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  1. Its nice to see that this thread is getting alive. And it is nice to know that ddongie♡♡♡ are still contact each other even once in a while.
  2. @zurah90 @ddunddun20 hahaha maybe i really miss them so much. Thank you by the way
  3. @zurah90 its a really big OMG! hahaha Hey but can i ask you something? Do you have knowledge about ticket. Well i just saw one of eric 's my day about ticket and it says "if you have GA tix in london shows you can upgrade to vip for early access and to hang out with me " But for me GA means solar "so-la"
  4. Guys do you see the fancam of eric nam singing cant help myself i n cologne his european tour, the ending part is same as he did on the mission solar gave to him. Oh God I miss the old times. (Im sorry i cant put it here i dont know how) well im just telling love you guys hahahah
  5. @ddunddun20He did mention wheein on his reaction to 4:44 by park bom ft. Wheein And im happy that he said that " talent recognizes talent"
  6. @papamoo12 are you sure that the engrave on his necklace is S? Because i cant see it? But just like you im always curious to his necklace but i cant really tell what is the detail of that necklace i want to know the brand but i dont have any knowledge in any brand of jewelry. I always try to zoom, every picture that he wore his necklace but i cant really tell Yongsun has 2 fav. Necklace to wear. If you notice that. The gold one and silver one
  7. @ddunddun20 its somewhere in nov. 2018 Someone post it on twitter nov 27, 2018 and nov 26 on there fb page but im not pretty sure if its the date.
  8. @papamoo i dont know how to post a picture here but it was a gucci belt.
  9. @zurah90 hello friend. Yes that belt i know its common belt for artist but atleast they both updated it on same day.
  10. @ddunddun20 oh really she said that ? i miss 2016 too thats the time when i first discover her and the whole group of mamamoo. I remember how fast i became a fan because of solar.
  11. @ddunddun20 me too this spanish restuarant reminds me when eric introduce solar to mexican food. Your not alone im still watching their wgm I have so many fav. Scene that ive always watch. 1. When they topping each other shoulders. In dubai fountain. (Thats what i do when im with my boyfriend) 2. The chesnut day. When she grab his arm to stop him from eating its so natural. And when she laugh during his dubai..... 3.when she is the one who initiate holding hands on their last episode when they are walking to the place where they got married her "OH MY" as if she was also shock that she initiate that one. 4. When she was trying not to cry when eric gave her flowers on their last day. I feel the pain on that scene. (As if i was the one who will say goodbye to the person that i love) 5. The breakfast in dubai when solar looking at eric. 6. When they lay on the bed in the yatch. When solar hands is in eric arms those little touch is cute.
  12. Eric nam sang im in love in asc during bingo segment (keyword playlist : proposal)
  13. I think solars ring is not the wgm ring. At first i thought it is ( and you dont know how much im happy that she also used her wgm ring after eric wore it when he was in his singapore schedule) but as i look at it over and over again its not the hexagonal ring. At first sight if you are ddongie shipper it looks hexagonal but if you will look at her palm side its not hexagonal. (Im reffering to her ring that she used during festival evant) but this ring that she use in the show rewritten the charts i hope it is. But im still happy that eric still used his hexagonal ring eventhough im not still sure if it is the wgm ring bcoz as far as remember it has a green. Part. But i still do hope for them to be together even just for a collaboration since their voices are perfect for each other.
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