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  1. Don't they have the option to do 2 seasons though? Would have appreciated it if they had divided this drama into 2 seasons and given us all the episodes
  2. In regards to FSF and ZLY I think it was maybe getting married for the wrong reasons. She got pregnant and then they rushed to get married. Which is different from Guangre these 2 have known each other for years the good and the bad habits of each other they know very well by this point. So if they are really dating and eventually get married, their relationship has the biggest chance of working out. Its different from people who dated for a few months and then a baby happened and they had to get married without really knowing each other. This is my personal opinion, and marriage needs work bu
  3. I have been following this group for quite some time though I don't comment a lot but I really love Shipping Reba and V. But the constant looking down or finding fault with Rebas male co-stars doesn't it get tiring? They are also human beings with their faults but the way they are dragged, is not healthy at all. Can't we just ship without having to compare V with Rebas co-stars they are just that, co-stars. And it's work and it ends there, we gotta have some kinda respect towards their efforts. In my opinion I believe Shipping itself is very stressful but it would be nice to ship in a non toxi
  4. Am following the subbed episodes and just finished watching episode 36 and can't help but feel like at times Shiyi can be tone deaf seriously. All the time she keeps talking about her meetings with 2nd Ouyang though LY listens but u can clearly tell it bothers him. Why can't she just avoid meeting 2nd Ouyang at all, can't she tell that it really bothers her husband
  5. I can't wait for the episodes 31 to 36 subtitled lol especially episode 35 I am counting down the hours. It's a shame we only get episode 35 on Wednesday
  6. Also what happened to Helan Tao? I haven't watched episode 60 yet as am waiting for subs
  7. Thank you for the spoilers, I haven't seen the episodes yet but from the spoilers am not satisfied with the ending. It's good but am not satisfied wanted more.
  8. I think the drama should have been called The Rebel General lol, because I haven't seen Awu as a Rebel Princess as yet. But as much as she is frustrating I think she is acting within character she has never really been that go getter kinder woman, always been controlled by others especially her family. I wouldn't be surprised if we see this Awu up to the end. I just hope she at least supports Xiao Qi in his rebel lol. So I am thinking the name of the drama was supposed to be the Rebel's Princess hahaha they just forgot the apostrophe
  9. Oh loved him in Singing Along so I can't also bring myself to hate him as HZ. Always look forward to his scenes
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