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  1. Have you guys checked the ig story on twoparkcouple_mysj? Is this ig owner here? Is that really PSJ-PMY?
  2. Which is whyyy it’s called PARK’S OFFICE But it’s probably just delulu tho, i would expect them to keep a separate image after marriage especially to avoid haters
  3. I dont think updating ig at the same time can be considered a proof because PMY did update her latest IG same time with KJW. But nonetheless i agree with the rest you are saying.
  4. Is this a comment on her ig? If im gonna have a thought that would make this ship happy then i would assume she accidentally liked the comment while scrolling through.
  5. But these are old posts isnt it? I was referrring to the may 1st outing just delulu-ing that maybe pmy-psj are together whenever the team hang out together
  6. sounds like music to my ears! Why havent i seen this in any of the ppc shipper ig account lol
  7. When was the last time they hung out together? Honestly other than mont blanc what’s keeping this ship sailing for me is the two teams’ closeness with each other
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