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  1. Us, pichi couple fans swear won't give up on this ship unless they confirm they're nothing but friends. Keeping my hopes up that they're more than that. Maybe we're right about them. *fingers crossed* And just a suggestion to LDW, his manager-nim and YIN's manager.. If you're planning to prolong the wait on the big reveal. Just keep giving us hints to thrill us fans and feed our delulu minds lol
  2. I'm squealing right now!!! Our girl loves strawberries and she also showed it on TYH Not to mention that she also loves using her banana printed blanket. She wears that often during their outdoor shoot because she's cold. (check their bts) I secondDELULU motion!
  3. Who knows you're assumptions are true. Since I've read about the link posted here in this thread about a Korean's celebration about dating/relationship, i've been looking forward for his June 14 post. Like a clue he thinks we're not capable of guessing. Lol I only wish for our girl to have an IG account.
  4. I second this! I also observed in the last few bts of goblin and most bts of tyh, LDW can act silly in front of YIN to make her laugh..
  5. It's okay chingu @nyzah13 We're just having fun here and yes we all hope that our ship will sail no matter when it will gonna happen. You're always free to share your thoughts here. We're waiting. Enjoy!
  6. Hi, i think she said she wanted to get married within 3 years after changing her answer of "her plan to get married in 5 years" because it will be too late. And... did I mention she also pointed out that she needs to work hard for it. (But I think she's already working hard now )
  7. I agree with your observations, if they are not in a relationship, taking pictures together won't be hard. What's wrong with posing along with just a 'friend'? what more if the world knows you're 'close' and 'comfortable' in real life? But honestly, i found their actions amusing. From our girl's ninja entrance to limited pictures during wrap up party, these things make us pichi shippers realize that: 1. Maybe they agreed on not revealing their true relationship status yet because they want to date in peace?(Like in the drama, they will refrain from meeting in public, instead they will just see each other in confined places e.g her place or his place..lol delulu mode on -level 1) 2. Or they just want to avoid dating rumors for a while because they want to reveal it themselves first before public breakout. (delulu mode on- level 2) 3. Our boy just wanted to protect our girl from bashers (you know, other shippers) who doesn't like her with him. It means he wants to keep her coz their relationship is real and mature. Com'mon! As what i've observed with their personalities, i think both of them are really private people and mastered hiding like a pro. And the fact that they did not accept romance dramas after goblin and came back with touch your heart, then again with Ldw accepting a horror drama this coming august must be telling us something. That YIN must be the only girl he will kiss from that day forward (delulu mode on level 3) lol
  8. https://www.instagram.com/amazingyooinna/p/BvvaZxmlVbr/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1n2uhsii42ngh This one!
  9. Not only did i notice the 'touching biceps' thing during the couch kiss scene, i also watched the english subbed video with LDW saying "Lie down" near YIN's mouth, then YIN reacted before they both laughed. Will attach the ig post here when I get the hang of this. Haha
  10. Hey fellow shippers! A guilty lurker here since the beginning and decided to join the fun today. I've been checking this thread everyday because its keeping my delulu mind on fire. Hahaha Like yeah its so fun shipping them and i'm planning to ship them... forever?
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