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  1. I thought there was no doubt Haha says love line and not "in love", since love line is an English phrase, at least those of us who don't know Korean, can make that one out clearly. Chul Min repeats right after "love line?". I even saw people, who apparently speak Korean, transcribing the dialogue on IG and they used the words "love line". This is why I asked - in case anyone more accustomed to Korean TV than I am knew - whether love line strictly refers to an on screen romance or it can be used interchangeably with "in love" as a general term. I think there's a difference, it just isn't related to Spartace per se, but to JSM's perspective when referring to Spartace. She might have actually meant that if it's the show's lovelines they were talking about , Spartace should qualify more than her and JSJ, considering that until a couple of months ago Spartace was under a romantic spotlight on screen. If this scene had happened back in February, we would have probably added JSM's question to the long list of teasing remarks coming from the RM members. It draws additional attention now because it comes during an apparent pause of the supposed love line, while Spartace are reversed to their usual intimate interaction in the sidelines. Also the fact that her covering her mouth doesn't come right after she blurts out Spartace names, instead there's a 2 seconds interval, means that this gesture might have indeed been a reaction to the members teasing JSJ about a loveline with her. It ties up well with how casually she asks about Spartace, she does it so naturally because SA being the show's couple is the expected answer. So I have my doubts she was attempting to cover a tongue slip. Obviously, this interpretation doesn't affect Spartace's status as a real couple, I just feel the need to emphasize this in case anyone reads my post and jumps to the illogical conclusion that if JSM had the SA loveline in mind, then SA are a fake couple. SA romance on and off screen aren't mutually exclusive, over the years there has been an abundance of evidence to support the latter and as for the former, the PDs would want to exploit it regardless.
  2. I need to ask something regarding the bus scene, is there a difference between saying that two people are in love , as the subtitles read, and two people are in a love line, as they're apparently saying? Or can they use the two sentences interchangeably? Because in my head there is a difference, I thought the term love line had to do with on screen romances regardless of their actual status, but I am not Korean. I'm asking in case JSM is suggesting that the two people in a love line are KJK and SJH (instead of her and JSJ) and her covering of the mouth is due to JSJ unfastening his seatbelt (which would lead to JSJ's accepting the implication he is in a love line with her). To clarify, this doesn't affect the romantic nature of Spartace, I'm just trying to understand from what perspective JSM asked about Spartace, the show's or in general.
  3. Don't fall for publicity stunts. Both the show & the sites that will reproduce its content will do anything to create more buzz and romanticize even a casual conversation between friends/colleagues. Also, the people involved don't just blurt out questionable invitations and "jokes" without restraint, they knowingly do it because they expect fans to question them. Even the fact JSM got a call was pre-arranged, as it always is in these edited entertainment shows, except if anyone seriously believes all these busy celebrities are just randomly called out of the blue and set up in any kind of situation, including romance with people they hardly know. They wouldn't plan out this little skit without knowing whether she was available to respond, people joining such shows - via physical presence, phone, web call etc. - are all informed. And that doesn't go only for JSM, I believe for example the call to SJH back during Big Picture LIVE was also pre-arranged to an extent, so it isn't my bias clouding my reasoning right now. About KJK, first of all his denying anything tells me very little, cause, per his admission, he would deny any romantic involvement regardless if real or not. What's important is the way he (and others, like Haha here) goes about it each time and whether enough evidence with the female in question have been found outside of the camera focus, in a BTS environment, in hints unintentionally given by close friends and family etc. There's no such case here. Secondly and more importantly, everyone and their mother know how private KJK is and has been like this for over two decades. Therefore, it is absolutely naive to think that his significant other, no matter who that might be, would so carelessly drop hints and expose him over a phone call, while various people would also be listening and while everything would be taking place during the shooting of a match-making segment for a TV show. If that was the case, he would have been caught red handed ages ago. If the shipdom has to really implicate JSM, I suggest focusing on that possible tongue slip during the bus drive and her immediate mouth covering that fellow fans brought to our attention. Can anyone who knows Korean confirm that she is mentioning KJK's name followed by "oppa" and consequently the translation is wrong? Because I too hear his name, but that could as well happen due to the language barrier and my being suggestable after reading others' impressions.
  4. KJK promoting the event all Spartace shippers are waiting for - actually the first one of them, there are a few this summer lol I'm wondering what items he and Ji Hyo will be donating.
  5. I'm sorry, I am a bit confused, 10th anniversary? Didn't RM begin in summer of 2010, so this summer it completes 9 years? I even read "9th anniversary" on, however, English sites. Or is it a matter of different counting method used, similar to how age is estimated in Korea? In this case, just for clarification, I meant that I expected RM to finish next year, celebrating a decade, however now with everything happening I feel there's a chance of this upcoming event being a herald of RM's ending.
  6. Do you guys think that all this news about their undertaking more projects (= their weekly schedule turning busier), celebrating the 9 years of RM with a fan meeting first time in Korea and working hard on it so that everything presented will have their personal signatures, announcing plans such as marriage for the following year (assuming said plans aren't just a buzz generating talk based on an honest wish, if SA is real, as long as RM is airing, they cannot officialise their relationship) may indicate RM is coming to an end relatively soon? I hoped that, perhaps, RM would complete its course in its 10th year, commemorating a decade of awesomeness with 500 episodes or so, but this is more like wishful thinking based on nothing solid but how nice rounding things up seems. And now I'm not sure, does anyone know what's the fandom's consensus/general feeling over this?
  7. And thus, after today's episode, a new moment is added to domestic SA! I got these screencaps from @between7and9 on twitter, I just placed them in one frame. So credit for grouping them up goes to them. In this episode, once again, SA are sitting/standing side by side, chatting/smiling at each other, teaming up and casually hugging when winning, but more importantly, they are spending their off-games time together, in each other's comfort while standing out from the rest. And this is where this couple shines while others pale.
  8. ^^ Look at him feeling at ease between his favourites, in both sitting and horizontal positions lmao
  9. I noticed this a bit late, good thing the fandom already celebrates it with 12k+ views. I don't think KJK intended to hold her hand, but rather beckon her to stand back/by his side. It's a gesture done instinctively, usually by those who assume a protective/leading/controlling role over others, quite common between couples. It also aligns with the behaviour KJK consistently exhibits towards SJH, he keeps guiding her using his body language which results in many cases of seemingly unnecessary skinship. I'm referring to all those - often hard to notice exactly cause they are not intended for entertaining the audience - moments when his touching her (or his intention to do so) isn't directly linked to the games. Not that SA hugs after victories or interlocking hands during physical activities aren't enjoyable, they hold their own importance, however this constant skinship at the sidelines when it's clearly unneeded is where the juice is at. I'm sure everyone remembers the elevator scene where his instinct to show her the way out intercedes , so he gently grabs her by the forearm, as if she wouldn't be the next one to exit either way. This hand gesture below belongs to the same category, unless it's a random stretch for no apparent reason, he is spontaneously guiding her again. Can this occur between good friends? I suppose but I highly doubt it does with such frequency. I have close male friends, I feel comfortable around them, we have shared the same bed and they have stood up for me when it was needed. That's the key phrase, "when needed". They don't try to direct my steps, I don't stand behind them just cause they are males, their loving gestures towards me don't overlap with romantic ones. KJK's behaviour towards SJH resembles more that of a protective boyfriend, who perhaps bears a slightly traditional/conservative mindset or originates from such a cultural background, or both. We do see such gestures directed from older siblings to younger ones as well - I still instinctively reach my sister's hand when we are about to cross a highway, despite both of us being adults. However sisterly bonds don't just develop at one's 30s, the age SA were when their friendship began blooming, unless a traumatic experience intervenes (not the case with SA's almost firing, as their questionable moments started way before 2016). It's one thing being close to a guy as a friend and as a part of a larger, tight knit "family" in a working environment, and another having your male friend repeatedly undertaking the role of the protective, older brother/boyfriend exclusively towards you, even in instances it seems redundant, as if SJH was in need of one. To avoid misunderstandings, I don't reject at all the idea of SA being only good friends, I just believe the plethora of moments like the one above indicate a much simpler explanation
  10. Preview images of the upcoming episode under the spoiler tag, they are playing with the baby face app.
  11. Has SJH attended festivals/events in Pohang as a guest in the recent years? I searched but didn't find anything - though that may be largely due to my lack of Korean media knowledge. Although not 100% indicative, I think that if it's her first time joining in the recent years - hence she's credited as a "special guest" - then it further reinforces the argument that SJH's presence is linked to Big Picture and Kim Jong Kook personally. Regardless, here's to hoping for on stage SA interaction - I honestly don't see such an opportunity getting passed, even if it has nothing to do with SJH performing too - and fan photos/videos revealing what the event cameras may miss. And above all, SA happy and everyone having a good time
  12. ^^ Needs a gif from the grunting in MUD as a follow-up.
  13. Yes JSM extends her arm towards the general direction of SA just as they're having their close moment, but considering how fast everything occurs and how thoroughly edited it is, it's impossible to tell whether her move is addressed to SA and it's a follow-up of a cut scene where the rest members refer to SA or not. Four of them are clearly watching SA's interaction though just as JSJ beckons KJK to take a seat. However delusional it may be, if the production wanted to create some buzz, they succeeded, because that brief, general shot of everyone doesn't really serve another purpose better than validating the SA shippers. On the other hand, I can think of two explanations, which conclude to the same result despite being polar opposites, indicative of how futile overanalyzing a short, heavily edited scene often is. We are assuming that most of the SA interaction during that scene seems edited out, suspiciously leaving behind only one fleeting moment, but what if the interaction wasn't long to begin with? In this case, there's no real question as to why three seconds of playfulness made it to the final version, especially if the blurry, general shot was the most "innocent" one of those available. OR, on the contrary, what if there were several, consecutive SA moments, that no matter how much content was mixed around or edited out, something small would still slip, assuming again that the production wanted to keep the transition to JSJ/KJK's turn in the game and not scrap it completely. In both the above explanations, the decisive factor is the same, aka damage control, however the facts and parameters differ substantially. Focusing on what our eyes can see, an undisputed intimate moment, is what really matters in the end (it goes without saying that harmless theorizing and fantasizing are always welcome). Another detail to be noted is the overall vibe during that word game. Let's say some game partners aren't sticking together to the best of their abilities, at times I would have doubted whom SJH was paired up with, had the production not provided them with shirts of different colours to separate the teams - excuse the bold, I suddenly felt an urge to emphasize that it's the show and not some sort of emotional revelation that dresses KJK in pastels . Regarding SJH and KJK sharing food during the preparations for the Avengers photoshoot, I think that there's a chance they did based on their physical proximity. However LKS & YSC are also shown enjoying snacks, therefore it is impossible to guess who offered her a treat, she may as well have had her own light meal. That segment is heavily edited, literally people disappear and reappear in different spots with every switch in camera angle. Still, in at least two occasions of what was broadcast, SA sort of loiter behind each other, whenever one of them is getting make up on while the other is on a stand by. I am going to be my own devil's advocate and point out how the room is rather small and overcrowded, raising the chances of two people being caught in the same frame. Nevertheless, it's a little observation worthy of mentioning. Unrelated to the latest episode, I showed the friend I watch RM with SJH's recent photos from her departure for Bangkok. A little reminder, he is aware of SA, but he is not a shipper and stays completely uninvolved with the fandom and our theories, unless I link him something specific. I sent him the photos without making the slightest comment, in order to avoid leading him on. Upon seeing them, the only thing he asked me was whether KJK was SJH's personal stylist now I know it's insignificant, but it's self-reassuring when unbiased people notice the similarities and confirm your suspicions. I was the sceptic attributing everything to comfort when travelling lol
  14. I think using the argument that KJK moved his head as a negative reaction to SJH's playful approach could only make sense in the mind of an imbecile. Whenever someone unexpectedly leans into your face in such proximity, it's almost an instinctive reaction to crane your head back. No matter who that someone is, even your own parent. There's the startling factor to be taken into account, however it isn't the only one. Angling your head also gives you a better view of what the person in front of you is doing, you observe them better. And, again, it's an instinctive motion. Yet it doesn't stop here, as it has been pointed out, this is not the exact sequence of the events, the video has been edited - in fact it isn't just JSM who has moved away from YJS, but also LKS, the order of that line they're forming has changed completely. With that in mind, there's no way of knowing the context of SJH's playful approach or how long it lasted and, in other words, whether KJK's head motion was actually a part of the whole playfulness too (i.e. how a tsundere would react to someone teasing them, or how someone would smugly refuse to answer a cheeky question etc.). Besides, I agree that KJK doesn't change his posture at all, he accepts the contact. But let's entertain the idea of the negative reaction. There are the following cases: 1) SA are dating. I don't need to explain how irrational suggesting he had a negative reaction towards his girlfriend then is. Besides, we have already seen them having a harmless argument in the roulette episode and this moment is the polar opposite of that. 2) SA are only close friends. Then there's no reason for any negativity between them, SJH teased her friend, KJK instinctively tilted his head half an inch as anyone would do, they continued touching and smiling the next minutes. 3) One person chooses to make her flirtatious advance in front of the cameras , the other rejects it with a head motion. This is actually the only case this reaction can count as a negative one. Now, apply this to KJK and SJH, two private people who have been close and supportive of each other for almost a decade and who casually interact and laugh through the rest scenes. With that in mind, insert their names in the first sentence of this paragraph and realise how ridiculous it sounds. We are reading too much into a scene which is self-explanatory; a sweet moment between two people who are comfortable enough around each other to initiate such moments. Some viewers will always interpret the scenes in a shallow way - i.e. KJK moved his head? He must not desire the gesture, KJK softly smiled ? Aw, he must be shy -, while some others will fabricate scenarios that aren't there - i.e. KJK points at the floor, the empty space where whoever is about to join him in dancing will stand, but whatever, let's unleash our wild imagination lol
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