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  1. I am going to wade into much theorizing now, so bear with me. You know how it has already been pointed out how SJH and KJK wear similar neon lime shorts. When I first read it, I thought to myself "cute observation, but I hope fans don't start claiming they are actually the same". However, the more I rationalize it, the more likely the possibility turns. 1. Both shorts have a similar black cord. While KJK's cord seems stretched, SJH's is hanging long even after having been tied, which makes sense if she had to tighten a larger pair of shorts around her slimmer waist. 2. Her shorts look rather baggy, especially at the crotch and around thighs. KJK's shorts on the other hand look the opposite, though it would have been better if he was standing cause the sitting position always makes pants look narrower. 3. Both pairs of shorts have the same vertical, yellow seam on the crotch. Other fans have posted further zoomed in photos where this clue is more apparent. 4. Since (at least) one day prior, they all knew the event would take place under rain. It sort of makes sense if SJH prepared for it with an outfit suitable to get soaked, just like what KJK would wear in a pool. 5. This pair of shorts, the loose type that isn't too short, nor is it almost knee length, doesn't really look her style. While I've seen her plenty of times with different style shorts, especially skimpier ones, I don't remember her wearing often similar pairs to this yellow one. However, I am a new SA fan, so it is possible I am wrong and she has been sighted wearing them regularly. The one who without a doubt wears such shorts all the time is KJK. 6. "But the two pairs are obviously a different shade of yellow/lime." No, not necessarily. KJK's photo is processed. Everything, from the water in the pool to the leaves on the trees behind him, is filtered to look darker. In reality, his shorts should be a bit lighter. Moreover, the two photos are taken under completely different lighting, so comparing the colours isn't the safest bet. Because I don't like being delusional, there are at least two points against the above theory. 1. KJK's buttocks are much bigger than SJH's and in the videos her shorts don't really look baggy enough on the rear. Again it would have been helpful if KJK was standing in his photo, so we could get a better idea of how narrow or not his shorts are. 2. I am not certain but KJK's shorts seem to have a belt loop on the waistline. I've tried to check if there's something similar on SJH's shorts, but I am unable to spot one, mainly because zooming in while she jumps doesn't help, the videos are already blurry. So, what do you think? To clarify, I still lean mostly towards the opinion that they are different pairs of shorts. It's just that, after thinking about it carefully, the notion she borrowed his shorts doesn't seem improbable anymore. It goes without saying that if they are indeed Kook's shorts, then our ship is triumphantly confirmed.
  2. I believe the guy in the background who was speculated to be KJK might actually be this guy. His sweater has what appears to be the same blue text , plus he is photographed with the man in red cap too. Not 100 % sure but a lot of elements match.
  3. Damn, the video had to go all blue-grey/cut right at the hug He could have just high 5ived her like he did with Haha, yet he went for an embrace. And I don't think KJK hugging her has to do anything with his leaving earlier, I'm not rejecting the possibility, but celebrities "farewell" one another all the time on stage - just like they welcome one another even though they have been getting ready together backstage long before they greet the audience. I'm sure KJK didn't go to Pohang only for a 30 mins show, SJH would literally be done with her part within the same hour. So unless we get an update that he rushed to leave straight after his performance, I believe they met again later. Regarding the photo with the guy at the back resembling KJK, would it be too tactless if someone asked the person who uploaded it whether it was indeed KJK? I don't see anything wrong with it, if the question doesn't associate him with SJH. Posture and clothes do point at KJK, not sure about the skin colour as I think KJK is more tanned, but this can be easily explained by the lighting, camera lens etc. Plus I sort of distinguish a bulging rear. However, I saw in the background of another photo unrelated to SA, a guy similarly dressed - black shorts, white top with what seems to be text + transparent raincoat. I am not saying it is him, just that there might be more people around who fit the description. I'm linking the photo under the spoiler tag. Though I sometimes understand disappointment, I can't sympathize with anyone who is angry over nothing, especially if it has to do with KJK's right in enjoying his personal life as a normal , social being. In order to "get mad", people have to either be immature (perhaps due to young age) or come from a rather conservative environment where every interaction between a man and a woman is deemed suspicious. Addressing this in brief, the JSM/KJK interaction on IG: 1. Is too public to be considered suspicious. Celebrities like KJK who always keep the identity of their partners hidden don't just casually invite each other out right before everyone's eyes, in an IG environment where every single colleague, fan and troll can comment. And because I keep reading idiotic arguments that they are slowly revealing their nonexistent romance, all fans literally claim this every time their idols exchange the slightest teasing remark. According to this logic, KJK should have revealed a dozen of relationships by now, not just one. 2. Is literally friendly, I read every single line, nothing was out of the ordinary. KJK would have to stop interacting with all unmarried females for people not to take everything he does or says way out of context. Also, JSM was doing a LIVE, when a person is doing a LIVE they are basically exposing themselves and their ideas/projects to comments and critique. It was an invitation for people to interact with her, which includes friends teasing her. What should KJK do? Just write her name along with exclamation marks? He is not a fan. 3. More importantly, a bunch of people were talking to her and she was replying to them. There were other celebrities too among them, Kim Ji-Seok actually commented several times. But, of course, JSM/KJK fans only highlighted the interaction with KJK and I don't blame them, Spartace fans would have done the same. But, seriously, this doesn't excuse the latter fans buying into every shipdom's interpretation and fragmentary presentation of incidents involving Kook. I would actually make a comparison with the past calls to SJH during KJK's own LIVEs to show you why his interactions with both are platonic when based only on the things they said, however the calls to SJH start standing out as fishy when other details are taken into account. But this post is already too long and this topic of secondary importance when we have such awesome Spartace news tonight. So, everyone, wise-up and keep enjoying the Spartace interactions in tonight's event. They will forever remember that time they sang and danced under heavy rain, splashing each other while persistent fans cheered them on. It was such a memorable evening and I lowkey expect them to mention its hilarity later on one of their shows. And btw "Loveable" is definitely their song. Not that there was ever any doubt about it after their consistently performing it together no matter the occasion, but this time they literally defied mother nature to do so.
  4. Oh it was literally wet Spartace lmao Also that timetable was very misleading Not the easiest thing due to the rain, but I hope more close-up photos and videos will be shared online, we have to catch every detail
  5. The weather is no joke. More links under the spoiler tag. Even if the sky is grey, let's hope the rain will stop by the time KJK appears. Credits as indicated, since this is not a reposting, please contact the accounts below if you think the credits are wrong. (btw is back-to-back posting allowed? Anyone knows?)
  6. The reason I said Haha will take the mic along SJH was exactly why I wasn't sure what they will do on stage. I wasn't specifically saying they will sing together, I was mostly explaining why - in my opinion - she can't appear during KJK's segment. The part " On the other hand, SJH has performed before with Haha & co." refers to her dancing to Gashina etc before in contrast with what I said about KJK. Nevetheless, I can see how the sentence can be interpreted in more ways, so I should have used the word "appeared" instead of "performed" when using SJH's name. Thanks for bringing it up.
  7. KJK should get into the DeLorean, go back to August of 2009, find the young lad with the gorgeous hair that looks quite like his handsome self and tell him, when that brunette lass calls his name and declares her love, to better believe it.
  8. So, who's excited for tomorrow? It is raining in Pohang and will be rainy tomorrow too, but everyone is still going so, what to expect? Wet Spartace? KJK will be on stage 5 mins to 6 pm and 30 mins later it will be time for Haha's team to take the mic along with SJH. This line up makes sense, it's not an event of RM or a Turbo concert, KJK's songs are mostly ballads, thus not the most suitable for a co-performance with a non singer - well unless you want dating rumours to skyrocket. On the other hand, SJH has performed before with Haha & co. (edit: to clarify, I'm referring to the old performance only, I had no idea what she would be doing tonight, so thanks @elzy for pointing out it's an interview) Nevertheless, there's a lot to expect and hopefully the weather won't stand as much of an obstacle. The fact Haha and SJH appear right after KJK keeps the possibility of their sharing the stage open, perhaps while KJK is passing the torch to them or at the end of Haha's performance, if time permits it. The schedule is a bit tight, but that also means more backstage interaction as KJK will definitely be sticking around, the three of them are set to appear in the span of just one hour. Even if they don't share the stage at all, there also are photographs and videos to expect, taken by media and fans, hopefully capturing what we usually don't see on screen. Spartace and Haha may also grace us with their own selfies and IG updates. And last but not least, references to this event and their time together may always occur later, during RM and other shows they star in. But you know, even though I doubt it, still if we don't get the special moments we hope for, one thing is certain; Spartace will be making memories together. Be it as friends or lovers, the result doesn't change. They will attend the same fun event, possibly travel there together too and will spend most of their time in each other's company. And whether we will have visual access to these moments or not means absolute zero for their existence.
  9. I thought there was no doubt Haha says love line and not "in love", since love line is an English phrase, at least those of us who don't know Korean, can make that one out clearly. Chul Min repeats right after "love line?". I even saw people, who apparently speak Korean, transcribing the dialogue on IG and they used the words "love line". This is why I asked - in case anyone more accustomed to Korean TV than I am knew - whether love line strictly refers to an on screen romance or it can be used interchangeably with "in love" as a general term. I think there's a difference, it just isn't related to Spartace per se, but to JSM's perspective when referring to Spartace. She might have actually meant that if it's the show's lovelines they were talking about , Spartace should qualify more than her and JSJ, considering that until a couple of months ago Spartace was under a romantic spotlight on screen. If this scene had happened back in February, we would have probably added JSM's question to the long list of teasing remarks coming from the RM members. It draws additional attention now because it comes during an apparent pause of the supposed love line, while Spartace are reversed to their usual intimate interaction in the sidelines. Also the fact that her covering her mouth doesn't come right after she blurts out Spartace names, instead there's a 2 seconds interval, means that this gesture might have indeed been a reaction to the members teasing JSJ about a loveline with her. It ties up well with how casually she asks about Spartace, she does it so naturally because SA being the show's couple is the expected answer. So I have my doubts she was attempting to cover a tongue slip. Obviously, this interpretation doesn't affect Spartace's status as a real couple, I just feel the need to emphasize this in case anyone reads my post and jumps to the illogical conclusion that if JSM had the SA loveline in mind, then SA are a fake couple. SA romance on and off screen aren't mutually exclusive, over the years there has been an abundance of evidence to support the latter and as for the former, the PDs would want to exploit it regardless.
  10. I need to ask something regarding the bus scene, is there a difference between saying that two people are in love , as the subtitles read, and two people are in a love line, as they're apparently saying? Or can they use the two sentences interchangeably? Because in my head there is a difference, I thought the term love line had to do with on screen romances regardless of their actual status, but I am not Korean. I'm asking in case JSM is suggesting that the two people in a love line are KJK and SJH (instead of her and JSJ) and her covering of the mouth is due to JSJ unfastening his seatbelt (which would lead to JSJ's accepting the implication he is in a love line with her). To clarify, this doesn't affect the romantic nature of Spartace, I'm just trying to understand from what perspective JSM asked about Spartace, the show's or in general.
  11. Don't fall for publicity stunts. Both the show & the sites that will reproduce its content will do anything to create more buzz and romanticize even a casual conversation between friends/colleagues. Also, the people involved don't just blurt out questionable invitations and "jokes" without restraint, they knowingly do it because they expect fans to question them. Even the fact JSM got a call was pre-arranged, as it always is in these edited entertainment shows, except if anyone seriously believes all these busy celebrities are just randomly called out of the blue and set up in any kind of situation, including romance with people they hardly know. They wouldn't plan out this little skit without knowing whether she was available to respond, people joining such shows - via physical presence, phone, web call etc. - are all informed. And that doesn't go only for JSM, I believe for example the call to SJH back during Big Picture LIVE was also pre-arranged to an extent, so it isn't my bias clouding my reasoning right now. About KJK, first of all his denying anything tells me very little, cause, per his admission, he would deny any romantic involvement regardless if real or not. What's important is the way he (and others, like Haha here) goes about it each time and whether enough evidence with the female in question have been found outside of the camera focus, in a BTS environment, in hints unintentionally given by close friends and family etc. There's no such case here. Secondly and more importantly, everyone and their mother know how private KJK is and has been like this for over two decades. Therefore, it is absolutely naive to think that his significant other, no matter who that might be, would so carelessly drop hints and expose him over a phone call, while various people would also be listening and while everything would be taking place during the shooting of a match-making segment for a TV show. If that was the case, he would have been caught red handed ages ago. If the shipdom has to really implicate JSM, I suggest focusing on that possible tongue slip during the bus drive and her immediate mouth covering that fellow fans brought to our attention. Can anyone who knows Korean confirm that she is mentioning KJK's name followed by "oppa" and consequently the translation is wrong? Because I too hear his name, but that could as well happen due to the language barrier and my being suggestable after reading others' impressions.
  12. KJK promoting the event all Spartace shippers are waiting for - actually the first one of them, there are a few this summer lol I'm wondering what items he and Ji Hyo will be donating.
  13. I'm sorry, I am a bit confused, 10th anniversary? Didn't RM begin in summer of 2010, so this summer it completes 9 years? I even read "9th anniversary" on, however, English sites. Or is it a matter of different counting method used, similar to how age is estimated in Korea? In this case, just for clarification, I meant that I expected RM to finish next year, celebrating a decade, however now with everything happening I feel there's a chance of this upcoming event being a herald of RM's ending.
  14. Do you guys think that all this news about their undertaking more projects (= their weekly schedule turning busier), celebrating the 9 years of RM with a fan meeting first time in Korea and working hard on it so that everything presented will have their personal signatures, announcing plans such as marriage for the following year (assuming said plans aren't just a buzz generating talk based on an honest wish, if SA is real, as long as RM is airing, they cannot officialise their relationship) may indicate RM is coming to an end relatively soon? I hoped that, perhaps, RM would complete its course in its 10th year, commemorating a decade of awesomeness with 500 episodes or so, but this is more like wishful thinking based on nothing solid but how nice rounding things up seems. And now I'm not sure, does anyone know what's the fandom's consensus/general feeling over this?
  15. And thus, after today's episode, a new moment is added to domestic SA! I got these screencaps from @between7and9 on twitter, I just placed them in one frame. So credit for grouping them up goes to them. In this episode, once again, SA are sitting/standing side by side, chatting/smiling at each other, teaming up and casually hugging when winning, but more importantly, they are spending their off-games time together, in each other's comfort while standing out from the rest. And this is where this couple shines while others pale.
  16. ^^ Look at him feeling at ease between his favourites, in both sitting and horizontal positions lmao
  17. I noticed this a bit late, good thing the fandom already celebrates it with 12k+ views. I don't think KJK intended to hold her hand, but rather beckon her to stand back/by his side. It's a gesture done instinctively, usually by those who assume a protective/leading/controlling role over others, quite common between couples. It also aligns with the behaviour KJK consistently exhibits towards SJH, he keeps guiding her using his body language which results in many cases of seemingly unnecessary skinship. I'm referring to all those - often hard to notice exactly cause they are not intended for entertaining the audience - moments when his touching her (or his intention to do so) isn't directly linked to the games. Not that SA hugs after victories or interlocking hands during physical activities aren't enjoyable, they hold their own importance, however this constant skinship at the sidelines when it's clearly unneeded is where the juice is at. I'm sure everyone remembers the elevator scene where his instinct to show her the way out intercedes , so he gently grabs her by the forearm, as if she wouldn't be the next one to exit either way. This hand gesture below belongs to the same category, unless it's a random stretch for no apparent reason, he is spontaneously guiding her again. Can this occur between good friends? I suppose but I highly doubt it does with such frequency. I have close male friends, I feel comfortable around them, we have shared the same bed and they have stood up for me when it was needed. That's the key phrase, "when needed". They don't try to direct my steps, I don't stand behind them just cause they are males, their loving gestures towards me don't overlap with romantic ones. KJK's behaviour towards SJH resembles more that of a protective boyfriend, who perhaps bears a slightly traditional/conservative mindset or originates from such a cultural background, or both. We do see such gestures directed from older siblings to younger ones as well - I still instinctively reach my sister's hand when we are about to cross a highway, despite both of us being adults. However sisterly bonds don't just develop at one's 30s, the age SA were when their friendship began blooming, unless a traumatic experience intervenes (not the case with SA's almost firing, as their questionable moments started way before 2016). It's one thing being close to a guy as a friend and as a part of a larger, tight knit "family" in a working environment, and another having your male friend repeatedly undertaking the role of the protective, older brother/boyfriend exclusively towards you, even in instances it seems redundant, as if SJH was in need of one. To avoid misunderstandings, I don't reject at all the idea of SA being only good friends, I just believe the plethora of moments like the one above indicate a much simpler explanation
  18. Preview images of the upcoming episode under the spoiler tag, they are playing with the baby face app.
  19. Has SJH attended festivals/events in Pohang as a guest in the recent years? I searched but didn't find anything - though that may be largely due to my lack of Korean media knowledge. Although not 100% indicative, I think that if it's her first time joining in the recent years - hence she's credited as a "special guest" - then it further reinforces the argument that SJH's presence is linked to Big Picture and Kim Jong Kook personally. Regardless, here's to hoping for on stage SA interaction - I honestly don't see such an opportunity getting passed, even if it has nothing to do with SJH performing too - and fan photos/videos revealing what the event cameras may miss. And above all, SA happy and everyone having a good time
  20. ^^ Needs a gif from the grunting in MUD as a follow-up.
  21. Yes JSM extends her arm towards the general direction of SA just as they're having their close moment, but considering how fast everything occurs and how thoroughly edited it is, it's impossible to tell whether her move is addressed to SA and it's a follow-up of a cut scene where the rest members refer to SA or not. Four of them are clearly watching SA's interaction though just as JSJ beckons KJK to take a seat. However delusional it may be, if the production wanted to create some buzz, they succeeded, because that brief, general shot of everyone doesn't really serve another purpose better than validating the SA shippers. On the other hand, I can think of two explanations, which conclude to the same result despite being polar opposites, indicative of how futile overanalyzing a short, heavily edited scene often is. We are assuming that most of the SA interaction during that scene seems edited out, suspiciously leaving behind only one fleeting moment, but what if the interaction wasn't long to begin with? In this case, there's no real question as to why three seconds of playfulness made it to the final version, especially if the blurry, general shot was the most "innocent" one of those available. OR, on the contrary, what if there were several, consecutive SA moments, that no matter how much content was mixed around or edited out, something small would still slip, assuming again that the production wanted to keep the transition to JSJ/KJK's turn in the game and not scrap it completely. In both the above explanations, the decisive factor is the same, aka damage control, however the facts and parameters differ substantially. Focusing on what our eyes can see, an undisputed intimate moment, is what really matters in the end (it goes without saying that harmless theorizing and fantasizing are always welcome). Another detail to be noted is the overall vibe during that word game. Let's say some game partners aren't sticking together to the best of their abilities, at times I would have doubted whom SJH was paired up with, had the production not provided them with shirts of different colours to separate the teams - excuse the bold, I suddenly felt an urge to emphasize that it's the show and not some sort of emotional revelation that dresses KJK in pastels . Regarding SJH and KJK sharing food during the preparations for the Avengers photoshoot, I think that there's a chance they did based on their physical proximity. However LKS & YSC are also shown enjoying snacks, therefore it is impossible to guess who offered her a treat, she may as well have had her own light meal. That segment is heavily edited, literally people disappear and reappear in different spots with every switch in camera angle. Still, in at least two occasions of what was broadcast, SA sort of loiter behind each other, whenever one of them is getting make up on while the other is on a stand by. I am going to be my own devil's advocate and point out how the room is rather small and overcrowded, raising the chances of two people being caught in the same frame. Nevertheless, it's a little observation worthy of mentioning. Unrelated to the latest episode, I showed the friend I watch RM with SJH's recent photos from her departure for Bangkok. A little reminder, he is aware of SA, but he is not a shipper and stays completely uninvolved with the fandom and our theories, unless I link him something specific. I sent him the photos without making the slightest comment, in order to avoid leading him on. Upon seeing them, the only thing he asked me was whether KJK was SJH's personal stylist now I know it's insignificant, but it's self-reassuring when unbiased people notice the similarities and confirm your suspicions. I was the sceptic attributing everything to comfort when travelling lol
  22. I think using the argument that KJK moved his head as a negative reaction to SJH's playful approach could only make sense in the mind of an imbecile. Whenever someone unexpectedly leans into your face in such proximity, it's almost an instinctive reaction to crane your head back. No matter who that someone is, even your own parent. There's the startling factor to be taken into account, however it isn't the only one. Angling your head also gives you a better view of what the person in front of you is doing, you observe them better. And, again, it's an instinctive motion. Yet it doesn't stop here, as it has been pointed out, this is not the exact sequence of the events, the video has been edited - in fact it isn't just JSM who has moved away from YJS, but also LKS, the order of that line they're forming has changed completely. With that in mind, there's no way of knowing the context of SJH's playful approach or how long it lasted and, in other words, whether KJK's head motion was actually a part of the whole playfulness too (i.e. how a tsundere would react to someone teasing them, or how someone would smugly refuse to answer a cheeky question etc.). Besides, I agree that KJK doesn't change his posture at all, he accepts the contact. But let's entertain the idea of the negative reaction. There are the following cases: 1) SA are dating. I don't need to explain how irrational suggesting he had a negative reaction towards his girlfriend then is. Besides, we have already seen them having a harmless argument in the roulette episode and this moment is the polar opposite of that. 2) SA are only close friends. Then there's no reason for any negativity between them, SJH teased her friend, KJK instinctively tilted his head half an inch as anyone would do, they continued touching and smiling the next minutes. 3) One person chooses to make her flirtatious advance in front of the cameras , the other rejects it with a head motion. This is actually the only case this reaction can count as a negative one. Now, apply this to KJK and SJH, two private people who have been close and supportive of each other for almost a decade and who casually interact and laugh through the rest scenes. With that in mind, insert their names in the first sentence of this paragraph and realise how ridiculous it sounds. We are reading too much into a scene which is self-explanatory; a sweet moment between two people who are comfortable enough around each other to initiate such moments. Some viewers will always interpret the scenes in a shallow way - i.e. KJK moved his head? He must not desire the gesture, KJK softly smiled ? Aw, he must be shy -, while some others will fabricate scenarios that aren't there - i.e. KJK points at the floor, the empty space where whoever is about to join him in dancing will stand, but whatever, let's unleash our wild imagination lol
  23. Good morning/evening all! And how can't they be good when it seems like we are back to the wholesome, old Spartace content we all love? In other words, their interactions at the fringes when they aren't the focus of the show or the indirect signs of their bond which may be missed if we blink, but blind us with their self-evidency the moment we notice them. I am obviously referring to the latest intimate moment caught and zoomed in by the eagle eyes of this shipdom, as well as KJK's jigsaw drawing in the previous episode. Regarding the first moment, it confirms that Spartace interaction which is unrelated to the games, and therefore counts as stronger evidence of their relationship, never really ceased to exist and has probably just been edited out. It would have been different if whatever skinship/interaction was a direct result of a game teaming up, a win or an accomplished task (i.e. a choreography performed right), as in all these cases the interaction could as well be an one time occurence, until they found themselves again in a similar situation. However, this kind of casual interaction - a clear invasion of personal space with mutual playfulness - is something that only occurs naturally, it's a habit, a showcase of how two people usually react around each other, and therefore it's highly unlikely it doesn't happen often, especially when taking into account the long hours the shootings last. No matter how determined and good a celebrity is in hiding such moments from the public eye, within the endless succession of games, gags and everything else going on, something will always slip. Obviously, every Spartace related scene is dear, including intentional teasing in front of the cameras or expected group hugs after victories, but we can all agree for the umpteenth time that it's those seemingly "unneeded" details which have been consistent only with Spartace that make the difference. I'd like to quickly mention here that I was surprised to read JSM's name coming up in relation to KJK, cause - once again - when watching the scenes unperturbed by fandom's theories, fears and wishful thinking, I didn't see anything that could be described as remotely romantic, quite the contrary. This type of interpretations, where even a mere pat after a success is read exclusively under a pink spotlight, reminds me of similar Spartace related cases I see highlighted in fanvideos, in which being in each other's view for a few seconds apparently counts for intense staring with undeniable romantic intentions lol To close this, I agree with those that said before me that, at any case, SJH wouldn't invade KJK's personal space in that manner in front of his significant other. Only way for this to be done right in front of a legitimate girlfriend is if a scene is scripted - obviously not the case, we are even lucky fans pulled out their magnifying glass and caught them - or if the person is a relative. And no, the supposed "siblings" relationship doesn't count, not because one can't share some level of intimacy with their sisterly friend when they are both dating someone else, but because I seriously doubt two people in their 30s became suddenly "found family" in their work environment as if either of them was in need of one. These type of relationships are usually formed when people are younger. All the rest "close friends" will still keep a minimum of distance instead of playfully touching and leaning in so close while being physically unprovoked, right before a significant other, unless they are equally close to both of them - again not the case. So, I encourage everyone to take JSM/KJK for what it is, aka a healthy relationship between colleagues. Anyway, I thought I'd be brief yet I wasn't, but other than that I'd like to add that I really enjoy seeing JSM, the girl dares to tarnish her image and tries hard, she doesn't deserve the comments I read against her on places like IG etc. Regarding the jigsaw picture, I think that this has been the most meaningful Spartace sign in a while, topping other Spartace-heavy scenes which though were intentionally played as a loveline ( to clarify, with or without romantic undertones, whenever I use the term loveline, I don't automatically assume the relationship doesn't extend into real life). If KJK had to draw only 2-3 people, I could attribute his choice to statistics, but there were 8 different people to choose from, without any differentiation in terms of concept or sketching difficulty (aka apart from himself, they were all just jigsaws) that would favour one character over the others. You can try to draw too several of your friends under the same concept, chances are you will start either with yourself or with those who are the closest to you. You will do it without any prior inner debate, your hand will just follow your thought, because thinking of ourselves or those we mostly relate to comes naturally. Unsurprisingly, KJK starts deliberately drawing SJH, he doesn't even pick Haha first, his dongsaeng since the early 2000s, his Big Picture buddy, his business partner. No, he picks SJH who is a good friend yes, but whose habit of sending coffee trucks to colleagues he only heard from others....LOL You get the drift. Actually, when it comes to KJK's various quotes that blatantly scream coyness (I'd use another word, but let's stay modest), I have been watching a lot of previous RM & BP episodes, as well as reading past news, and there's a lot I want to point out about Spartace. I had started listing them in this post, until it turned out too long even for myself. Since there's no reason for me to rush and type everything as if I won't be visiting the forum again, I've opted to erase most of my analysis and include it in my next posts. It revolves around moments you have discussed many times before, so I fully understand if my input will be just stating the obvious to you and may not be as interesting anymore. I left below only a general POV on fandoms and their function, so buckle up, it will again end up a long read. Because I use a few arguments from several weeks ago (I have been going back and reading everyone's opinions), I'm putting it under the spoiler tag so anyone can just skip it and save themselves from a very wordy segment. As always, thanks in advance whoever "suffers" through it. I'm closing this post with a question, is anyone aware of any SA fanvids set to the song "Invitation" by Uhm Jung Hwa? I'm surprised I haven't found a single one considering it was officially used in a Spartace scene, while the lyrics - omg the lyrics - fit so well a fictional depiction of SA during the early years of RM. As always, to everyone reporting SA related news, a big thank you.
  24. Hello everyone! I am a new fan of Spartace (I only started supporting them a month ago) from Europe. I'm relatively new to Running Man as well since I only found out about the show this spring - Korean TV and music aren't popular in my country. I've been lurking daily in these fora, hence I decided to finally make an account and join my voice with fellow shippers in Spartace appreciation and support. I admit I'm on the fence regarding the true nature of KJK and SJH's relationship - whether it is/was romantic or platonic - as I tend to rationalize everything and sometimes adopt a cynical approach to matters, even more so when they are related to strictly controlled entertainment industries. Plus I'm way past my teenhood, so I guess I'm slightly jaded nowadays . Nevertheless, I do share your hope for them being/becoming an item and wish the best for them individually regardless of their status. I have been watching RM episodes with a friend of mine - more so, I'm obsessed with the show and KJK, and he suffers through my obsession, even though he does find RM entertaining. I'm saying this to emphasize that he is neither a Spartace shipper, nor cares about whom KJK dates. Yet, from the evidence I've shown him, he is convinced that KJK and SJH are or once were a couple. In fact, he is more positive on it than I am, I'm the doubtful one who sometimes tries to disprove it - all in good will of course. Among other things, he has pointed out to me that there have been periods of RM during which they had similar haircolour, a habit of couples who try to synch up their styles. Moreover, moments such as the escalator hand holding have made an impression on him, as he insists that, unless there's a camera before them, that's not the way friends or colleagues hold each other. All of you have probably discussed the above numerous times, I'm merely bringing it up instead of posting my opinion because this is coming from a close to KJK's age male's standpoint, rather than a fangirl's biased angle. Also, I'd like to share my view on the current topics of interest within the fandom. Regarding JSM, I believe it's obvious her relationship to KJK is that of a friend and co-worker. Had I not read people's worries, it would have never crossed my mind that there might be something more between them just by watching RM. For me, so far at least, the boom of this ship is a classic case of over-analyzing combined with group mentality; the PD decided to promote a new line between cast members - as they have done many times in the past, you guys know both romantic and non-romantic pairs on RM better than me - so people are now more alerted and prone to interpreting the slightest interaction in a predetermined way. And because we're all in a fandom, everytime someone shares their rational POV or anxiety-ridden thoughts, the impact on the rest is a given. Take me as an example, like I said I had never even thought of the possibility of this ship while watching RM and here I am now feeling the need to comment on it. Imagine what I'd say if I was already positively/negatively inclined towards JSM x KJK. To be fair, the same can be said about Spartace whenever they've been flirty on RM. However, where Spartace differs from other love lines/sibling lines/whatever is in the subtle on camera interactions when they are not the center of attention, as well as in certain moments outside of RM. To wrap the JSM topic up, allow me to say that in the improbable case an actual love line began in RM despite the apparent, current siblings line, that would most certainly be a scripted one, on the path that Monday Couple paved. Perhaps my reaction to MC is influenced by the fact I'm watching the old episodes now that its fandom hype has faded out, but that romance was so obviously played out for the needs of the show using every stereotype available, that it sort of baffles me how it attracted so many shippers who were genuinely convinced they were a real life couple. My forementioned friend dislikes their romantic interactions because their chemistry looks fake to him. To clarify, I don't share his sentiment, even though I'd never ship MC, I think they were an entertaining aspect of the show. Regarding the lack of Spartace interaction/teasing in the recent episodes, I cannot guess the deepest reasons behind it, several possibilities have already been mentioned by others. What I do believe though is that any changes are a clear direction decided by the PD and have little to nothing to do with their actual relationship, no matter its nature. In other words, in case SA are actually romantically involved, any distance between them on camera is unlikely to reflect internal/previous conflicts. What fans often seem to forget is that a) the cast is bounded by contracts and b) they are used to doing this type of shows. A good portion of the - already edited - content that we watch, even when it isn't strictly scripted, is still built up within the frame of certain agreed-on roles and concepts. No one would let personal fall outs to disrupt their very work, especially when they aren't rookies in handling their emotions on camera. Again to be fair - and with no intention of disheartening anyone - the same applies whenever we see for example an overly shy reaction that favours our preferred ships, because chances are it was an intended one. Anyway, bottom line is, if Spartace are indeed a real life couple, then lack of flirting or standing side by side throughout the episodes doesn't mean clouds in their relationship. In case SA are only close friends, again the lack of aired interaction - it's important to always keep in mind the episodes are edited and subtle moments that would mean the world to shippers may have not made it to the final cut - doesn't equal a shift in their relationship. Whether the sudden stop of the members teasing SA is due to PD deciding to halt the love line or due to either of SA dating a third party or whatever, there's no reason for the cause to have a big impact on their actual friendship. A change in PD's plans is just a change in PD's plans, it doesn't define 9 year old friendships. What about vice versa, does a change in a 9 year old friendship influence PD's plans? It could only if something drastic happened, otherwise both KJK and SJH have contracts to abide to. As for the "new gf/bf scenario", again there's no reason for their friendship to be affected, please correct me if I'm wrong but the proof of their closeness dates back to when Ji Hyo was indeed in a confirmed relationship (and I believe this applies to KJK too, but his claims of being single and how much of it has actually been true through the years is a whole other topic). However, one thought I am leaning towards the more this lack of highlighted SA continues is that the suggested scenario of them embracing a love line on RM in order to ease the fans into their relationship, so that any future announcements are well received, is less likely to apply anymore. Either they attempted that (in collab with the PD who would want to use them to spike the ratings anyway) but it didn't bear the fruits they hoped for, or that was never their intention to begin with. Of course this will only hold some truth if in the following weeks/months SA doesn't revert to its previous blooming phase. And again, I can't stretch this enough, this possible explanation is only in reference to how they handle their relationship on camera and in line with PD's directions, it has nothing to do with the relationship itself, romantic or platonic. I'd like to close this sheet of words with a little request. I'm interested in reading fanfiction of SA on platforms that don't require an account to read/review (like AO3). So, if you have any suggestions of good fics, I'll happily check them out in my free time. I only have two requirements, if possible, the author to be fluent in English (or the fic to have been beta'd by someone fluent in English) and the story not to be very fluffy or lovey/family themed. An example of a fic I read and liked is "Never Be Without" by canoodler on AO3 (highly recommended to anyone that hasn't read it yet and has no problem with DDLG themes). Thanks in advance to whoever might suggest me anything. Also if any of you made it to the end of this post, thank you for your patience. I look forward to sharing the Spartace love with everyone and I'm generally optimistic we'll soon get more wonderful interactions to revel in P.S. If anyone of you misses KJK's pre-2012 hairstyle/wardrobe, please talk to me lmao
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