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  1. he is just giving his opinion. Surely that is what a forum is for. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- With regards to the ending, I am half-way through but I am just curious how it ends. Can someone in spoiler tags or private message me the ending of the books/webtoons? Does she end up with SunOh or the other guy? Also this whole love triangle thing is stressing me out because it will leave one person inevitably out. For my conscious I would have preferred just one main lead girl and one main lead guy lol
  2. pretty brave of you to post your insta on a public forum like this lol
  3. Why are you offended by it? that is absurd. The couple did not work out because SM clearly had a more messed up childhood. The other three couples you mentioned did not have the same background as SM. The scene at the bridge clearly showed he rejected Jisoo's help, the same way he rejected help when he was a kid from the dad of LA (cant remember who exactly anymore). The point of the drama was not to have a happy ending for everyone. Also the Aunt and Daebong (LA best friend) were side characters to the show and were more there for comedic relief. Because we like the idea of having someone salvaged or us being able to heal from our wounds. From the beginning it is hinted at that SM was emotionally unavailable. Also the fact Lee Ahn could not read SM through psychometric was a metaphor for his emotional sufferings. The same way Lee Ahn cannot see SM's memories, we as the audience and people around SM cannot understand what he is going through. I agree the pacing was off a bit and maybe a bit rushed but there were hints there. It was definitely not inconsistent.
  4. Ignore what people are saying about the ending. they are upset it did not go down as they wanted it. It had a great ending that differentiated itself from the cliche. Please watch it.
  5. Instead of observing the message of the show, I feel as though many people are upset with the ending just because it did not match their idealistic fairy tale conclusion lol. Of course, Jisoo and SM getting together would have been a delightful finish but if you want to watch a series -> cue in the more cringy romantic comedies like Whats Wrong with Secretary Kim, Touch Your Heart etc. The show was trying to explore a much more sinister side of emotions and often irreversible effects of trauma. Whilst LA and JI both suffered terrible experiences, I think being locked up 9 years since birth has considerable larger effects on your long-term mental health. Also LA and JI have met and let in lovely people in their lives - JI became best friends with the guy from school and Jisoo whilst LA has a lovely affectionate aunt. SM has much more physiological issues to deal with, such as compartmentalising that your dad is an absolute pyscho. Jisoo's death was not pointless - it showed the impossibility of dealing with loss when you have already lost so much. She sacrificed herself to safe SM but her death also catalysed and strengthened SM's pessimistic view on life which he explains to his mum on the balcony in the 15th episode. The premise that we can become better people and change is of course an enticing thought. But what if you are a good person but evil and cruelty in life follows you at every corner? what if you are emotionally so tortured that even the kindest people turn to violence? On the other hand JI and LA have lost their parents but they have the memory of their lovely parents whilst LA has the hope and belief that her dad is innocent. It is why LA's ability to read memories ties so well with the whole drama. The memories tie down so much of Lee Ahn. His ability to read other people's memories makes him understand what sympathy, what makes a person truly evil etc. For LA the public's memory of her dad as a criminal, gives her the resolve to keep on fighting. Finally SM did not have any of that. He had no option out (his dad continued stalking him) and he had an extremely messed up childhood. The only one thing that made him a good person was his mum. The only option he saw was murder to safe his mum. It is a tragic story but realistic story. In life you do not always get happy endings.
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