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  1. https://www.koreaboo.com/news/park-min-young-park-seo-joon-dating-rumor/ have you guys read this article? Is this mistranslation as well? I have read about PPC saying no comment and open to future possibilities but i have also read that they have blatantly denied the dating rumours. oh bless my shipping heart but when i look back at the mont blanc pic i’ll always have hope
  2. I dont believe in all those coincidence but lately i find myself wondering if our PPC is really syncing their ig post First psj in pink after pmy posting her pic wearing pink, then psj posting his pic wearing a black turtleneck after the recent pmy post wearing a black inner over a white coat. Coincidence or delulu?
  3. Funny how you say there are people claiming that PMY wants to move on from WWWSK and that she is way friendly in HPL. Because from the way i see it, PMY looks very cheerful and happy in all her interviews for WWWSK and especially for PSJ. Not to mention that she made effort in going to the Phuket trip with fellow WWWSK-related peeps. If she really wanted to not be connected with WWWSK then I doubt she would’ve done all that. However, i do agree that the dating scandal has affected both PMY and PSJ. Perhaps they do not want to their career to be overshadowed by their relationship?
  4. I just wonder, how do k-netizens or reports feel about PPC? Do they still think there’s something between the two, bearing in mind that most of the interviews were in 2018. Do they still think the same now- that PPC are a couple? Need me more delulu material. PSJ PMY please! We need you to stir this otherwise slow thread today!
  5. PMY honestly gives me all sorts of mixed feelings. She has always stated that they are not dating BUT looking at interviews and PSJ-PMY interactions, she always seemed like the more interested one in the relationship! My delulu mind says that she’s only denying because of a horrible past public relationship experience while PSJ is the one who is always trying to protect her and show that he is really really interested and wont do her the same way her previous ex did. But now she IS the one who brought the Mont Blanc bag on set etc idk what’s going on with these two honestly lol! Also interesting is the fact that dispatch never/havent released PSJ-PMY photos - is someone out there protecting these two and waitin until their wedding day before the photos are ousted ala SSC style? Any k-netz can vouch for my statement?
  6. Hi all! Finally made it here after a few days of being a silent lurker Let’s just say that i cant wait for the parkpark wedding but i also wouldnt want them to confirm their dating rumours...well at least until they get married! I am prettyyy sure that they’re dating but oh lord this uncertainty is killing me! Especially everytime seeing shipper of PMY’s new drama analysing her every actions But i will believe very strongly that our ship will sail and dock safely. Maybe a PPC wedding on the same date as VP-Mi So wedding?
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