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  1. I opened my inbox this morning and read the first one from netflix that it just added this show. Been meaning to watch this series for a while but couldn't find a reliable site for the english sub so i'm really happy. Oh, and yay for season 2! Thanks @selen4ever for that info.
  2. Thank you for those recommendations. I can’t watch them at the moment but will put them in my to-watch list. I believe this series will be a very good one considering the background of the lead actors.
  3. I saw a clip of the ending on one of the IG accounts that i follow. It was a sad scene and together with the music it was heartbreaking but there is something in it because it was in my mind the whole day! I saw the clip on April 10 and i just finished watching the whole series the other day. This drama literally brought me back to korean and chinese drama world after so many years. I wish the lead stars will collaborate again in a movie or something because they're great together. Great connection or chemistry is so rare and they have it.
  4. Hi! Anyone knows if there's a confirmed release date for the drama?
  5. I don't know the lead actors but i like the trailer and story. I hope it will be aired soon.
  6. Hoping Netflix will pick this up because it's hard to find a site with a reliable english sub.
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