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  1. It was Wednesday yesterday. Used to be our glued to our devices night when HPL was still on air. So both of them came and thrill us. They are so thoughtful of their fans esp HPL fans. Love Labit so so so much
  2. Help!!! I am stalking KJW in social media every chance i have. oh... no.... how? its dangerous Hope to see him soon. KJW has this spell on us thar we cannot let go. Not that I want to. The more he smile the more attractive he is. imagine if he were to back hug tightly we will all swoon.
  3. I have major withdrawal syndrome from HLP. What do i do? I watched and rewatch all the BTS after watching the drama numerous times. I hope there are magazine photoshoots for all the actors. After all the drama is doing so well internationally too.
  4. There are a lot of BTS that tvN has not released. Will we get to see these BTS tomorrow morning? Will tvN quench our thirst tomorrow morning? Hoping that tvN will be kind to us all.
  5. Am looking at the last kissing scene at the alley. PMY is kissing him passionately and giving the best she could and her body is really pressed on to him. It's like one last shoot, let's go all the way. No wonder KJW is smiling like a satisfied cat ;)
  6. You are so right. KJW & PMY chemistry in HPL was electrifying and we love and adore it very much
  7. The last kiss, both were smiling and enjoying the kiss, I think deep down inside both must be saying "am gonna miss you much. How long would it take to move on, or should we pursue?" I hope they would be great friends supporting each other and do not feel uncomfortable when they see each other. If they want to pursue further- its Their Private Life
  8. I do realised PMY looks emotional during the video shoot by her agency. It's not easy to say goodbye, especially when the crew has been closest to her for 3 months. I may be delulu, if I am with KJW, day in day out for more than a month, I would be crying my eyes out, when it's time to say goodbye.
  9. i want to see BTS of the scene under the blanket during pillow talk in EP16. RG has skill in pulling the covers until we cant see a thing. SDM laugh was very sexy hmmmm
  10. Not sure if anyone noticed, what happened to KJW's lower lips? Slight blister it seems. Over kissing?
  11. i pray & hope tonight, so separation. not even for a minute. Hoping SDM mom will see SDM being sad while talking to RG and she will go over and talk to RG and later SDM mom will persuade SDM to continue to love RG with all her heart and might. I pray I am right. 30 seconds separation only
  12. one more night till Wednesday.... its a long wait. and i keep on refreshing IG like as if EP15 will appear. am going crazy already.
  13. KoreaDispatch featured this photos in IG. am so happy and proud Labit couple
  14. I agree with you. Its totally realistic. I mean, in real life we do need love, hug and slow kisses instead of going straight to bed. its a full declaration of love when you take it slow . it becomes more meaningful. it touches the heart more. Do take note , as i have said before, KJW always discuss with the Director and scriptwriter as the drama goes along. he wants the audience to feel the love, the warmth, the meaningful relationship that RG and SDM have. A true understanding love and never take each other for granted.
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