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  1. So happy so many fans waited for him in the rain and it could be seen that he asked them to be careful too. Kim Jae Uck gives out positive energy and sexiness. Love it
  2. Why is KJW followers in his official Instagram page @jaeuck.kim keep on decreasing? i find it very weird and disturbing
  3. I could also listen to his voice the whole day and imagine him beside me. Its nearly a week since he communicate with via. Where are you Kim Jae Uck? we miss you like crazy. please appear.....
  4. Instagram, WhatsApp & FB were down last night, Maybe that is why there was no updates from her. (trying to calm my soul, hehehehehe)
  5. If they cannot see eye to eye, cannot live under the same roof, too much noise here and there, might as well end the marriage. I just hope they end it quietly without hurting each other;s carrier and love ones. I will continue to support both if their dramas / movies are worth watching.
  6. Kim Jae Uck is so humble and down to earth. I feel when he sees his fans it sort of reminds him of SiAn's fans in HPL. He could be able to relate to it very well and somehow after acting in HLP he somehow knows what it is like being a fan. That could be why he is so obliging .Should it get out of hand, am sure he will turn into a Lion in a sexy way. He does not need body guards, i have full confidence that Kim Jae Uck knows how to control his fans and make us love him even more.
  7. in Hanguel pronunciation , its PPa-Hieu... like how the French say Paris. french accent. KJW is a classy gentleman and I am salivating.
  8. Kim Jae Wook @ Kim Jae Uck has a class of his own. Absolutely handsome, sexy, charming, very gentleman and totally unpredictable. Love him to bits and am so happy to see that his fan base is growing and growing very fast. Being invited by Dunhill to Paris SS fashion Week suits him, as he is also a smoker, hehehehehe. He can wear any attire and we still find his super sexy. @JJChastity i love reading your blog and with the quotes by KJW, it makes me realised he is a man of his own. Have a good day all and we hope to see more postings on KJW today.
  9. So happy to see KJW today. looking suave and sexy. He will get used to the paparazzi following him. KJW will also know to handle them. today media was waiting for him at the airport as he is wearing Dunhill from attire & sneakers. i guess for personal trip, KJW will know how to ninja in and out. he is suave
  10. KJW is so handsome, sexy and suave. the airport is his runway. am so proud of him that he is all over the news portal. of course it is not easy. that's the price of fame and we get to see him more with all the paparazzi around him. Today, most news portal are waiting for him at the airport as KJW is wearing Dunhill attire & Sneakers. part of branding. I have faith KJW will handle the paparazzi and his personal life very well
  11. It was Wednesday yesterday. Used to be our glued to our devices night when HPL was still on air. So both of them came and thrill us. They are so thoughtful of their fans esp HPL fans. Love Labit so so so much
  12. Help!!! I am stalking KJW in social media every chance i have. oh... no.... how? its dangerous Hope to see him soon. KJW has this spell on us thar we cannot let go. Not that I want to. The more he smile the more attractive he is. imagine if he were to back hug tightly we will all swoon.
  13. I have major withdrawal syndrome from HLP. What do i do? I watched and rewatch all the BTS after watching the drama numerous times. I hope there are magazine photoshoots for all the actors. After all the drama is doing so well internationally too.
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