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  1. The original was such a memorable drama that the theme song automatically played in my head when I saw this thread lol. I remember hating on Zhenzhu and wondered how she and Yuzhu could be sisters. One is spoiled and selfish, the other is kind-hearted. Actually, I really hated their annoying family in general. I don’t think I’ve seen a more iconic villain duo than Charlie and Robert Zhang in Mandarin-speaking drama. Like father, like son. I wonder if they’ll make significant changes to their characters or if they’re going to make them even worse.
  2. There doesn't seem to be any. From what I recall, she didn't refer to them as pretty. Her first requirement was that they had to have beautiful skin/blemish free skin. She wanted her cast members to appear on screen with skin full of collagen lol. She also doesn't like plastic looking faces and that each cast member should have their own distinctive look, even a maid should have a memorable face per her words. Her third criteria was that they respect their professions and they have acting skills. She's either worked with the cast members in the past or received recommendations from friends and coworkers, and the cast members went through 4 rounds of auditions. I do agree with you that the acting skills should come first, but where does one find a pretty face with acting skills and a name big enough to carry the series these days. Plus low cost since this is her first series as a producer. So hard to find.
  3. The series in general is not creating a lot of buzz even on weibo, but I'm loving the producer's posts about certain topics from how why she chose the cast members down to the details of the sets. She also talked about the female cast members' skin because that was one of the standards she used when choosing them. (She is an actress herself - Alina Zhang) Not sure if that was a reaction to the buzz about the filters used in the series, but that was interesting to read. The sets are gorgeous and so are the costumes. The costumes don't seem too ridiculous to me. Sometimes when a series is set in an alternate reality they get a little too creative, but not this time so it's appreciated from me.
  4. I so want to skip to this part to see how exactly her hair turns white. From what I recall reading in the book, it was out of anger/sadness/humiliation from the way she’s been treated by the men in her life, but I should probably go back and read it again. Just finished ep 22 and I can sort of see why the General is so frustrated at times. The emperor’s remarks about his abilities or lack thereof are uncalled for. In a way, I can see why his personality becomes twisted. And it’s really not wrong of him to ask his wife to consider his feelings. I also like the way they changed some of the lines for Wu You. Especially in
  5. Yeah the whole thing is insanely cruel, but that goes hand in hand with the General’s downfall. I also don’t understand how or why the General fell for the FL to be honest. That just happened out of the blue for me. If it was meant to be love at first sight, then I honestly couldn’t sense that from him.
  6. Ah, sorry for the confusion. It's towards the end of the book, It's totally ok that you don't feel the same about Aarif. Everyone has their own perspective of the cast, characters and story.
  7. I'm probably in the minority when it comes to the main couple. I enjoy all the subtleties in their relationship. I skipped to the ending of the book - spoilers ahead
  8. Finally a thread in English for this series! So excited to have found this discussion forum! That being said, my post might be all over the place because of excitement, haha. I originally started this series because of Leo Luo and Sophie Zhang, but now I have newfound appreciation for Aarif. I blame it on the solo song he wrote for this series. It blew me away the first time I heard it and I can’t remember the last time I counted down to a song’s release. Lol. Anyway, I have watched about 18 episodes and can say that this series doesn’t get enough attention anywhere. This is my second time watching Sophie Zhang. I’ve managed to skip her works since her guest appearance(?) in Whirlwind Girl where she played Bai Jingting’s sister. I remember her being a very sweet girl there and that was it, so I consider this as my first real look at her acting. She’s doing great so far and I’m definitely feeling her heartaches. I also admire her grit. I am actually quite enjoying Aarif’s portrayal of Wu You. In the novel, which I’ve just started reading, he’s as stoic as he is in the series if not more. I’ve started to notice his micro expressions and the subtle changes in his eyes. At least for me, it’s easy to differentiate when he’s in pain or hurt and when he’s just heads over heels in love with Man Yao. Meanwhile Cnetizens have been criticizing his looks, saying his face is too long but they mostly agree, at least from the comments I’ve seen, that he can act. Jing Chao’s portrayal of General Fu Chou is spot on. This is my second time watching this actor and I feel like he does the second male lead roles quite well. Not good enough for me to develop second male lead syndrome, but he fits the bill. However, since I skipped around in the novel and read the last few chapters of it, I have to say I have absolutely no sympathy for his character. What he committed was an unspeakable act and I’m glad he suffered the consequences for it. It’s absolutely sickening. From the looks of the theme MV, they decided to keep this scene? Yikes. Leo Luo Yunxi hasn’t appeared enough in the story for me to grow attached to him yet. All I know is that he’s super easy on the eyes and I really want to see his character development.
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