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  1. Glad that some people are still here kekeke. I still remember how crazy we were back in 2016 LOL There are definitely blood, sweat, tears, fighting with antis, and all that. It's all so worth it
  2. @cinnaminskies Please come back to this thread let's make it alive! There are too many happenings between them lately..
  3. I really like @ddunddun20 's storyline about them.. And dont forget that Eric still kept their DIY table in his apartment! (we can see it on "it's okay to be a little crazy" show on April 2018) and his story IG recently but he deleted it quickly though. And those ring articles are the reason WE NEED TO KEEP THIS THREAD ALIVE! hahahahaha. And oh his radio interview about having a gf in korea too woohooooo
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