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  1. He changed his outfit and sunglasses. He removed his make up too. Its not couple things right? It is sponsor. As a shipper, yes you can ship PMY and KJW but please be a wise shipper. I only ship Ryan Gold and SDM, but not KJW and PMY. I remember when PMY and PSJ got dating rumor because they have same shoes. God were these shippers sane? I read PSJ interview saying more less like this, "If I have a same t-shirt with Justin Bieber, then you will conclude that I date him?" This answer shows that he strongly denied the rumor.
  2. Guyssss, his stylist posted a short video on her insta story. I think she already deleted it. It seems he had photo session. Ohhh I hope he had interview and photo session. Please.. please...
  3. No, it is organized by agency. I remember Soop always give media interview after their actors finished drama filming. Nam Ji Hyun, Seo Hyu Jin, etc. KJW had interview a week after The Guest ended. Im sure it is related to their agencies decision.
  4. @NaYouSabi?LMAO. He researched how to be a good boyfriend, how to hug woman warmly, how to kiss woman passionately, and how to treat woman nicely. I think KJW is not really different with Ryan Gold. He is a soft person (like what PMY and PJJ said on eps 0). I can see it too from his chosen scenes in HPL. I believe he watched romcom drama before they did script reading and WWWSK (maybe) was one of his references since PMY really good at there. @TripleNa This makes me so desperate in waiting their interview. Im not sure if they will do interview. PMY will be back to Seoul on June 10. What happened to KJW? He's MIA!!!!! No updates from Soop managemet and his Instagram. This man is really mysterious.
  5. No KJW and PMY interviews till now. Im so desperate waiting their interview! I found this in Instagram, a fan account of Kim Dong Wook and Kim Jae Wook. She translated KDW's interview after he finished Special Labor Inspector Mr. Jo. He mentioned his bestie KJW! A small part from 1 of the long Q&A interview.KJW was mentioned.Q: Your 손 the guest co-star, KJW, had a drama, Her Private Life, which broadcast around the same time. Did you say anything to each other?KDW: We complained, cheered & teased each other. Unfortunately, I didn't see the drama, but I had a lot of fun watching clips & stuff.After seeing a clip, I sent him a message saying I also want to sit down & film. (KJW had alot of scenes sitting down in the office & on dates, etc) Jae Wook said that's my fate, accept it. (Running scenes in 손 the guest, action scenes in Jo Jang Pung) I heard KJW did judo in the drama too, I find it funny. It looked like some interesting rhythmic movement.Aww these 2.
  6. I love your comments and thoughts about "method acting" guys! I will share a link that describe about method acting. At first I thought "method acting" is when the actor live in their character even when camera is not rolling. Such as Daniel Day Lewis when he didn't want to be him (Lewis) when he filmed Lincoln. So when camera was not rolling Lewis still talked like how Lincoln talks (with precise mannerism). I found this. https://filmschoolrejects.com/method-acting-explained-2dc3d73eeba6/ So, I think KJW already did "method acting" for his projects Hedwig and Antique Bakery. For Mo Tae Gu character he went to a psychologist several times to find a proper characteristic and mannerism of a psychopath. He used Christian Bale character in American Psycho (Patrick Bateman) as references. He did research when he played as Priest Mateo in The Guest. Months before The Guest filming, he came to Philippines and interviewed the priest who does exorcism. Not many actors use this technique because it needs a lot of energy, time and concentration.
  7. What makes me happy is that: we still active in this thread, discuss about the drama itself rather than make non-sense delulu in shipper thread. Its really positive and I believe there will be more new fans of HPL even the drama already ends. I cant wait to read PMY and KJW interview. I hope they will give smart and wise answer related to ratings, skinship, chemistry, plot, character, etc. I just don't want haters spread negativity for HPL and KJW again. Just please dont.. Before HPL, KJW never had any haters before. But I dont want him in dark roles forever. Its time for him to shine.
  8. Guys, is it true when tvN rerun a drama that can be considered as a successful program/drama? So we should wait, wether tvN will rerun HPL or not. But I hope they will do that
  9. His bestie, Ryu Deok Hwan updated his Instagram Story. Liverpool won!!!! Maybe they were watching Champion final match tgt?
  10. OMG their pillow talk in the beginning of eps 16. It is sooooo deep and meaningful for two educated people. I love how the writer shows that curator is the artist in a gallery itself not the director. I have been involved with some galleries and this part really strokes me. Even there is "Slavoj Zizek" Wow. Daebak. I love it. It reminds me when I had convo with my ex BF. Ahhh I think I should find a new BF LMAO!!!!
  11. LMAO! Its not different than the BTS? PMY call Jaeuck oppa and in drama SDM will call RG oppa too? Okay. The drama is the BTS itself.
  12. Ahhhh please no fated childhood story for the leads... There will be comparisons with PMY's previous drama.. I hope the writer will make it better this time.
  13. Ahhh I can't stop my teary eyes. Jaeuck and Lee Il Hwa (Lee Sol), damn their acting! Its full of emotion. Right now I'm more curious about mother-son relation than RG-DM lovey dovey scenes (mianhe LOL). Maybe they will solve the problem tomorrow so it wont drag too long.
  14. Soop BTS staff is a girl! Ahhhh I want to replace her... LMAO when she said "Please say something" and my baby Jaeuck just waving his hand. Ahhhhhh this man! I can not....
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