both Dior BA, Suzy covered Best Part song, NJH liked his pic with Suzy on Soop IG boss, then he liked their pic on her IG, then surprisingly posted their pic on his IG (second pic is so cute) after the last time years ago with his other costar, then liked and commented his video on Suzy IG. Somehow I can't still believe NJH can do that things. But yeah...all of part of their drama promotions sure. For now I just hope they can continue their friendship even after SU. Anw..thank you for creati
  2. Today I read similar expression on twitter fr one of PPS accs. Is that u? Shipping should be fun rite? Anw goodluck!
  3. Gals pls...may I suggest? Dont be too defensive to the different opinions and judging that they are with diff opinion is hater or trolling or something bad. This happen repeatedly in this thread, so sad. Not every shipper on confident level for ppc. I think its normal sometimes feel worry and afraid since there is no confirmation yet from ppc about their relationship status and so far both denied. If we feel bothered with the opinion, just ignore it. Can we? I love this thread. Can we just say something kind, nice, and good here?
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