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  1. To avoid hair dryness follow these instructions: 1. Use a moisturizer which will contin water as a main ingredient. Other hir care products, including shampoo, should not contain sulfates and parabenes. 2. Do not overheat your hair! I'd recommend you to stop using curlers or flat irons. If your blowdryer heats your hair up too much, then choose another one with a cool air function. 4. Use a deep conditioner after washing your hair. 5. Try natural ingredients as coconut oil and avocado for making a hair mask.
  2. Using alternative methods of education can be helpful. I'm a schoolteacher and I've just discovered the Istation app for giving to students the basic knowledge of reading and maths. Awesome stuff, a big amount of educational games and activities, kids will never get bored with it. Here is the istation app download for those who are interested.
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