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  1. This fake thing does not do well with me. I might not continue watching it live and wait for the series to end before watching it again. This was the perfect episode for him to know about the deception. If he knew it this episode, it will be romcom all the way. Funny and sweet scenes etc. But beyond this episode, there will just be angst. And dealing with angst by waiting next episode is bad. Haha. The last scene was good though, I would admit. Still bringing the feels. Thumbs up. The actors are good.
  2. I do not think he knows that she is Veronica.This would also fit the synopsis/description and trailer of this drama. Based on the trailer, he is supposed to be confuse with his feelings between 'veronica park' (who seems to change everytime) and his secretary. We have not reach that point yet. Though this is not fool proof evidence that he doesnt know yet because I also read in a synopsis somewhere that he will eventually know. Nonetheless, this just means more funny and heart fluttering scenes.
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