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  1. Lol am right there with you in this delulu theory, I was also thinking they were together yesterday. Who knows
  2. Couldnt help but read this twice just reminded me of why I became a shipper.
  3. Am the opposite, am actually excited to see his new project, for me its going to be the tell all. Some people have argued that he was being touchy with NJH because it was his first romcom so am going to watch out for the BTS and see how he approaches this one. I can't wait also its their job, NJH did it JCW is doing it too so its okay. Am so excited for it to all start so that I can just compare. There is going to be chemistry but i can bet my lifes savings it's not going to be Jiji tongue sucking, hair playing, hand grabbing kinda chemistry JMO
  4. Its sooo weird even how that topic is avoided in all interviews, they can mention all of his other dramas but SP will be left out. To me it looks like questions about NJH and Suspicious Partner are being screened, by the managers reason being Wookie will not be able to lie. I have a feeling once NJH is mentioned Wookie will let the cat out of the bag so better to avoid the topic like a rash at all costs IMO. So because media houses are not talking about it therefore they are no rumours and also they haven't been outed yet so....
  5. Shout it louder for the people in the back hahahaha. You really need to finish the soooo descriptive scenes of the vlive I was enjoying that, thank you.
  6. Am confused, it can't be the same vlive I watched... The one where JCW got all jealous when NJH was putting her hands together with CTJ when CTJ was saying he got big hands is that the same Vlive u r saying JCW never gave NJH attention???? Say Whaaat I would suggest you go and watch it again this time just pay attention to the 2 of them watch it on silent and just look for actions. for me I dont even understand a word of Korean and it doesn't have subtitles so when I watched it I was only looking at actions and oh boy did I notice a lot of things and on this vlive JCW had eyes only for NJH and was mostly annoyed when she kinda gave some attention to CTJ
  7. Its funny how all the dramas he is been in are mentioned except Suspicious Partner lol. Why are we totally avoiding that subject Wookie are we scared of that burning question on everyone's mind hahaha
  8. Yes I Also got visual instead of secret, but still what are they talking about. It's all related to SP I bet
  9. I think she used Google translate, that's what I used and got the same translation I just don't know how to attach pics otherwise would have shared my SCs from Google translate
  10. And Why is it a secret, ladies and gents (if they are any) I can't be rational in this situation. Dispatch come out with it already peeps been waiting for 2 years bali bali.
  11. Hope she does post an update, but it was good to see an update from her friends yesterday. It quenched the thirst for a bit
  12. The dryness is real . I miss H sooo much so that I have resorted to watching SP for the third time in less than 2 months
  13. I doubt he will spill, he is been very careful these past IVs but fingers crossed something will be spilled.
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