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  1. Eng Trans LSG posts : (1) Coming soon in 2019…. Vagabond… Finally, all the filming has wrapped. Everyone worked really hard. Thank you! September, 2019~~~~ Va.ga.bond!!!! #배가본드#vagabond (2) To make a respectable top-notch made-in-Korea project in 1 year’s time… Setting that as one of the goals, all the Vagabond staff members who smiled and did their best… With action being the genre, we were able to finish filming difficult and dangerous scenes safely because of staff’s thorough preparations! PD Yoo In Sik, the best director who has both wisdom and virtue, Director of Photography Lee Gil Bok, who got the most spectacular angles through endless scrutiny, Actress Bae Suzy who portrayed a perfect Go Hae ri, Writers Jang Young Chul & Jung Kyung Soon, who gave us the script that couldn’t be better! And all the staff members who passionately threw themselves into the drama Vagabond, and senior & junior actors, I sincerely thank all of you. I hope our heart and passion will be conveyed to all the audience who watch the drama…! September 2019… Coming soon #배가본드#vagabond Suzy : Via whitebunny9410 Finally finish the last filming with safely.The drama vagabond that lasted long 1 year. I'm not tired. I can endure it. Because together with my best colleagues. Its also because everyone have the same mindset and assion to make the best work. There are many moments when my heart is warmed by acting as Haeri. And I really hope it will be passed on to the many viewers when watching the drama.
  2. From minor and supporting roles until the main leads posted appreciation posts. They have become a great family and work so hard till the end <3
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