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  1. Kim Nam Gil & Son Ye Jin in Japan airport ( 2013) after the two had wrapped up filming their drama. They were caught on a Picture tracelling alone together but they both denied they were dating. After their drama, they ended up on the same set again, this time for a movie. The two played the leading roles in the movie,"Pirates". It is said Son Ye Jin played a part in the casting of Kim Nam Gil. A representative of the movie said, “There was actually another actor we were considering for the role, along with Kim Nam Gil, but the staff was divided. Then, Son Ye Jin positively recommended Kim Nam Gil, so the decision was made.” Same scenario as now? grocery shopping in LA ---> dating rumor---> denial ---> casting of Son Ye Jin in a new drama ---> Hyun Bin recommended. What do you think?
  2. Is it a from today? I notice a very simple gold band on her ring finger (left hand). Does she usually wear it or is it new?
  3. Great news about the drama...Although not unexpected! I am a believer too. Their interactions during the promotion of their movie, the comments from their movie director, the IG pictures (how could no nonsense shy HB agree to have these cheesy animated selfies been published if he is not smitten by her? ), their vacation in US, SYJ total silence the last months (last picture on IG from Feb.26th) and now a project together (which allows them to be legitimally and publicly together). Looking forward to this drama. HB as a serious officer and SYJ as a goofy heiress?
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