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  1. Does anyone knows what camera were they using for the relay cam? Saw it on other korean variety shows as well but cannot find it in the internet. Thanks!
  2. I am rewatching HP again. I was not really attentive to Gyeoul until the 2nd half of the season. In fact I was a little bit sad because her character is mostly just for romance... or so I thought. Only on the 2nd time watching that I notice that she was in almost every scene related to GS. She just stands on the background without a script as an assistant to the doctor. I did not even notice she's in ep1. Hahaha. She also tries to absorb whatever was instructed to her. I really wish she has that "doctor" moment same with Dr. Chi Hong and Dr. Chu Min Ha. The former when he was talking to the "awake" patient in the OR and the latter when she had to make an emergency operation. In addition, there was also this scene wherein they were talking Dr. Bong. Gyeoul's portion are double compared to others. Kinda funny detail. She also gives out food to others first before eating. Another sweet detail. I also rewatched the special episode and live band. Kyung Ho is really cute and I want to give him a hug becoz he really did his best in the guitars. If you are playing the guitar, you will notice that he is still stiff, not much wrist action, and he has to do these picking. Kinda nerve wracking for a beginner, but hey, he managed. Also because of the live band, I am studying a little bit of piano right now. Hahaha. Mi Do on bass rocks.
  3. This is also my question but for me its main purpose is for the smooth flow of the story. The scene of Gyeoul and IkJun dialogue which ended in a question was placed at the first scene of episode 12. It allowed my mind to take off from the last scene of episode 11 and a re-setting or re-establishment of this "conflict" in this episode. This needs to be set up because this "conflict" will be resolved in THIS episode*. It should be left "hanging" because of the huge waiting time. In fact, it actually signals the start of our waiting time. So the first scene adds up to that continuity and build-up. Without the connection of the first scene and the "confession scene", the latter will or might feel disconnected because it will need to take off from ep 11 - which is way too far. This connection also signals that this "conflict" has ended. You cannot put that flashback scene anywhere but there or the "confession scene" may be muted a little bit.** Just my analysis. I tend to go on the scriptwriting and film editing part. I really wish that there are interviews of the director and writer on their thought process of writing and editing. Notes: * A"very simple" question which has little value to the story will not be put at the start only to be answered next season. It would be a waste of a scene since we already know that Gyeoul likes Jeongwon and no one is really asking why. Haha. There were a lot of "hanging" or "open" conflicts established in this episode but those questions needs more than one episode to be resolved. This scene is different. ** Imagine if you put that "love-at-first-sight" scene immediately after Gyeoul-IkJun scene, that scene can stand alone and you can remove it from the whole episode and the episode will still hold - and the "confession scene", as I said, kinda bit disconnected from all the other scenes.
  4. Thoughts!!! Wintergarden confession scene: I appreciate the collaboration between writer and director. They purposely minimize the POV of Jeongwon the whole series to create a bigger impact on this scene. As audience, we were placed, similarly, in the same thought process of Gyeoul. We were not sure, anxious even, if this confession will be successful or not. (They even placed the scene at the very end of the episode. Evil geniuses.) The script of Gyeoul was simple but realistic. She was sorry because even she thinks that she is stepping beyond boundaries. She is crying because she knows that the confession will most probably fail. We, as audience, can feel that. Even when he puts his hand on her head, we were still not sure, confused, same as Gyeoul. When the background music kick in, we were like "is this happening?". When he kissed her, we were like, "this is happening!". As well acted this scene is, the impact that scene made was an effect of not showing completely the POV of Jeongwon. I hate it that I know they will be the end couple but the series sowed enough confusion for me to guess if and when it will happen and make me swoon in these scenes. Kudos to the writer and director. I always fall for it. Seokhyun and Mina: The couple that I think would be more likely to be together are not together and with a twist in the end with the ex-wife. Whelp. I did not expect that. They lay a thick foundation suddenly at that story line. Good thing because this is the most simple storyline so far for our main leads. Looking forward to it next season. Seonghwa and Ik Jun: Still lacking story line for this but they laid enough foundation for next season - mainly because I cannot see any conflict between the two. I cannot imagine how this can top the wintergarden story line considering this is the main story line.Still looking forward to it because the last time a POV was withheld from us, the wintergarden scene was born. Seonghwa's POV still not shown for the whole season - it should be better. Right PD and writer? Junhwan and Ik Sun: Not really worried. They are mature enough. I would even guess their issue will be resolve immediately in episode 1 or 2. Jung Kyung-ho's character seems to be the same as his role in Prison Playbook. It's like his storyline is not in the same tier as others but it needs to be there. It is our go to story when everything else is unknown. It's like we can rest and breathe in his story compared to others. That is how I will explain his role. Patient Scenes: I re watched it again and I thought to myself I will skip some parts I dont like to repeat. I ended still repeating the scenes for each patient. I want to feel the emotions again - the grief of the mother for a child not yet born, the grief of the mother for a child that was born but on the verge of dying, the concern of the whole family for the child, the relief after waiting for liver donation. Sometimes we think the hospital has a silver bullet for each disease but sometimes they too wait for a miracle. Other stuff: I am amazed that sometimes we look into the "easter eggs" too much and completely disregard the script or the screen time spent for that scene. What is not well mentioned about the PD and writer is that consistently, almost all of their characters (up to 3rd tier supporting characters) has a background. That is hard to do for an hour - how much more that they also need to insert the "hospital-related" or "patient" stories - with care and not lazily I might add. Screen time for the PD and writer is very important, that it is better to depend on it than on some random writings on the wall. Let the PD and writer handle the steering wheel so that you can enjoy the ride.
  5. @__jesse You are so right about the script. That is why I am not so keen in analyzing the actors' expressions. It is also not that hard to believe if the director used cuts with ambiguous expressions from the actors. My rule - do not put much thought into anything unless something is explicitly said or shown. Random thoughts: - The scenes with Rosa and wintergarden couple have positive background music, You Always and Canon in D. The PD generating positive vibes that JW will not be a priest and me helplessly falling for it. If ever JW becomes a priest, I declare PD is a bad man. That is straight up deception and not ambiguity. Hahaha. - I really like what the PD did with Dr Jang's first operation. He could put a romantic twist on it but instead he highlighted the development of Dr Jang's career. It was really civil but there is still that subtle "sweetness" from the two doctors. Script-wise and scene-wise, no romance. But that "sweetness", that is a result of the 10-episode build-up. Gosh. I hate the PD for generating feels. - JJS good acting skills really shine in this episode. That twitch on the eye when he look at JW when they saw SongHa and JunWan mouthwatering the samgyupsal. How natural he patted SongHa in the elevator.The intense scene with ACH when he "confess". The emotion when he sang. No one comes close in this drama. Subtle. No overacting. - The bear-bear couple has only one scene but it was a good one. Minha is cute. The actress portraying her will be given more projects. There is something so natural with her acting. If I would have something to complain about this drama is that it's only way of moving forward is with this too many individual story lines with romance as its highlight. See, the Reply series ends when the story gets to the present age. The prison playbook ends when he gets out of prison. It has that kind of focus. This drama does not have one or it might even have too many? It's like I get a single lick from every flavor of ice cream but not eat a single scoop of one. You know what I mean?
  6. I also watched the Reply series*** and I never experienced being sidetracked by the pd/writer duo on the endgame couples. I might be lucky I guess? Anyway, I think the end couple will be LIJ-CSH and AJW-JGW. It is just my gut feels. Some theories I have for the last couple of episodes: - I would not be surprised if AJW-JGW became a couple next episode. The pd-writer already tricked us in past episode previews that this couple has a chance only to kill it in the actual episodes but it is actually a mind manipulation so we will not expect it when it comes - haha - or maybe its wishful thinking because I like this couple. - The LIJ-CSH couple angle will be revealed only during the last episode - a warm open ending for this season. Same with YSH-CMH. *** I did not finished '94 because of Go Ara. Sorry. I was put off by her acting in some of her previous works. I think I develop a negative bias against her. Sad. But I was still right on the endgame couples. :)
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