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  1. I think it's 2020 Tae Yi who's with Jin Gyeom in the picture frame not the mother. Tae Yi might have visited his grave in 2021 to confirm that he really died. If it happened in Oct 2020 then they only have less than a month before Jin Gyeom's "death" happens (that is if the drama follows the same date like ours).
  2. I think the 4 people pertains to the other researchers. Tae Yi said that there are 5 of them in the team (studying about time travel?) (future founders of Alice?) including her, her friend and Seok Oh Won?
  3. Wait a minute. Ji Won is the same age as Do Hyun Su's noona. I assume the Reporter was DHS's classmate. JW found out that she's actually older than the reporter. So that means she's a noona to DHS lol. At their first meeting she was surprised when she saw his ID coz he looked young. Well he was using his BHS's ID. Just found it funny that she calls him oppa before when she's actually older than him. If her husband and the reporter used to be friends from the same town, won't that mean that her husband might know DHS too? She's so close to the truth.
  4. I agree with your first theory. In the poster there's the drone and butterflies which signify souls. TX's soul latched into XE. She was feeling very guilty and in delirium she entered the world of the novel she is editing. Only XE, the author and publishing company knows about the novel but TX does not. I was thinking that both are world of novels parallel to each other because CEO You're So Naughty has the same characters with the same appearance just with different identities but then it might be because XE imagined the novel characters from those people she and TX knew from the real world. She should have imagined herself as the female lead but I guess even in a dream/fantasy she considers herself as just a supporting character pining for the CEO. All of the characters in the novel appears in the real world except QF. In the poster aside from XE, QF is the only one who does not have a counterpart from the other world meaning he's a novel character only. But I found it strange that when she met him she did not seem aware of the 2nd male lead character and name. Did he not appear yet in the novel at the time she's editing it? If QF's back is burning because he's not following his role, how about XE and in the future AR when he falls is love with XE? I have so many questions haha.
  5. Could it be that MY had 2 mothers? Her birth mother who died and step mother who might still be around. The one whom MY and her father fear. Aren't stepmothers always portrayed to be the main villain in some fairytales? Anyway that head nurse is reaallly suspicious. I just thought about it when I saw the dolls in MY's old room which is now the brothers' room. There are 4 dolls-1 boy, 2 girls and 1 little girl.
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