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  1. I love this picture, so cute
  2. i can't breathe. I love you kookmin couple
  3. Happy Virus Let this be the new song of our Kookmin Clan❤
  4. I understand as a google translate. Boy and girl are fighting. Then they fall asleep before the fight is over. The next day the man goes to work. And the girl was still frustrated. Then Boy calling girl. The girl is getting angry. "Why are you calling me?" Boy says something like "I can't work, I wondering you" The girl also says "okay no problem, you can works". The boy says "okay" and closes, and then the girl even forgets why they're fighting, filling up with pink auras everywhere Meanwhile i want to say something; @kookminclan RunningMan I miss your comments and videos. Why did you quiet down? Please come back. We love you, our genius captain.
  5. Jeonsobari liked a gif story in instagram. Doesn't the story make you think of dreams? You know, long distance relationships hohoho (I think i am crazy)
  6. I know, i noticed a ridiculous connection. I think I'm going crazy. But isn't that nice to you? The picture above are from the first and only kiss scene of KJK published in MuD. And the bottom is our jeonsobari. I seeing the rainbow nail polish when everybody was talking about black nail polish. I love the rainbow.
  7. Vuaaa Haha oppa celebraited Kwang Soo's birthday.Just when i wrote this, KJK mention Somin at this post
  8. I saw the video of the MUD section, but I'm not worried. Because it's obviously a script. They had already told the little boy the name, but he couldn't even remember the name correctly when his line came. KJK corrected him, "You mean Jihyo?" Saying. Don't worry about MUD episodes because I think it's all fiction.
  9. Hi everybody Let's get some action. Due to their intensity before the fan meeting, our interactions on the screen decreased, yes, but this should not bring us to black thoughts and despair. Come on, come alive, people. Let's have some fun with our old memories. /\ l l Doesn't this scene look like a wedding dance hahaha ?
  10. I can't stop laughing, They are so funny
  11. Why are you acting like this, guys? We did not start this support knowing that they were real. I started to support this ship because i think they fit together and complement each other. I will continue to support until the relationship of either one is revealed. Spartace has been 9 years, real or not. They still support them. Why do we give up easily? My support will continue as long as I enjoy seeing them together. Please do not take these relationships very seriously. Yes, I would love them to be real, but if this is not their destiny, let's enjoy the sweet moments we have. Also remember that. they are single until their relationship is announced. Maybe they're together, maybe they dont together. we don't know. But we saw it from KwangSoo. Although she had a lover until her relationship was announced, she continued shooting love scenes on program. As I said, I would be very happy if they are real, but if they are not, let us continue to enjoy the beautiful moments they make us live. I love this channel, forum and our ship captain. I'm having so much fun. I want to also keep on continuing to comment and make videos until a real press release comes. What's wrong with supporting them in our own way? Please don't give up quickly. And enjoy to our shipment as much as possible
  12. Ahh, by the way, you may find it ridiculous but, how about we make our comments colorful? I know it is not a very different application, but I think it is very suitable for our clan. I think it would be nice to use the same spring colors in our clan as Sominie brought color to KJK's life. I am a very excited shipper
  13. Ahahaha My pink aura increasing as you read what you write. I think about it again, he acts like he did the wrong thing, even though he was dancing right. He's pointing his finger to the Sominie side as if he doesnt looking. " Let me dance with her. Ahh really i dont dance properly uffff " Right here; Imagine the cute face that KJK puffed up his cheeks
  14. Hi guys i am here too. Did you hear this song? I saw to Kookmin clan account of youtube. I think, he sang this song for a special girl As if the words were written for both https://youtu.be/_snGxeqz
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