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  1. After DM was throwing some flour to RG face, RG took revenge to wipe his full of flour-face to DM’s cheek(?) neck (?) dont know. Then DM said ‘what are you doing?’ As if she’s lil pissed by RG’s prank. The RG just keep picking at her by said: ‘do it, do it... (he keep trying to provoke DM to wipe it off to his face) .. ah so pretty (means with the flour in her face she looks pretty, just to make fun of her )’
  2. I don’t think that was CSA since the age gap and timeline doesn’t make sense. - 1987= DM, EG, RG were born - 1993= Something happened, RG separated with his mom - 1997= CSA was born - 2004/2005= DM broke her right hand - 2014= DM got accepted as a curator in CU Museum, White Ocean’s debut year
  3. Ikr? Beside, in the flashback in 11th ep, when RG was abandoned by someone, he was wearing backpack and jacket (school outfit ?). While he was crying in front of the door, i spot there’s sign said ‘office’ in right-side of the door. School maybe (?), he was waiting for his mom to pick up him from school but his mom too busy with her paintings and then he get lost. Idk, that place seems off to be an orphanage. But one thing for sure, in lee seol’s eyes, there’s a sad past about the painting. She tried to get rid all nine of it once but her son re-collect it.
  4. First of all, this is my first post in this forum after many years being a silent lurker here. Anyway, i can’t help to write my opinion here. Since the black car accident in the earlier episode, i suspected DM had some trauma, and after reaching latest episode, my conclusion are: DM, EG, RG, and DM lil bro we’re neighborhood’s friends RG’s mom a.k.a lee seol were too busy paintings so RG just always playing with his friends In some DM’s flashback we’ve seen her letting go lil bro hand. I guess after that happened, the lil bro got hit by some black car. Then DM erased that accident in her memory. Maybe if EG knew this, he is the hidden key of DM past. (From the earlier ep we’ve seen DM almost got hit by car two times, and her expression were different in the first time by black car and second times by white car, and one more, DM can’t drive because she’s scared) DM’s mom in the 11th ep told RG that she doesn’t like DM do fangirling not because DM can’t get a bf but because she had an accident before while fangirling. I think DM’s mom had some trauma too about loosing a child because of accident. And about RG abandoned scene, i guess that was DM’s mom too (hope that’s not true tho) but for adding acceptable bg story the reason she was abandoning RG that night (just my guess), that was the day DM’s lil bro had accident so she was out of her mind and just wanna rush to the hospital. Last, i never thought RG was abandoned by his mom. My guess he got lost and met DM’s mom on the way her to the hospital. Ok, that’s it. Thank you for reading my long ‘makjang scenario’
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