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  1. Hello everyone, I am a new Taeun shipper. Pls forgive me I am so bad at introducing myself so I'll just get straight to the point. And pls do forgive my poor English, will you? Taemin might be dating Chungha?? Oh my my :/ Just when I got into the Taeun ship. I know I am so late but I stopped watching wgm after goguma couple but I saw a video on YouTube about Taeun and I thought they look cute together so I started watching them on wgm out of boredom. I totally fell in love with them, they seem so sincere and so real so I was hoping they are together or something. But now reading that prediction of TaeminxChungha broke my heart into pieces. Chungha seems like a nice girl but I wish it would be Naeun. Anywho if Taemin is happy I am happy. And I hope my girl Naeun would be happy for him as well if he is really seeing Chungha. I just want both of them to happy. I so regret not watching this couple back in 2013, I feel like I missed a lot.
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