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  1. This is the song Seunggi requested for today's radio interview. Someone you loved by Lewis capaldi. who hurt you seunggi ??
  2. son yejin also send a supporting video for seunggi recent japan fm. seems like they both are close to each other now since jibsabu shooting
  3. wow,that's really close.is the picture really from seunggi's house? i would like to believe that seunggi is currently dating,but, from recent mith episode with lee seojin , unfortunately ,I dont think so. T_T seunggi said relationship is difficult and it's been so long he had been in relationship too. anyhow, I'm also, just like their fans, wish for both of them to rekindle their relationship and start dating each other too :)) thank you for the update!!
  4. it does share similar features with seunggi especially nose, wide forehead and eyebrow. is this from yoona's mv?
  5. Hi, i'm sorry to disturb you. but may I know what did sugeun actually told yoona in knowing brothers? I'm a silent shipper of them too. I also heard some people said yoona is currently dating Hong jonghyun. Both of them frequently hangs out with a group of friends. Thank you
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