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  1. For me I love the 2017 look Am hoping 3rd season would be them married with their son Yu'er maybe protecting him from the evil Emperor continuing from where they left off in season 2.
  2. Don't they have a directors cut DVD for this drama? Don't they have a directors cut for ELOD hope they do would gladly purchase it
  3. memory lane, I miss them sooo much. Besides matching clothes they shoulf throw us some hints too to spazz on
  4. Yes I habe noticed this with Chinese CPs most probably if they are speculations and spottings 90% of the time its true. So I am on this ship with sooo much hope and trust that our CP is dating. Its just a matter of time. I followed TY and LJ also FSF and ZLY and they all ended up being true specualtions
  5. Ohhh nooo please please writernim please LJHcan notbe the villain, my heart will totally shutter.
  6. Why am I getting excited for this? Can't wait to watch this weeks episodes. With their chemistry they deserve a romance arc even just a little bit #sorrynotsorry
  7. Oh I always thought it came from the word relationship. So it will be a Realation Ship that we are all supporting therefore we board the ship and hope we dork at the wedding venue
  8. Y'all I think Serin might be our suspect lol, I don't know I habe an inkling the most innocent one is the suspect for me . My question is why did BJT want to kill her whats the story there, he said something along the lines that she wanted to frame him, frame him for what though? The one you suspect the most usually is not the killer. But the least suspect will be the one and my vote is on Serin
  9. I get you lol i feel jealous on behalf of the female too. But I don't mind seeing the female in my ship kissing other co stars. The problem comes only when its male kissing hahahaha. Its a shipper thing
  10. I am about to jump into this ship. Hello everyone am new here came from ELOD page. And after going through all the speculations here my heart is just flattering for these 2. I am about to board seriously
  11. Do you think we will get a love arc, I think after seeing their chemistry I wouldn't mind it at all, his team seem to be suggesting it
  12. As am watching this drama am thinking of an American TV series called Shield were they are also able to travel to an alternate universe but it's only their consciousness that travels to the alternate reality but in actual sense nothing has changed in their real time line. Their bodies Are just connected to a machine for that time period. So if one dies in the alternate universe it could mean they also die in real time or sometimes they just then just wake up in real time. So am wandering if this will be the premises since it looks like YS is a psychologist, so like what the previous writer said they are just going through it again so as to be able to deal with what happened to them and move on in real time. Like if this hadn't happened, the result would have been even more tragic. I don't know if it makes sense.
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