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  1. Guys, I'm not sure about it so I'll drop a question here. Before being proposed, DM gave RG 3 options of RG's nickname. After that (till passing the '1 yr later' period), i only noticed DM called him Saja (before the wall kiss). Does it mean RG asked DM to call him Saja? If yes, awwwww.. That's beyond beautiful! since previously he corrected people who called him as Saja/Lion. Pls do correct me if I'm wrong, guys.. :*
  2. My interpretation is this: Ryan being addicted to be 'drawn' by DM. He wants more. LOLS then this
  3. Basher: Too much skinship! Me: Uh Oh.. We haven't got kiss on the neck and back of the ear. (But its OK, we do understand that PDnim saving Lion Gold not to be Lobster Gold)
  4. I'm replaying this particular scene like forever. THE UNDERSTANDING THE CONFIDENCE THE TRUST THE GENDER EQUALITY (super love supportive Doek Mi and unfazed Ryan here)
  5. RG withdrawal syndrome here! Help.. What episode of Voice that has KJW in it? Thanks in advanced
  6. Usually i found HPL's raw video by googling around 1 hour after its finished aired. But not today. Make me wonder how the sites usually get the raw video. Please enlighten me guys, bcos im making non-evidence based theories here: (1) Do they do screen recording while its airing? Or (2) does TVN (or staff) give them the video file? When streaming, I did notice several parts of epi 16 were lagged (not sync with the audio). Rendering problem? (I do think my connection was good enough; but i might be wrong). If my 2nd guess is right, they might be re-render the file, so now I haven't been able to find the raw one. *Just stupid theories im thinking rite now bcos unable to sleep. Please do correct me, guys!
  7. LOLSSS.. and too-lazy-to-change-my-undershirt-imma-grab-my-outer-kimono *still looks fab.. Envyyy
  8. I've been lurking for a while then decided to join the discussion. Too bad i forgot my old acc then created a new one. LOLs. I really wanna thank the director and the writer of HPL for creating such a high EQ character of RG. And of course, for KJW that makes the character comes to life perfectly. I've been learning a lot from RG, particularly in terms of being cool while listening and speaking in a low tone tranquil manner. I've been practicing the tone in a week and suprised by how it makes solving lots of problems easier! I'm a woman, at my 30th ;)
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