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  1. Just popping in to say that what made an impression on me - maybe cause that's what I kept noticing first in all the SJH clips from the latest episode - was how SJH wore her white socks over her pants. I don't know if this is a trend in S.Korea and what stylists generally recommend, but in RM KJK is the only one frequently wearing his long pants tucked in his socks. I remember I didn't find it a nice choice the first time I saw him, but I was so pleasantly surprised when I saw earlier today SJH naturally following his fashion steps. Not the first time this is happening, but I feel in this case it is a bit too obvious because this way of styling is a very KJK thing to do.
  2. A photo from today's filming. SJH and KJK at the back with HH. Not sure who is the original uploader, perhaps more photos like this, taken from better angles, will surface.
  3. Birthday greeting from KJK, SJH, HH, JSJ and YJS, to Lee Jeong Hoon's daughter. Apart from the sweetness of this gesture and the joy of seeing those 5 together, I'd like to point out how we wouldn't know SJH was with them the entire time, had HH not turned the camera towards her. Usually, she isn't the first person to jump right in front of the lens, so imagine all the times she has actually been there when a BTS photo/video of KJK and others is taken.
  4. Yes, exactly, he was in the premiere of "Code Name: Jackal", and by the time of DB, he had already appeared 3 times on RM, twice as a guest (44-45) and once briefly during ep 42 because he was filming in the same location as RM. He even said he saw the rest members upstairs. So I think it's a matter of getting lost in translation here, because lying would be such a stretch, it would create more suspicions than actually covering anything. ctto First SA scenes from today's episode:
  5. Welcome @kook_mong ! Hopefully more Spartace fans will follow your example and leap from longtime lurkers to active posters. It's always nice exchanging opinions and seeing the community keep going strong @carambsk I had to take my own screenshots and place them side by side for comparison, because a quick search online turned out fruitless. Episodes 212 and 213 respectively. Also, I am not sure which words of Jang Hyuk made you slightly doubtful, could you elaborate? If anything, the mention of SJH finding him asleep outside of his hotel room at the 2013 MAMA awards, and subsequently telling KJK, sort of correlates with what Haha teasingly "revealed" in Big Picture about her also being drunk , mixing up the hotel rooms and ending up at KJK's during the same awards. Even if this is not what exactly happened, it's still interesting how the stories fall in line and we are clued in about their staying on the same floor, enjoying their booze at the after-party and possibly having some late night encounters. Perhaps the English subtitles are misleading, but in the Dragon Brothers episode when KJK says what SJH told him, present tense is used "Hyuk is sleeping in front of the room", which hints at SJH indeed meeting/being with KJK on the way to her room (or around the corridors anyway). Again, this could just be the translation of the caption and Haha might have been mostly joking, but all these references to the specific Awards do raise suspicions, especially if we combine them with how close Spartace looked throughout their presentation. At the same time, Hyuk mentioning he hasn't met Ji Hyo before is either another subtitle-induced deception (whereas he meant he didn't meet her that night, which he wouldn't remember anyway if he had passed out) or a flat lie. Regardless, I'd never expect any of them to deviate from KJK's firm claims of bachelorhood and provide us with Spartace evidence. Exactly because the show was marketed as a long overdue vacation with candid moments of bromance, a big slip-up there would hold considerable weight compared to Haha's hints during comedy segments. Not to mention anything too risky to air has been obviously edited out.
  6. I "hate" my babbler self right now because I've started this hours ago (I was at the office, so I could only steal a few minutes each time) and still I failed to talk about SJH & the latest Spartace scene. Anyway, here it goes: 1) - The common practice in Korean entertainment industry is to officially announce when the relationship is stabilised or when marriage is among the future plans. Therefore - and unlike the norms in the West - a lot of celebrities don't reveal casual relationships or, when it comes to serious ones, they still keep the first months/years hidden until the official commitment. - KJK has concealed everything about his love life for over two decades and will continue, per his admission, to do so until he is one step before the altar. - Work related reasons always delay marriages. In an older interview, SJH had expressed her desire to focus on her career and that she wasn't in a rush to get married. Moreover, in an episode of RM, she had given us an insight into her stance towards marriage, by pretty much admitting she wouldn't be in RM anymore if she had been married. She didn't even round her words like this, she actually said "I'd be one man's wife." Sadly, this is a reality in the conservative world she works, often female celebrities bear the cost of having a new family. - Although it's more unclear in KJK's case, because he has long now maintained his fervid longing for marriage, I wouldn't rule out career oriented reasons. I don't doubt his sincerity in regards to creating his own family, but I feel the exaggerated zeal he exhibits along with his inability to find "the one" are all part of his public image. I think he would rather proceed in his own pace and said pace doesn't necessarily align with the pressure from the media & the wishful thinking of the fanbase. The truth is this public image creates buzz as well as lands him new projects. Half KJK's career revolves around reality TV. He wouldn't have participated in Ding Ge Long Dong Qiang if he had a public girlfriend. He wouldn't be in My Ugly Duckling if he wasn't single, which further means that committing to this show postpones any marriage arrangements to a later date. (It's worth mentioning that both the existence of Monday Couple and SJH's obligations in WAIL during 2016 have also contributed to the overall delay.) - Personal reasons related to health issues, family members, financial investments etc. always influence a couple's decisions and we would have no way of knowing any of them. - The biggest obstacle, however, has always been RM. An open relationship in the show would completely change the dynamics and eventually jeopardise its future. The following are KJK's own words in regards to MC dating (the question was for SJH btw, but he playfully shoved her and told her to be quiet) : "In fact, as much as they want to go on a serious date, because of the programme, RM will face a risk of cancellation, so isn't it better they stay this way?". When KJK himself bluntly brings the factor "cancellation" onto the table, what's more to wonder? It's plain obvious that if Spartace are indeed a couple, they will have to first disengage from their RM contracts and then proceed with public announcements. Now, why would they seemingly prioritise this show over their personal life? Firstly, we don't know what breaking a contract with a channel like SBS entails. When KG left RM, it was to focus on his music career and be able to start his own family, as a matter of fact he vanished from the TV. However, KG isn't the TV entertainer that KJK is. In this demanding & contolling industry, we don't know the impact a premature departure would have on his career. This is the same man who, in reference to his health problems and how they impeded his place in the show, confessed "But I knew that if I gave this up, I wouldn't be invited to appear on other programmes." And he said this at a time he was already a well established singer and an internationally acclaimed variety star. Secondly, we don't know anything about the negotiations and offers made back when Nam PD approached KJK first with the proposal to continue the show. We are not aware of the old and new parameters added to their contracts. It was an opportunity back then for them to finish the show and, ideally, focus on their private life/rest projects, yet they discarded it and it's naive to believe they would agree on continuing RM solely out of sheer love for it, without their decision being beneficial for their life/careers too, possibly outweighing any drawbacks. That said, thirdly, loyatly and gratitude towards the rest RM members as well as their devoted fans - who supported them throughout their entire mistreatment in late 2016 - would play a role in their seeing RM to the end, rather than leaving early. Lastly, for all the reasons I mentioned previously, perhaps their personal goals and needs coordinate with staying in RM better than the fans think. Thus, they have accepted the price of not disclosing their relationship as long as RM is still airing. In relation to their age and their ability to have a big family, which is often brought up by fans in disbelief via questions like "Shouldn't they have got married by now? They are not getting any younger", everyone should keep in mind there are treatments and methods (i.e. freezing eggs) that people around the world use extensively, especially if their economic status permits it. So I don't think a reasonable marriage delay would create serious problems on that front either. Assuming of course SJH wants to have kids in the first place (I know she has previously said she'd like to have 3-4, but I tend to be cautious with whatever is said when addressing to a not so progressive audience). The combination of all the above is my reasoning as to why KJK & SJH haven't been public about their love life yet, whether they are in a relationship with each other or someone else. I do think it's a rather interesting "coincidence" how, throughout the last 7 years of RM, we eventually got dating/marriage/pregnancy news about every single member of the old gang (including SJK and KG) except for those two. 2) For a while I was asking myself the same questions, because at first the possible backlash looked in my mind way too challenging to handle. Until my friend pointed out to me two simple facts: - Everyone has been anticipating KJK's "good news" for so many years, that the happiness and relief spread to the fans when he finally announces his marriage will quickly overshadow any bitter minority. The majority won't say "Yes, but in X interview X years ago, you claimed you were family", they just won't care if two people at their 40s used to say they can't date. Koreans have a lot of other, more serious scandals to rant about. - Does anyone hate Kang Gary? He and SJH successfully played the TV couple for years and, as proven eventually, a good portion of that period he was involved with someone else. His sudden marriage and wife's pregnancy took everyone by surprise, even if the news left a lot of fans heartbroken at the time, what's the general consensus now? Adding to the above, SJH's fans will similarly support her as, to my understanding, the objections to Spartace were more about her involvement in yet another love line after MC with whatever this includes (scripted skits, obsessed fans etc.), rather than Spartace as an actual couple. Moreover, I think the Korean fanbase is accustomed to celebrities using similar excuses to hide their relationships. Besides there's a difference between fans learning the truth about their bias through rumours, gossip articles, paparazzi photos & videos and celebrities (agencies) themselves announcing. Lastly, if they really have to defend themselves to fend off any negative response to their "lies", there are various justifications to utilise; from saying they had to put their work first to claiming they recently decided to give romance a shot. They would never admit they're together since 2013 anyway and, like all celebrities, they have probably accepted there will always be some frustrated fans, no matter what they do.
  7. I'm not less of a newbie than you are, I only started watching RM this past April. I just have consumed a lot of content in a short time lol 2) James “Tiny” Kim is an old friend of KJK who lives in Koreatown, LA. They certainly are very close, as they both keep visiting each other in LA and Korea respectively. Just like you mention, Tiny seems to single out SJH whenever he is at the set of RM, he consistently takes photos with her, always having something nice or funny to share about his "sister", something that he doesn't do with the rest members as frequently. Also, I find it slightly suspicious how KJK is rarely pictured in said photos. Ask yourself, if you have been introduced to a nice person through your best friend, and you all have ended up sharing an amicable relationship with absolutely nothing hidden, wouldn't you take photos with both of them considering you visit their common workplace fairly often? Certainly not every single time you do, but at least sometimes ? With the exception of some earlier pictures, the only relatively recent photo that Tiny uploaded featuring both SJH & KJK was the one taken last December in the snowy scenery, at a time the shift towards the Spartace love line had already been decided - so, in the weeks/months to come, they would always have that as a justification. Moreover, the fact that Tiny's closeness to SJH has remained unchanged through the years reinforces the idea that, if Spartace once were lovers, they haven't broken up and still are. 1) Firstly, let me say I had wondered this myself. Now, I am not really an avid fan of SJH (perhaps other people are more familiar with her projects and scheduled appearances) but indeed KJK's much anticipated solo concerts collided with the period she was intensively shooting "Daughter". I remember members here mentioning that she looked tired in some episodes. Since you specifically mention the concert YJS, LKS and JSM also attended, people often overlook that everything was taking place within the boundaries of a TV show, My Ugly Duckling. I am not implying that his colleagues wouldn't honour him otherwise, but there's a big difference between concerts where guests are only captured on fancams (i.e. SJH's attending previous KJK-related events) and concerts where a full TV crew is present, dressing rooms are loaded with cameras and the final result is both scripted and edited. Working in a TV channel comes with responsibilities that transcend the needs of one show, it's a common practice for celebrities to support shows of the same network, they can be contractually obliged or, generally speaking, do it for additional cash/as a favour. Again, I'm not doubting YJS/LKS/JSM's camaraderie with KJK, but their presence in a MUD's episode was also part of business, no matter if other shippers are daydreaming. As for SJH, she has been to Turbo's concert in the past, as well as the opening of KJK & HH's restaurant, without a TV show recording her every move. If she is indeed in a relationship with KJK, I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't attend all of his concerts even when her working schedule isn't an obstacle. They are not in the beginning of their romantic liaison anymore. There's also the possibility they wanted to keep it low and avoid further rumours for a while, as that concert took place right when the heavy teasing of the love line came to an abrupt pause. But, most importantly, I think if she is indeed his lover, she will just stay backstage/pick him up after along with his entourage, and thus they'll never admit publically she was present in more concerts than we actually know. Honestly, I am the same. And I see this from older, settled-down couples too, they will both positively comment on a third person's physical traits, often in taunting mood towards each other. SJH teasing KJK about other women doesn't automatically exclude her as a bride candidate, if anything it enhances her place considering how involved she was every time she said or did something. Now, taking into account that playing along with a love line is what they are supposed to do for the needs of the show, we shouldn't expect anything less from SJH. We're actually lucky that RM has been going on for 9 years, with each episode being the product of long-lasting shooting, hence occasionally fleeting moments of Spartace unwillingness and jealousy during love lines have slipped the editors' group.
  8. Welcome here @carambsk ! It's always nice to meet new Spartace shippers and read their input I apologise in advance because I am going to disagree with some of the points you made and offer a different explanation to all of them, please be sure everything is said with good intention, if anything you're giving me (us) a chance to bring forth some arguments. For the most part, SJH teased him with herself following the loveline concept. While Haha and others have been hinting at their relationship way before the show even attempted to highlight them, and a lot of those moments aired in other shows or were taken from social media (i.e. Haha's Spartace photo to promote his wife's song, JSJ's deleting his reblogging of Spartace kiss manip) SJH initiated it in a few episodes on RM when that was the direction the show itself was taking. If they are together, this could mean two things: a) She was doing her job. Even if KJK and SJH would rather not to engage into any loveline and reveal their relationship after RM ends, they are still bound by contracts. If the concept wanted one of them more active in the loveline while the other would be shying away, exactly because these behaviours align better with the roles they already play in the show (imagine KJK happily endorsing every flirty situation, who would believe him?) then that's what they would do regardless if they are together or not. Moreover, it's a way for her to gain more screentime. Even though the production may discuss and develop their plans along wth them, I don't believe Spartace have much of a saying in the changes made regarding lovelines. Don't forget we are talking about a show broadcast on a channel that back in late 2016 fired them both without proper notice. b) It has been suggested by other members before, a reason why Spartace may have agreed to a more open teasing about their relationship could be exactly because we are heading closer to RM's end and the official announcement of their dating and/or marriage. It's a way of easing the audience into their reality without exposing much. In this case, I don't think it's odd that SJH occasionally embraces the loveline more comfortably than she would do in the past. Besides, as long as KJK keeps presenting himself as the single guy in pursuit of a wife and they both are very cautious with their interaction outside of RM to protect their relationship, whatever happens in the show's controlled environment right in front of the cameras won't have any negative effect on said relationship, no matter if they stand away from each other or tease themselves as a couple. So, honestly, she has no serious reason not to tease him/them if it can pass as a moment of entertainment. On the other hand, she has many reasons to be careful outside of RM, on social media, in interviews etc. First of all, this is a matter of interpretation. If SJH's reactions in the same scene look sincere to you while pretentious to someone else, there isn't a lot to be said. However, I do have one suggestion and one simple point to make. For the former, I suggest everyone who has some free time to spare, to read through @linzer03 's reviews of SA scenes on RM from 2010 to 2016, especially during the episodes where KJK was being partnered/teased with female guests. She is analysing really well SJH's reactions, even if one doesn't agree with all the observations she makes, still she sheds ample light on questionable quotes and subtle motions viewers would have ignored otherwise. Now, picking a recent moment from the top of my head, I'll say that SJH had a very - to put it politely - unapproving facial expression when JSM mentioned inside the bus how her mother's favourite is KJK. For the latter, I'd like to point out that SJH will wish KJK to find marital happiness whether she is his girlfriend or his good friend. There are two long-lasting notions that have accompanied KJK throughout his career as a singer & entertainer; his muscles/good health hype and his search for a suitable girlfriend/wife. From questions in interviews to segments in shows, the gossip always revolves around them, essentially they are a part of his on screen persona. Therefore, it's impossible for SJH and the rest not to participate whenever his love life becomes the main topic. Further suspicions would be raised if SJH appeared unwilling to contribute to the discussion by adding to the wishes shared not only by the cast, but by a whole fandom. And obviously she will sport a smile, if she is a friend because she will really mean it, if she is a lover because she will want to make it believable. Honestly, while I can understand your worries and doubts regarding your previous points, here I feel there is a problem in the rational sequence between observation and conclusion. If two celebrities are a couple who don't wish to reveal their status to the public yet, the first people I'd expect to help them and keep it a secret would be their immediate relatives. It would be shocking if KJK's mother confirmed their relationship, not only this would go against her son's wishes, but also it would beat the whole purpose of My Ugly Duckling - which revolves around older yet still single men - and the very reason she and KJK are paid for. Basing our deductions about Spartace on whether KJK's mother denied it during a very scripted show is pointless since she can't confirm it there in any case. I'm genuinely surprised you leapt to the third possibility. Also, everyone should keep in mind that despite her undoubted sweetness, KJK's mother isn't a newbie in front of the camera at all. She has been appearing on shows about her son - in short or longer segments - since his early years, she knows how to deal with questions about him. Considering how KJK has flatly stated more than once he will always deny he is in a relationship even if he trully is, the last one to deviate from this would be his own mother with whom he maintains a very close relationship. Actually, I'd say that episodes 79 & 80 of MUD when SJH guested, if evaluated thoroughly may reveal more evidence in favour of Spartace rather than against. By the way, even though it isn't very important, I'd like to say that I'm a very sceptical shipper myself. My posts here may be deceiving but I do have my own share of doubts which is though triggered by different Spartace moments/actions. It just so happens that said moments pale in comparison to the abundance of evidence we have.
  9. KJK and SJH were a loveline months ago and only for a brief time. Their closeness as well as the questionable moments in and out of RM exist since the early seasons, when neither the show, nor the media were treating them as a potential couple. The fact that at the 9th season of RM, the production decided to take advantage of their bond and the rumours that already circulated by consistently highlighting their relationship for a dozen of episodes (while in the past they had only occassionally done so) has nothing to do with whether Spartace have been lovers or not. Indeed whatever happens in RM, right in front of the cameras, serves mainly the needs of the show. The members exaggerating their reactions and SA playing along are such examples. Whether these moments are completely staged though or there's some truth behind them which extends into real life, has to be judged by taking into consideration what is happening whenever SA isn't focused on or is off camera. For example, LKS was being partnered up with every female guest and in all cases he exhibited enthusiasm like a lovestruck man. One of said cases was his current girlfriend too, their mutual attraction wasn't proven to be another fake loveline, even though at first glance it could seem so. The Monday Couple, despite the plethora of scenes and the promotion by production & cast, had no meaningful interaction outside of RM. Even their on screen moments often had to be initiated by someone else. Unless they were about to engange into a comedic/lovey-dovey skit, SJH and KG didn't give each other any special treatment (in contrast, it was always KJK the one she would lean to in the background). So I think it is unfair to compare the two ships and simply conclude that if first one was a fraud, so is the second one. Generally, I agree that lovelines are fake, but that is not solely because they happen on camera, it is cause they have no continuation behind it. Do you see the difference? Furthermore, said continuation has to be indicative of romance. Chatting in a scene's background, taking a nice photo, making a compliment or openly teasing someone on social media aren't romantic hints, but merely proofs two people are getting along well and their friendship isn't just business. Spartace have such moments in their history , and although fans treasure them and tend to fixate even on SA walking side by side, they don't rely on these scenes to validate Spartace (those not too delusional at least). I do agree that if they really have feelings for each other, then their contracts with RM have to end first before they can greet the public as a couple. KJK has said it himself in an older interview, an open romantic relationship would jeopardise the show. But this is related to how much the audience and the media know, privately they wouldn't wait for RM to end to act on their feelings as if they are shooting a teen drama, they are both around 40 and work in an industry that buries its secrets quite well. Whatever they needed to confess to each other, they have done it long ago. Whether they had an on-off relationship, whether they were only casual lovers for a short time, whether they are still together and plan to marry, everything has already happened or been decided. If nothing has happened yet, then it never will even if RM ends tomorrow, it means they only share a healthy friendship.
  10. It will be great if anyone has the moment isolated and fully subbed, and shares it here. But if you have no luck finding it, you can check out the following fanvid because it includes the scene (among others, so it's worth watching in general). The Awards moment starts at 03:35. KJK literally panics to Haha's persistent questioning. Even if they had agreed on acting it out this way, only thing they would have achieved would be to raise suspicions about someone other than JSJ. This is a very deliberate and funny translation of what was actually said: https://commanderandace.tumblr.com/post/136300064614/uri-hyung-and-nae-dongsaeng-presenting-an-award
  11. Yes, this is his response while pointing to his left where JSJ and HH are seated. Then YJS intervenes, saying "We didn't mean this late". Honestly, if HH's question and KJK's suspicious nervousness hadn't preceded this episode, I would have thought the whole thing was a funny invention to garnish his usual answers to marriage inquiries, as none of his hyungs would seriously advise him to wait. But back in the 2015 Awards, he didn't continue HH's joke, he just entered panic mode right after HH asked if the person who told him to wait is from RM. If indeed that person was JSJ, then all KJK had to do was to blurt something funny in return. If his jittery reaction was scripted, then all HH had to do was to slightly alter the question, i.e. "Is that person someone I know?". Anything really that wouldn't have already narrowed the possible answers down to the RM members. Because all they succeeded was to raise suspicions, as obviously hardly anyone would believe KJK was referring to JSJ after that reaction. About SJH's leaving her agency, I think this move just grants her more freedom to settle her plans (any kind of plans), as it happens with any freelancer in any industry. Regarding a possible wedding, why would she need more freedom to get married when others in her place didn't, the answer may be related to different aspects of each celebrity's work environment and personal reasons unknown to us. Also, if she is really in a romantic relationship with KJK, I feel that she is following his lead and didn't renew her contract, just like him. Of course, there's always the possibility she is on the lookout for a bigger agency to help her fully expand her acting career once RM ends. I read that the ratings of her latest TV drama weren't very good. I don't follow her news but if her fans insist she needs a better agency, then the reason behind her departure might be simpler than any romantic conspiracies lol In this case, I'm wondering why she would let her contract expire instead of leaving sooner, if she was really displeased, but maybe the practice is different in Korean entertainment. I would appreciate the input of anyone more familiar with how the industry operates.
  12. And this is why it is hidden content, so that anyone who doesn't want to (continue) read(ing) it, can easily skip it, as I had already mentioned. (my answer continues under tag cause it takes up space) Moving on. Honestly, I think that 9 out of 10 in this forum aren't English native speakers, so please don't worry, we all much or less know how you feel and no one is going to be judgemental English isn't my mother tongue either. Also, I understand why you singled out the specific SA scenes, the first one emanates a very fairy tale feeling, while the second one makes SJH stand out as a woman in KJK's life, considering how praised KJK is about his manners towards female co-workers and guests. Moon in Pisces also shows a very artistic nature. No wonder why KJK, despite his muscular body and intimidating role, is actually a singer, can draw very well etc. It will be interesting to know where their Venus planets are, so we can see what they ask for in a relationship and how they express themselves. Btw, I believe Gary is a Pisces as he was born on the 24th. I still haven't watched the latest episode even though it looks hella fun. So instead of reviewing it here, I'd like to share some thoughts I made last night while discussing with my friend, triggered by SJH's leaving her agency. Because they concern moments of the past, it's possible some of you have already discussed them and ended up in similar conclusions. Remember back in the 2015 SBS Entertainment Awards, when HH and KJK had the usual dialogue about the latter getting married and KJK said that he intends to but someone has told him to wait. The intros before presenting each award are scripted (or at least agreed on) and up to that point it seems that's the case with KJK & HH, until HH asks if the one who told KJK to wait is from RM, provoking a rather nervous reaction from KJK. Whether the whole thing was scripted or HH just grabbed the chance to further his teasing is debatable, however the point remains it's a very interesting moment with SA undertones. Fast forward to My Ugly Duckling, in one of KJK's earlier episodes (ep 80, SJH as a guest), he is talking about his long-lasting relationships, mentioning two and focusing, as always, on the 7-years one. He admits that he made his then partner wait too long for them to get married and that, ultimately, he was responsible for their separation. Now, I'm not an avid fan of MUD, it's too staged, however what made the biggest impression on me and - with the exception of KJK revealing on Strong Heart how his life was threatened - has touched me the most among all the things he has ever said, was the following line "It was my fault, and now I'm paying for it." His voice slightly cracks so that has enhanced the overall sentiment. In the context it is said, and considering KJK is the eternal single on a mission to find a spouse, it seems at first that he is reminiscing about the past and blames his loneliness on some "bad karma". He didn't get married when he could and now that he is ready for it, he can't find a suitable wife. However, there is another interpretation. Assuming that KJK was being honest back in 2015 and that HH's question wasn't exactly a joke (in the end they mention that JSJ was the one that advised KJK to wait, but whoever has watched the clip from the Awards can tell they were just ending their segment, brushing the truth off) and combining them with KJK's confession on MUD, his words acquire a different meaning. He is eager to take the big step , however his current partner is the one who has asked him to wait. He is "paying" for his old choices by experiencing exactly what his ex girlfriend did. Considering his current partner might have always been SJH, as HH implied back in 2015 and other evidence indicate, her departure from the agency may signal the beginning of long awaited changes in her life. Often people challenge the validity of SA by saying "but it's been so many years, would they really postpone their marriage for such a later stage?". Yes, they would, there are many legitimate reasons for them to delay regardless of how willing KJK appears on camera, and if we can speculate some of said reasons ( i.e. SJH's career ), we clearly overlook others (i.e. family or health related). One thing is certain, it will be a restless period for us, as a fandom, as we'll be waiting for SJH's next step. I haven't completely excluded the possibility she leaves RM before KJK, although I'll talk about this in another post cause this one is already turning to a sheet of words
  13. Can you lot resolve this in private? It's meaningless for the rest of us cause it's a he said/she said situation, where we are just watchers without being able to verify anything of substance and, frankly, as long as Spartace & its shippers are respected on these boards, it isn't of our concern who sees them as good friends, who sees them as a couple and what people's personal opinions on other members are. Not all of us follow the accounts you keep mentioning, not all of us are veterans knowing each Spartacer's past contribution to the fandom. If anyone has lost faith in Spartace for whatever reason and yet keeps jumping in here to offer their neutral POV, the joke will be on them in the end because their intentions differ from actual Spartacers' who favour objective and factual thinking. At the same time, enjoying JSM (or even KJK & JSM) isn't always a sign of a fan having switched sides as if we are at some peculiar fandom war. I prefer JSM to SJH as an entertainer in RM for example, what does this imply for me? Do you see where I'm going with these examples? It was enough confusing at first trying to understand whether KJK is represented by his Turbo agency or not, with two seemingly knowledgeable people contrasting each other. Now, regarding the news on SJH. Let's wait and see if she'll remain free of agents or not. Is this a common practice in Korea when celebrities decide to take a break, focus on certain aspects of their lives or have reached a level they can manage themselves? KJK being under his own label as a solo artist and entertainer means pretty much the same; he is more independent. It's interesting to see whether SJH's decision is also a step towards more independence - with all the implications this may leave for her personal life, especially as 2020 approaches (RM might be ending, KJK has included 2020 in his supposed marriage plan, SJH will be turning 40 which has been teased as a milestone etc.) - OR it's mainly the outcome of dissatisfaction in regards to the services her agency provided, as I see many of her fans pointing it out she deserves to be represented by a bigger/better one. Anyway, I haven't watched the latest episode yet, the SA clips circulating on social media are overwhelming, and so are the lobsters used as fictitious hints in delululand.
  14. My Seoul fanmeeting analysis probably won't be that interesting, but I hope I deliver lol Ad interim, it seems that the world has gone mad, I mean just now I saw Byul's post and (I'm putting the rest under spoiler tag so everyone can skip it)... Ok now back to the reason I originally jumped in here, I saw this tweet about scenes in RM insinuating jealousy on KJK's part and figured it would be a nice memory-refresh for all. Personally, I disagree that KJK was jealous during episode 445 as everything seemed part of a concept, but the rest moments are more denotative because not only they were never highlighted in the show, but also they can hardly be spotted unless fans zoom in. Also the following pics from RM shooting. SJH and KJK standing side by side in the 2nd photo (I'm mentioning this for purely aesthetic reasons, not to feed delusions). Lastly, I have a little story to share. Please don't take it as a serious juxtaposition, but rather as a metaphor my train of thoughts led me to. In one of the divorce cases appointed to our law office, filed on the grounds of adultery, the husband had maintained extramarital activities for years with a woman he had originally introduced to his wife as his expatriate cousin. In retrospect, their behaviour in front of our client had been blatantly suspicious, but at the time she was completely deceived because a) her husband had said they were family, so it had to be true and b) two reunited family members being very close, how typical, right? Funnily enough this dispute reminded me of Spartace. If that woman, despite all the evidence parading in front of her eyes, despite accessing her husband's environment and living with him, still she never doubted him, then why would RM fans doubt SA's claims of being family, right? They (we) barely know them. Anyway, as I said, I'm not seriously comparing the two cases. I mean, yeah, there are long lost cousins which are real too
  15. I have so many points to make and things to write, mostly about the Seoul fanmeeting, that I fear my post will be endless But some truths need to be said because I'm reading a lot of scenarios loaded with irrationality around the fandoms and I feel some SA fans may have started buying into nonexistent "evidence" lol In the meantime, this hasn't been shared yet, has it? Now, just because two people are sitting or standing next to each other in a line up, it doesn't mean there is something suspicious obviously, however physical proximity does give more chances for meaningful interaction, as well as actual shady moments characterised by sneaky behaviour (not just on screen smiles and hugs after performances lol) like the ones only Spartace has so far.
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