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  1. Kim Jae Uck is so humble and down to earth. I feel when he sees his fans it sort of reminds him of SiAn's fans in HPL. He could be able to relate to it very well and somehow after acting in HLP he somehow knows what it is like being a fan. That could be why he is so obliging .Should it get out of hand, am sure he will turn into a Lion in a sexy way. He does not need body guards, i have full confidence that Kim Jae Uck knows how to control his fans and make us love him even more.

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  2. 6 hours ago, jaydendoji said:

    Meanwhile, most of his inter-fans are busy guessing what he said on Caption of the post.

    Some said it's Paris and some said it's Bye. KJW playing with us again.:joy:

    in Hanguel pronunciation , its PPa-Hieu... like how the French say Paris. french accent. 

    KJW is a classy gentleman and I am salivating.

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  3. Kim Jae Wook @ Kim Jae Uck has a class of his own.

    Absolutely handsome, sexy, charming, very gentleman and totally unpredictable. Love him to bits and am so happy to see  that his fan base is growing and growing very fast.

    Being invited by Dunhill  to Paris SS fashion Week suits him, as he is also a smoker, hehehehehe. He can wear any attire and we still find his super sexy.

    @JJChastity i love reading your blog and with the quotes by KJW, it makes me realised he is a man of his own. 

    Have a good day all and we hope to see more postings on KJW today. 

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  4. KJW is so handsome, sexy and suave. the airport is his runway. am so proud of him that he is all over the news portal. of course it is not easy. that's the price of fame and we get to see him more with all the paparazzi around him. Today, most news portal are waiting for him at the airport as KJW is wearing Dunhill attire & Sneakers. part of branding. I have faith KJW will handle the paparazzi and his personal life very well

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  5. 3 minutes ago, jaemin kimpark said:

    it seems they were a little worried after seeing the BTS proposal scene, how emotional was KJW that suddenly shed tears and could not continue the dialogue and it turned out that KJW kissed PMY on the proposal scene .. :D




    hater is definitely shocked by this fact .. :glasses:


    You are so right. KJW & PMY chemistry in HPL was electrifying and we love and adore it very much  

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  6. The last kiss, both were smiling and enjoying the kiss, I think deep down inside both must be saying "am gonna miss you much. How long would it take to move on, or should we pursue?" 

    I hope they would be great friends supporting each other and do not feel uncomfortable when they see each other. If they want to pursue further- its Their Private Life :)


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