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  1. omg... did anyone realise just before the scene where they reveal the ID in the purse that hyang mi said something like: she wants to live up to her beautiful name in copenhagen? the name go-un (고운) roughly translates to beauty or charm. so maybe hyang mi's real name is go-un??? i totally agree that hyang mi is probably the victim haha sorry if anyone else already said this!! but i wonder if anyone else suspects of being the murderer?? i mean because
  2. sorry if this is considered off-topic, but i watched this video and jiji couple was mentioned here which i thought was quite funny. kang haneul was asked to choose between kissing NJH and JCW (starts at around the 3:39 mark). he was asked about kissing around six people but i found it interesting they put NJH and JCW together anyway, if this is off-topic i'm really sorry. please let me know and i will delete the post/be more careful in the future.
  3. omg i need more blow by blow commentaries this is so good TTT please write some more!!!
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