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  1. gomawoyo... well noted.. last time did streamed vimeo for asian games matches.. never thought they have kdrama/movie too... btw imho planck constant is a very artsy movie.. too many parabolic dialogue.. and wish he wore a bandana thus his left eye wont be bothered by those thick bangs.. lol
  2. Struggling watching two rooms two nights wo subs.. ... but seeing kjw being silly back and forth for two girls was still a sight for sore eyes.. .. and how he’s head over heels on an icy kor-jap ‘princess’ named mina (played by kara gyori)... it was still a sight on seeing sulky-bitter kjw ... next binge wo subs will be planck constant .. Thus I’d considered it as a learning by doing (struggling) on korean language thru’ one sat night.. all i can say is dowajuseyo if anyone know any link with eng subs on those movies
  3. Gosh.. he made me a fan of psycho, gay, oedipus, rocker, artist, exorcist priest, supermodel, waffle maker all at once..
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