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  1. I've watched both episodes and wow. My opinion of In sook is even worse now. Tbh, although I don't know her true motives yet I'm disgusted seeing how she treats people. And don't even get me started on the chairman (In sook learnt this behaviour from him) when he was staring at mi ri's ring. TJ is so amazing. He acts cute and childlike but at the same time doesn't back down and defends mi ri. Few other things about these episodes, I know I was complaining last week about Jae bum but he was even worse this week. He's a stalker and I hate how everyone is enabling his behaviour. I started clapping when the part timer told the family that JB is an obsessive stalker and they should call the police. Mi sun's husband and MIL are as always trash. The FIL likes to act like he's great as well but all he does is complain. Fix your own meals, for God's sake. . I hope SJ finds things she loves doing so that she stops feeling empty when her daughter's aren't there. Last thing I wanted to say was, I want to find my own TJ, asap.
  2. I've had enough of jae bum, tbh, I didn't emphasise with him from the first episode. He was friend zoned by Mi hye but keeps wanting more because he was nice to mi hye. It's very manipulative, to feel like someone owes you something because you were very nice to them. He's becoming worse and worse as the episodes go on. Mi Hye is growing on me and becoming more likeable, it's nice to see how she develops as a writer. Tae joo does seem childish at times, but he's also starting to speak up for himself, looking at the preview for next week. Also, at first I kind of understood mi sun's mother in law and how she now wants to relax and not look after kids but then she should not have looked down at SJ and acted all high and mighty while making her daughter in law do everything (like making the meal for her friends). She says her husband never helped with the kids, but she's enabling her son to do the same. It was very satisfying when Jin soo's dad flipped him over https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXAhoH47I5w
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