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  1. I don’t think he is dead yet, hopefully he survives and get a revenge on HT and pays his due to XQ by helping him. The reunion was short. single scene that’s it? There was no proper revenge yet from Xioa xi and Awu for the Hu general and the lost soldiers and his asasination. Only at the end of ep 63 Awu gets to know who was behind the plot. Instead of unconditionally standing behind her husband and coming up with the takedown bad people plot, why she still acts like a Saint and worried abt the fight between husband and zitan. She still did not tell him yet, also funny
  2. i was worried with beard look but have to agree he is more charming and bold. Can’t weight for new episodes
  3. Where do u think Song rebellion fits? Will Song kill wanglin or zitan? Idk how he is going to betray Xiao Xi, some say he already betrayed by giving ok to MR Wang Su i really hope Xioa xi and wang xuan wil find out all the things were caused by everyone in the royal family before making the move. I guess we don’t have enough episodes left to cover all and not sure which plot they will cut, I hope they do not cut WX having twins. how will they fit XQ rescue WX, wanglin rebellion, Song. Rebellion, XQ becoming emperor, WQ delivering twins and surviving the delivery and our OTP
  4. I heard from our friends here and around, that in the novel, he will win the throne back from his cousin and will kind of give some help to wang Xuan and will retreat farther as our general is super mad and will make him do that.
  5. I totally agree every word, we dearly miss her badass side of her connecting the dots and sometimes she behaves as though she has amnesia, why would she leave HZ out of suspect loop on who killed her husband as he tried hard last time. I feel like there isn’t enough episode left to cover the OTP come back success and specifically Awu cleverness, badass and toughness. Idk if I’m expecting too much from our FL. why they even want to give screen time to wan qian. If they only kept the original 80 episodes, why they have to reduce it to 68.
  6. This has some new scenes, specially after half way into it mostly related to the 2 booming villain's.
  7. will Awu be a badass in the future episodes or will it be like the past 20 episodes?
  8. @The.Lannister @transki For them to invest so much screen time on this issue and to have the doc confirm that the acupuncture cure work really the cure worked? This is the end goal we are waiting for, hopefully they have one for all the trouble she went for. BTW, I'm little surprised on how her body is weak, even though she is of royalty and grow up best things available for her. So the emotional toll is what's causing her damage on body and mind.
  9. I'm worried more on what's coming to him, I know he is strong and can take what is coming for him, but I wonder what is the worst one to hit him, next might be song's betrayal and probably more.
  10. @Kachan02 @gingerchews thanks. Looks like royal family dig their own grave by joining hands with the enemy, what they were thinking? I can’t believe the empress at the end feeling remorse towards Awu . I hope she spill the beans Watched Ep 42-51 with little fast forwarding as I don't understand Ep 42-44 @minglanfan2 Agreed! He looks soooooo creepy when he's imagining Awu! He was kind of cute in the beginning but as the series progressed, he started to look more odd. I agree, in addition, Genera song looks like real Villain with that face chang
  11. Yeah they changed a lot. The first 7 episodes are mostly original aside from establishing relationships, otp's first meeting is different for one (in the novel, Awu gets first good look at him when he comes to save her after she got kidnapped). Wanru and sister-in-law are much nicer in the novel, since there's no drugging and no infidelity. Emperor, 2nd prince and Wang Lin got lot more scenes since they did lot of scheming, they all died differently too. I didn't even remember Wang Qian existed till she appeared, that's how irrelevant she was in the novel. 3rd prince is also less dumb in the n
  12. I was re-watching ep 41 yixhu looked happy becoming generals wife. I wonder where her loyalty lies to the man she loves or the sister/brother she was blessed with anybody knows when the next episodes are going to be released?
  13. Totally agree, I'm also looking forward to the next set but at the same time I'm more scared to watch it go down for Xiao Qi and Awu, since I saw the spoilers scene of how its going to go. Also am not ready to part with Hu general as he is one of us on the OTP ship, ready to defend at any time. Yinglo is total spunk, she goes straight to action without blinking and worrying of consequences. I think Awu does the same some times like when she kidnapped the general's mom. I think she is bit more relaxed in thinking for this scenario as she may be little bit sympathetic towards the nau
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