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  1.  Hello!! Been a huge fan of them since CLOY started airing but sadly I wasn't able to sign back into Soompi because I forgot my password oops..


    Anyway would just like to de-lurk and share something I found on YouTube (Not really sure if this has been posted before!). Note that this was posted in January 2019!! I really love this concept!! What do you guys think?


    And I would also like to add that this lil' community is so beautiful (filled with many nice and considerate shippers! I LOVE YOU GUYSSS<3) 

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  2. On 7/14/2019 at 7:01 PM, gm4queen said:

    Dear @parkeunbinchoidaniel @gladys0710 & @Thienthu317 darings,


    Have you ever seen Big Man..??? It's a 2014 k drama of Daniel!!! :) But he's the opposite of hero there.... He is the villain of the show!!! But his lady fans got in a heap of trouble with his choice that time as it's so hard to hate him because he's too cute to handle :D 



    But friends, I think he was only 28 yrs old back then & his acting was remarkable & outstanding as a villain so he was so praised by the other members of the cast & the audience!!! :blush: YES!!! That's our boy!!! He is unbelievably cute in it & his cunning smirks.... OMO!!! I am drooling once again.... :wub: :w00t:


    And his english accent is so on point, dear!!! You should watch this behind the scenes of Big Man... :love: He is the cutie pie on the set!!!! :) Love him so much.... :heart:


    Hi!!! It's been so long since I came on Soompi!!! HELLOOO


    I've watched some clips of Big Man with Daniel and that's about it! Loved his acting and his emotions!! But sadly, I am not very into the first lead...:( 

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  3. On 7/1/2019 at 6:34 PM, gm4queen said:

    I've always seen him in suits in his dramas... They give him a more mature look & kind of heavy for him! And then he wears casuals for his new movie promotions & now, I am so greedy for his casual looks!! :o I dunno if it was intentional but he wore the same style in different colors there... :) And he is effortlessly simple & handsome & dashing in those robes, specially in the black one!!! black-heart-300x300.png black-heart-300x300.png black-heart-300x300.png black-heart-300x300.png I never knew that he could be this appealing in casuals... OH GOSH!!!! This is totally amusing!!! :w00t: And this guy is so stylish these days... I wonder why though!!!! Hah haaaaaa :D :D


    And now, I really want him to play in casuals in his next drama.... This is a perfect boyfriend look for a guy!! So simple yet so dashing! :wub: Yeah, Oh yeah.... I am so counting on him & desperately can't wait to see him in the sweet & caring & dashing boyfriend mode again!!! :)


    And am interested to know the thoughts of my friends here.... :) Dear @triplem chingu, do you like his casual look..???! :D I miss dear @Heidi Seow & @kaedechan chingus here so much!!!! Hope to catch up with them soon! And definitely should ask dear @parkeunbinchoidaniel @gladys0710 @Pyar @Lawyerh @phoenix24 & the newly added @Thienthu317 friend!!!! :)

    OMG... the picture in the centre... Those guns... DAMN this boy has been working out!! :love:

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  4. 5 hours ago, gm4queen said:

    Wow!!! Another press con for Beast has been held & Daniel is looking so handsome & confident as always!!! :wub: I love his beard so much & glad that he's keeping it on!!!! (Feel bad for dear @triplem chingu though) Tagging dear @Pyar @parkeunbinchoidaniel @kaedechan @gladys0710 @Heidi Seow & other chingus here.... :)


    He must be so tired that he was in Osaka, Japan on Sunday & he is back in South Korea today!!!! Please take a good care of you, Daniel! :love: Your fans love you so much!!! And I think this is the perfect time for you to return to the small screen!!!!

    We are waiting, boy!!!!! :wub:

    And I can already imagine by the camera flashes that this young guy is so loved among all those older actors!!!! WOWWW!!!! Unbelievable... :kiss_wink: Can't wait for the movie to release on June 26! It's next Wednesday!!! :) Fighting, Daniel!!!!!!!




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    he looked so fresh and healthy! and still chubby!;)

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  5. 7 hours ago, gm4queen said:

    Being so busy & so tired lately & wanna have something sweet!!!.... :) Such a delightful taste for overcome the bitterness!!!

    I love vanilla cake! (Modeling, texturing, lightning & rendering all by me)


    Dear @triplem @Lmangla @Ameera Ali @Lawyerh @nohamahamoud2002 @phoenix24 @gladys0710 @Pyar @parkeunbinchoidaniel @Heidi Seow & all other chingus here... Enjoy!!!!!  :heart:



    awww thanks for tagging @gm4queen



    Hello from France! :)

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  6. 2 hours ago, gm4queen said:


    Hah haa.... I love it when you called his smile is shy! :D 

    Of course, he must definitely be shy coz he's the only young member there!!!! And he must be uncomfortable too... He was so active with Park Eun Bin in the promos of The Ghost Detective last year!!!! :D Is it just me or is something really in his heart..????! :wub: still no sign at all!!! 


    And thanks a lot for giving such a lovely comment on my edit, dear!!!! :lol: I was blown away by his handsomeness there for myself!!!!!! 





    Yes, definitely one movie not all enough for this multi-talented guy!!! :)

    And dear we have his fan meeting on next Sunday.... :heart: I almost forgot all about it!!! Hopefully he'd pick up his next drama right after that!!!! Yes, fingers crossed!!!! :thumbsup:





    I might not be that active here for the upcoming weeks as I would be overseas! But I would definitely pop in from time to time to see for any updates! Keep me posted guys! 


    YES! He's definitely more himself during GD's interviews and press con! Miss his fun and active self! HAHAHA 


    1 hour ago, Pyar said:

    yes me too believe so. we need more of him:heart:


    :heart: let's hope! 


    1 hour ago, Pyar said:


    HEHEHE it is this thin frame glasses again! He makes me want to change my own glasses to such thin framed ones! 

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  7. 13 hours ago, Pyar said:


    13 hours ago, gm4queen said:


    U are most welcome, dear!!! It's my pleasure! :) 


    He he he.... This is my current PC wallpaper! His smile is everything... OH MY GOD!! He is even more handsome when he smiles like that! :wub: Just like a dream.... And tell ya what, he definitely is the dream guy of his female fans now!!!! :blush: I really want to have a well mannered, handsome & hot guy like him.!!! 





    Yes!! I love it when he smiles like that!! That subtle and shy smile! OMO SO CUTE!! :heart: 


    13 hours ago, gm4queen said:

    And this is a high resolution fan art I've edited myself :heart: I usually put my name on my arts but I didn't even put my name on it!!! It's for all of his lovely fans all around the world!

    I hope you'll like it, dear!!! :) Just look at this handsomeness... Mmmmm, I am so hungry for him!!! :kiss_wink:




    WOW Dear! Love the colour scheme and the layout of it!!! :love::thumbsup:

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  8. 3 hours ago, gm4queen said:



    Yes friends... His HD pics are so hard to find but I've got some treats for you here!!! :) Tagging @parkeunbinchoidaniel friend as well!!!! And my dear @Lawyerh friend, how is my Daniel collection..??!! :D

     I have about 500+ pics of him on my PC!!! So I am patching you 40 HD pics out of them!!! :love: All are exceeding 1000 pixels in resolution!!! Both landscape & portrait! 


    Please find his HD pics inside the spoilers since it's against Soompi rules to post them all at once!!! :wub:


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    Nice collection! Thanks dear! I was looking for a photo of him to put as my home-screen HEHEH 

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  9. 2 hours ago, gm4queen said:


    He is said to be a support character dear! But I am surprised that he's on the movie poster & the promoting events! May be a trick to attract more viewers since he's the youngest member on the set! :D


    And I love his bright side so much! He really knows how to keep everyone around him fresh!!! :lol: 


    And let me show you that he's really a child at heart! He attended a live movie talk this monday on Vlive with the other cast of Beast & there were few games they played! And this game is my all time fav of his sweet side!!! There is something inside a box & he doesn't know if it's alive or not! And he has to take it out of the box... His heart rate is also being monitorized during the proceeder.. :D Enjoy!!! :mrgreen: 


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    (He just thought that the plastic hammer is a turtle & it's a turtle's head! :D)




    HAHAAH the turtle and turtle's head part was HILARIOUS!:joy: He's really like a young child at heart! SO CUTE

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  10. 8 hours ago, gm4queen said:

    Just watched Daniel's Vlive program in raw! We will have eng sub later on... :) Tagging dear @parkeunbinchoidaniel @gladys0710 & @Pyar friends here!! I just managed to take some screen shots of him!!!!


    And wow... He is so handsome & decent as always! :heart: I am so happy that he's keeping his beard on... It suits him so well & gives him more manly look! And OMO! This handsome smile.... :blush: I want to keep him in my pocket!! He is so sweet to handle!!! How come he be so sweet & cute & manly at the same time..???! :D



    And this is the best part of the show! I love his facial expressions so much! :o Acting is bonded with his soul! He is an real actor, not a faker!!! I am so proud be to be a huge fan of him! He seriously deserves more fans for his fan base!!!!

    Fighting, Daniel! :heart:

    You are the music to my heart, boy!! :love:


    YES! He's so cute and manly at the same time! For me, he looks very manly because of his moustache and little beard, but inside, he is still a fluffy and cute human bean! Loved it especially when he was figuring out the hammer! He kept insisting that it was a tortoise's head HAHAH

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  11. 8 hours ago, gm4queen said:


    Not to worry dear! You can watch the full video segment in the Vlive link here.. But it's still been uploaded for replay so you can watch it once it's finished uploading! :) I think it will be included with eng sub as well!



    And just found some Vlive clips of Daniel in yesterday's event! They are all available to watch! :D He he he... Be careful! He is so cute to handle! :blush: And he's so pure at heart, just like a little kid...




    And a lot of scenes of Daniel from the movie were shown yesterday as well, but have to wait till the reuploading finishes.... And in my opinion, he is nothing like a side character there!! He is a big part of the movie! :heart:


     There's nothing on youtube so we have to depend on Vlive for now, dear!!!! :) Enjoy!!!!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! :lol:

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  12. 10 hours ago, gm4queen said:

    He he dear... I don't think that any of us fully know korean as this is an international fan forum & most of we are his international fans! :) For example, I am from Sri Lanka!!! I know a bit of korean now all because of him! :D But it's not nearly enough for my taste about him!!!! 

    So no worries, dear! You can always use the spoiler tag for spoiling items here!!! :thumbsup: And if you can take some time & translate his speeches there in to english, I'd be so grateful for you!!!! :rolleyes: :kiss_wink:



    Yes dear, I also like Hades, the sexy hacker look! :D He is really hot there even without eye-glasses & his fans love him the most!!! :heart: 

    And now, I am honestly 50/50 friends! :love: I equally love him with eye-glasses & without eye-glasses!!!! 



    I can always try to type out some excerpts here and there but definitely not the whole interview :sweatingbullets: ... My Korean is also self-taught so I won't say it's sufficient too :(... 



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