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  1. Additionally to SA riding the Nevis swing together because a) YSC and HDH were originally the ones to face the penalty and b) they feel more comfortable enjoying such activities together, another reason might have been the comparison between the two pairs that PDs wanted to highlight and thus make the episode more entertaining; the power couple vs the 2 scaredy cats. Keep in mind though SA tried the Nevis swing not once, but twice. KJK is wearing two different caps. A blue one the first time. A black one the second time, that's when they also hold hands tightly. In most of the moments used in the final cut, he's wearing the blue cap. And we can tell that's their first attempt, cause it's when they're asking questions about the ride and everything is explained to them. Considering 1) the 2nd time they took the dive is barely used in the episode - so it's not like something didn't work well the first time and they had to reshoot the scene - as well as 2) SA seem extremely happy during it, not holding onto the ropes anymore but on each other, I'd say it's possible that 2nd time was largely their decision and the hand-holding has nothing to do with the fear of a first-timer, but with sharing the excitement with the person closest to you.
  2. Continuing the random observations while waiting for any new content: I recently discussed with fellow Spartacers something I noticed while re-watching the first season of Big Picture (and probably other fans have already pointed out before I joined). Season 1 is when LKS is being secretly filmed. In one of the scenarios the staff prepared in order to deceive him and record his reactions, a young woman appears pretending to be KJK's friend (changed from girlfriend, which was the initial plan). KJK and HH auditioned three girls in order to cast the most fitting for the role. One of them was a girl called Yu Rina, her actual name. Upon hearing her name, HH turns mischievous but KJK catches immediately on the implication and stops him from further saying anything. They laugh, KJK blurts out some lame excuse to the girl who has no idea what's happening and then starts hitting HH. The most obvious explanation is that the name "Yu Rina" reminded HH of "Chae Rina", with whom KJK maintained his only known among the fans relationship back when he was a Turbo member. We can't easily find photos or articles about them, but from what we have all read, it was an "open secret" at the time and ever since their separation, KJK has never gone public with any of his subsequent relationships. However, to this day, there have been scarce references to her, albeit without citing her name; i.e. in Big Picture's 2nd season, when KJK and HH talk about ex girlfriends and the latter teases the singer about a former lover whom KJK had met on one of his shows (Chae Rina had guested in "I Can See Your Voice" which is co-hosted by KJK) and, more recently, on MUD, implied this time by Kim Hee-Chul. Anyway, here's the video (S01E79) from the audition in 2017 and the moment that I described above, it lasts less than a minute: https://www.vlive.tv/video/48971 This whole scene is strikingly similar to how they both behaved in episode 24 of "Big Picture in Vietnam" when HH teases KJK about SJH and the MAMA 2013 Awards, as well as in episode 69 of Big Picture 2 earlier the same year (2018), again while SJH is the topic. Whenever HH's taunting leaks details(?) about SA's relationship - beyond the casual jokes around a love line - KJK reacts the exact same way he does about his actual relationships, like the 7-years relationship he sometimes reminisces about (first part of episode 24) or Chae Rina. Ep 24 (important to remember ; this one comes after S02E69 and HH implies SA are pretty much still together) https://www.vlive.tv/video/95687/ S02E69 https://www.vlive.tv/video/70265 In comparison with S01E79, we notice: ~ HH becoming playful out of the blue and implying romantic relationships? checked ~ KJK immediately intervening to shush HH? checked ~ KJK forcing himself to laugh while being fired up? checked. ~ KJK trying to mend things using a lame excuse (resto name, harlequin romance)? checked ~ Kap Gin laughing hysterically? checked ~ HH getting slapped on the forehead? checked ~ KJK asking HH if he is crazy/out of his mind as if he revealed something true? checked. Literally this entire list occurs both in S01E79 and in 2018, in the parts about SJH. The main difference is that, because Spartace have been openly teased on & off RM, HH actually uses her name and mentions specific incidents, which KJK has to deny. Whereas in Chae Rina's case, KJK doesn't have to reply to anything. Usually, when KJK's name is linked to a girl, he reacts as follows: 1) He smiles/laughs but doesn't say anything or he changes the subject (so the shippers keep saying it's suspicious he didn't deny the rumour). 2) He denies the rumour in a shy or awkward way (so the shippers find his behaviour cute and don't believe him). 3) He calmly or flatly denies it. He has acted in these ways whenever HJY's name is brought up, the handful of times teased with JSM, in various moments about YEH, during short-lived "flings" with female guests and literally in every love line he has ever been, with SJH included. At points, he may swear if the rest RM members exaggerate their joking, or even appear intimidating (i.e. in YEH's dragged out case). However, to my knowledge, such immediate and intense attack paired with HH's identical way of teasing and KG's reactions have only occured in relation to SJH or his real secrets. I'm pleased every time HH mentions SA because he looks genuinely happy and supportive, however I know he is a very witty entertainer. Therefore, for long I kept in the back of my mind the possibility HH was just being HH in that BP segment about SJH & MAMA; he may have given us an important SA insight, but it could as well have been an agreed-on moment he and KJK played up for the viewers. Seeing now the strong parallelisms between the SA scenes and the references to KJK's real relationships, makes me think that HH may have actually revealed bits of truth while improvising, that KJK never expected he would bring them up, thus making his alarmed reactions genuine. Because the story with Chae Rina isn't a love line, it isn't something HH and KJK would play up for the viewers, and they seriously acted similarly when mentioning SJH.
  3. Quick throwback time for those who, like me, never noticed these before. All credits go to the Chinese fandom and @snal as indicated on the pics. Ep 365. We have all watched and revelled in the intimacy SA exhibited during this particular episode. But how many of you caught KJK's reaction to SJH's finger hearts? It's so brief that you may blink and miss it, but it's there. Considering how fast he closes his finger, is this one of those times the body responded before the mind? Ep 366. They are flipping their hands in lieu of rock-paper-scissors and those who win after every round touch/pile them up. Apart from KJK, who opts for hand-holding with one specific person. We've discussed before about his instinctive yet unnecessary and a bit possessive gestures, it's an interesting topic. When the rest win: When SA: Also, I've read all the latest posts (interesting points everyone!) and here are my two cents regarding certain topics: ~ Additionally to following PDs' directions, often celebrities have to promote sister/same network shows, there may be such conditions in their contracts. Wondering whether SJH's (and other RM members') guesting on MUD is an indication they are dating or, vice versa, proof they aren't, as they should be avoiding uncomfortable situations, is really just scratching the surface of the matter. ~ The format of MUD requires a set of people - the mothers, the guest and the hosts - to watch scripted segments of certain celebrities' personal lives, emotionally react and comment on them. Imagine if SJH , during her appearance, was like "Yeah, I've seen him exercising while touring with RM" or "Ah, that green drink, yeah it's nasty" or "Sure he has abs, he shows them off in every RM concert and did you forget LKS stripped him once?" etc....Not exactly the entertaining response you expect from a guest now, is it? Even KJK's own mother occasionally feigns surprise despite knowing where her son is at the time of the shooting and which family members he is meeting. ~ KJK has been playing the eligible bachelor for many years, before even RM started, let alone MUD. Ever since he embarked on variety TV, he has always been portrayed as a guy looking for a girlfriend, a notion that intensified the more he aged. His charm even spread overseas in shows like Ding Ge Long Dong Qiang, where he was partnered up with Lynn Hung. Throughout his career he has embraced or just been tossed into love lines, and he always had to maintain the balance between this aspect of his work and his actual romantic relationships. This has been his reality before SJH (or whoever is his current lover anyway) entered his life. Thus, without underestimating the sacrifices and struggles that come with it, I don't think that the impact of the restrictions imposed by MUD has the intensity which fans imagine. If anything, both KJK and SJH appear content with prioritising their jobs.
  4. If the HJY/KJK interaction on MUD & RM has made you question whether they are actually attracted to each other, then congratulations, you reacted exactly how variety shows expect you to whenever they introduce a new and scripted loveline, aiming at popularity & awards (and no surprise they got them both). It happened with Monday Couple, KwangMin, ChanMin now, all of KJK's past lovelines in other shows and , honestly? It would have happened with Spartace too if all the evidence we have, had emerged only in the first months of 2019, aka when the closeness of Spartace was officially used for fanservice purposes, and there had been nothing suspicious prior to that, and especially during the Monday Couple era. But no other ship, and certainly not the HJY/KJK one, has an array of interactions to exhibit that consistently expand way beyond the needs of a show. No suspicious outings with KJK that we first learnt from a third party (i.e. compare KJK and JSM openly saying they went out for a coffee along with others during the introductory segment of an RM episode, and thus signalling a new dynamic for the show's needs, with us randomly learning about Spartace hanging out from his niece, Soya, or the tanning salon owner) no unnecessary skinship (i.e. HJY feeding KJK, swimming with him in a pool, shutting his mouth with her palm, all of them actions done openly in front of the cameras, all of them serving a variety show purpose VS KJK secretly massaging the small of SJH's back and many more), no consistent hiding outside of work (i.e. KJK has no problem being featured on HJY's IG, or interacting with JSM's posts, or promoting Jessi's work, but SJH? Let's thank the fans who discovered them dining together or sharing the same flight to NY, which @linzer03 already posted above. Especially after Gary's departure - so basically after the umbrella was no more - they have gradually appeared more cautious.) HJY's flatly stating last year about KJK; "That's a story of the past. We've already become just close sunbae-hoobae. He's not my type. I like someone who I can be comfortable with" leaving no room for debating exactly because their loveline had completed its circle, should have been enough proof that the two of them are just a business couple. Compare her statement to SJH's words when attempting to deny her romantic involvement with KJK specifically and not the men of RM in total: ~ On MUD when addressing to his mother: "We can't get our feelings involved while we're working together." (So it isn't really about them, but about RM? Also, workplace ethics sound nice and all, but let's do a reality check, half the celebrities and non-celebrities out there have met their significant others in their working environments lol) "And we have to always fight on the show." (lol what? How does this even count as an obstacle? They can maintain their close friendships unscathed by their 'fake game fights' but apparently not a potential romance? She should have stopped at the first half of her explanation.) ~ On Knowing Bros: "We've been working together for 8 years. We did not start dating. That means we're not meant to be." (First sentence is a fact. Second sentence is what remains to be proven. The third sentence, according to this reasoning, is true only if the 2nd one is as well. Now, they would never admit to have started dating, would they? KJK has explicitly said he'll deny everything until he is ready to get married. Most celebrities wouldn't reveal their relationships in a show they are guesting anyway. So her argument here is pointless. It actually bears meaning only when opposed to delusional shippers wishing Spartace would magically start dating now, during their 10th year of their friendship, because if they haven't become a - secret even - couple until now, then yes they probably will never be) "Don't try to tie us together, Jong Kook oppa has his own life, he wouldn't like it either. But what if we date then? This is why I don't want to talk." - "You're the one who said it." - "It's fun." (KJK wouldn't like for his name to be linked to SJH because they lead separate lives, but he would have no problem if they were together? lol KJK wouldn't like the rumours regardless if true or not. Also, have you ever read any reply more ambiguous than this? I understand that they all work in a pretentious industry and they need to provide entertainment, but check out how nicely HJY managed to answer above.) ~ And then there's of course the "we're family" reason. Even though they never use the terms "siblings" or "sister", she has been consistent with this one, I acknowledge it. But it doesn't help this may as well be the most vague and overused excuse in the entire Korean entertainment world. It also so happens to be true, no matter if SA are lovers or friends; they are both members of the greater RM family. As for SJH's reactions in front of his mother on MUD, let's be clear about something first; If KJK has been in a steady relationship for long , then his mother is likely aware of it. So, when it comes to the episodes on MUD, it isn't really about SJH pretending in front of his mother, but both of them pretending in front of us. It's the audience who needs to be convinced of the bachelor role KJK plays on screen, of his lovelines and everything else. Also, I've said this before as well, his mother may not be a variety show veteran like her son, but no way she is a rookie either. She has appeared in shows and interviews about him ever since he was a member of Turbo, there's literally a recording in their apartment at the time he was taking exams to enter university. When the fact he moved to a new apartment is mentioned, SJH fakes her reaction. Firstly, it's bad acting. Neither her expression, nor the tone of her voice make her shock natural. But, above all, it's irrational. It has nothing to do with their being a couple. It's impossible she and the rest RM members wouldn't know he moved out for the needs of MUD when a. they work closely together every single week and b. every random fan on the internet knew lol We aren't talking about a personal experience here. The fact she unnecessarily faked her reaction, when all she had to do in order not to sound suspicious was to claim KJK had broken the news to all of them on the RM setting, indicates just how much pressure they have to withstand amidst the loveline rumours and what lengths they are willing to reach in their attempt to keep their lives private. Jang Hyuk had also a similarly illogical reaction to hearing SJH's name on Dragon Club. SJH's appearance on MUD preceded all of HJY's. I always found it interesting it was SJH the one invited to that one episode whose guest would have to react to KJK showing off his work-out and showering afterwards. When HJY appeared, she was already in a popular loveline with KJK, on their way to become "THE loveline" for SBS that year. In the segment that aired, KJK even chose her over SJH as the closest to his ideal type, because this is MUD and every time there's a concept he needs to serve. Also cause, let's face it, he has never chosen SJH, it's the ongoing rumour he always tries to tone down, that one time long ago when he chose her over the late Sulli, it was due to Sulli being only 18, a little sister basically - and he probably didn't want to repeat that misstep of 2010, when she was barely 16. No wonder why KJK's mother appeared interested in HJY throughout her love story with him on MUD. This is one of the central ideas of the show and they are paid to follow it, she expressed interest even when Ye Ji Won guested, just cause she had been parnered up with her son on "The Producers".
  5. I never said his legs are "stretched". "Spread legs" doesn't necessarily mean "straightened", it means he is sitting with his legs apart, bent or not. Moreover, we don't know if his right leg isn't stretched, the photo is not good enough to judge by the shadows. But even if it isn't, she is still standing between his legs, as her foot is in line with his left knee, about same level where the right knee would be bent. Regardless, I'm sure this changes the whole argument . If only one leg is spread, you are allowed to stand so close to your co-worker off camera even though you both feel so genuinely distant. If both are spread, you aren't.
  6. Now that suspecting the person in KJK's IG has been SJH isn't proven delusional, can we all stop getting swayed either by over-worried Spartacers fantasizing of potential break-ups every two months or delirious antis lecturing us about how they'd stop romantically supporting their ship if they ever felt they grew distant? Unless you all unnecessarily stand between your - recently appointed - ex lover's spread legs during breaks from filming lol Point is....lovers or friends, SA are fine behind the cameras, and if there ever was a change in their relationship for better or for worse, it couldn't have been recent. Let's not keep mixing up how they handle their public image with their actual relationship. Tiny's unwavering support towards both should have been enough of a clue.
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