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  1. Well for now like Haha said there is nothing really going on between Somin and Jongkook. Yes they are very close but they are not togheter. Which is fine because they have to know each other first before imagining anything between them. Sometimes i feel like we want them to admit that they are togheter or that there is something going on between when they are not yet in this stage in their relationship. And yes KJK said that he's not interested in dating a celebrity but that is his way of thinking now and it can change later. No one knows what the future holds. Also, Lets not forget that if they get togheter and things go wrong, it will create discomfort for the whole team. So they have to really know each other and have real and strong feelings before they get togheter. So lets just enjoy their relationship now and we will see what the future holds for them. Wheter they get togheter or not i just hope for them to find love and hapiness.
  2. I thought that i was the only one who saw it ! It also seems to me that LKS tried to cover them and i wonder why !! And yes KJK seems to avoid any physical contact with SJH. It's really surprising and i'm wondering what is really going on between JSM, KJK and SJH. I hope time will tell us ...
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