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  1. Hey chingus, I'm so happy to see this thread so alive again. I felt guilty of not visiting this for many months because of lot'a stuff to do concerning work and studies. (been a lurker and a sharer to this thread since creation) I watched a lot of dramas after TYH but my loyalty shall be with no one else but our Pichi couple. I swear I've never been so fond of any drama couples beside them, not even the leads in famous dramas to this date. There's something about the TYH Pichi couple that I don't get with the others. (its like their sweet interactions, though conservative and shy were not forced)lol. I still watch TYH up to this day and still never lost their spark to me. Still feels like real. I hope they'll have collab in the future.. Film, drama, cf.. Anything!
  2. As for me, I won't still lose hope. As long as they are single, there's always a chance that they are together or will be someday. Knowing the nature of being a celebrity, telling the truth to the public is not necessary. These two maybe are under contract that they should keep their private lives off limits to the public because they have to promote another project, obviously they are currently working on a drama and film respectively with different partners. As a very 'hopeful' fan, I will remain optimistic. Fighting PiChi fans!
  3. Happy Anniversary Touch Your Heart! so glad I've found my good vibes kdrama ever. Time to watch it again on my laptop.