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  1. Drop by to express my appreciation towards our lovely OTP through my first ever open letter. Dear, KJW-PMY.. What you guys have been doing is so risky. The best possibility, you could've fallen in love with each other, and yet the worst one, of course, there could've been some messy rumours arose from the undeniably impeccable chemistry you got going on the entire time. And yet here were are, nearing the end of the road, still can't stop admiring the love you guys had on the drama (and the flirting game that both you guys, and us, the audience, have been enjoying immensely). Thank you for always being the genuine you, consistently interacting all comfy and intimate with each other, despite the presence of cameras everywhere. Hard to tell what truly happens inside people's minds. let alone the situation of their respective hearts, but allow me to say, you guys are meant to work together and i've never seen anything like you two before. So fearlessly caring toward each other (quite literally) in the face of everyone. I know what i'm seeing but again it's never that simple when you guys are public figures. That being said, allow me to be grateful for a fact that through this incredible drama, you guys met and sincerely enjoy each other's company. You guys are truly one of a kind. Both our OTP and the entire Labit supporters fandom included. NOW, i wonder where can i possibly find my long lost sanity again !? *internal screaming* I'm OKAY (no, i'm not, really)
  2. Hello @Wendy123 THAT. LINK. MADE. MY. DAY. For the love of museum, they should stahppp gazing at each other like that. My sanity can hardly survive.
  3. Hello @Sky8lue My apology for not quoting your post properly . To be honest i just recently started using my Soompi account I used to have one in the past to actively lurking one of the most sizzling WGM couple, SoRim Couple (So Eun & Jae Rim). However, even their close interaction apparently wasn't provocative enough for me to type anything (but i still love that pairing dearly), and i ended up never making any comments back then and even forgot my username & password. Hence, i had to set up a new account several days ago. Now, i'm still learning how to cut, quote and fully understand the entire rules of this forum. I hope you don't mind. ohh..and yasss.. it does. That''s the first and the only username that crossed my mind when i was trying to make myself a new account. That word for me is simple and yet represents everything about HPL. I mean, who can ever forget what had happened there, even the actor themselves probably still remember it like it was yesterday. I saw a little bit of the real PMY & KJW appeared here and there on the drama. A lot of times to be frank, but since their togetherness is too sweet to be put into a single word, better for us just to enjoy it while we can. Damnnn..they are really something. Unlike anything i've ever seen before. I hope my withdrawal syndrome with HPL won't be as severe as it was last year when i finished watch Hong PD's LUTYN (tvN). How are you holding up with their cuteness overload !?
  4. Hello, @starrysky18 I saw the video on Instagram, kindly informed by one of the forum members here (again i missed to catch the username of that generous person, please if you saw this post, let me know, kay ). It was posted by someone under the account of @ahjussikdrama, originally uploaded on YT by @kdramaholics (hope i remember & spell it correctly). Happy monitoring closely and repetitively, because they clearly enjoyed that interview like there's no tomorrow. You can't help but replaying it multiple times.
  5. This might sound random, but i just can't seem to stop thinking about certain things regarding our OTP. One of those is that since PMY had recently gone through some tough times dealing with unwanted issues with her former on screen partner, i initially expected that she would've acted somewhat 'cold' toward KJW during filming. Such guess was then seemed proven when the photos of HPL press conferences were first circulated. Many people commented that they did not seem comfortable at all when they were first introduced on stage and taken pictures together by the media audience. The didn't stand close enough to each other and they did not even bother to locking arms . So, i though i had it right. Until i saw two particular videos soon after. The first one was their mini bickering during the same occasion, where PMY argued that KJW suggested to "kill" one of the scenes in the episode 6. The second video that really surprised me was the one that shows KJW's witty remark about how he could see nothing else but her PMY's teeth when they did the photoshoot for the drama's poster, and she just instantly cracked up at the time, For someone who overtly stated how much last year's issue had really troubled her beyond words could ever say, PMY appears, dare i say, fearlessly bold, during HPL. Fully knowing that the exact same issue might possibly resurface, since her chemi with KJW is scary (in the best way obviously), she seems to have determined to fully enjoy her time with KJW to the fullest. Not in the let's-act-all-lovey-dovey-since-we-are-doing-romcom-genre way, but more in the let's-both-be-ourselves-and-treat-each-other-genuinely-for-real type of perspective. Hence, we can see how endearing their interactions have always been. Most people say PMY acts differently this time toward her leading man, other say she looks so comfortable in communicating with KJW in between takes, and even more during interviews. Yet, in my personal view, she "changed" into no one else but herself. It's just who she is, that bubbly and bright personality is the real PMY. Why? For based on my personal observation, she has always been that way when she was interviewed alone. Another example was when she did her variety show debut, Busted season 1. PMY in that show is the same lady i see in the BTS clips of HPL, an energized and funny gal. Not many people see this side of her because normally she would appear composed, calm and rather restrained on the drama set. She wants to get her job done professionally. That's why she did her best by minimizing NGs, like any great actors would do. Simply put, instead of simply interacting comfortably toward KJW, PMY finally gets to be her actual self and do whatever she wants to do comfortably in her own pace, even if it means looking rather silly in front of her audience, her fans and most importantly, her co-star. No more cold-city-lady vibe being exuded toward her co-star, and instead, she chooses to simply be that feisty lady that she is. And that lucky co-star is (thankfully) our ever roaring Lion, Mr. Gold. Why this could happen !? Possibility #1, KJW has been persistently such an gentleman and a joker to her that made her at ease even before the filming process took place. Possibility #2, She enjoys being around his positive energy. And by 'energy' i mean his laughter, for that even warms my screen and my heart. Possibility #3, they had a lot of mutual friends that even though they didn't know each other at all prior to HPL, it was relatively easier for them to get closer when they talk about the same acquaintance and possibly similar incidents with any particular friends of them. Possibilty #4, after trying so impossibly hard last year to suppress down that controversial issue turned out brought PMY in some more emotional burden, she's most likely had enough with it and decided to go with her guts instead this time. Instead of worrying her image too much and reaction when BTS cameras are rolling, she determined to enjoy her work more, laugh more often with her leading man and mind less about what others might think. She was rumored to have special relationship with her co-star when she clearly didn't, when she had tried her best to be super professional on set and eventually missed all the fun on the set (unlike KJW who clearly had a blast every time he had a project, i.e his interaction with a child actor on The Guest when they did exorcism scene ) Possibly #5 She likes him. Coz, gurlllll...she surely know how to do some subtle moves naturally. Not that i complain tho. That's not the case at all. She had never been this extra chatty, witty and cutie (if that''s a word) toward her previous partner before. So, that finger wrestle during rakuten interview stunned me so much and yet warmed my heart. I'm not trying to go entirely delulu here, kay, but if i were a well known public figure, every single of my moves would be watched, right. And sometimes being too careful might potentially suffocate one's soul, they can hardly breathe normally, and yet still people refuse to let the rumors slip away. So, instead, there will be that one time in life when i just want to break free from that image cage and live at the moment. From that perspective alone, i'd do exactly what PMY has been doing these days. #SorryForMyLongRant I. WANT. TO. STOP. BUT HOW !?? SHOULD I LOG OUT ?? UGHH..NOT NOW This semi addiction is so unhealthy.
  6. YASSS, chingu. I feel you. They are human beings before actors. And my guess is they surely realized it,too, on how their interactions are effortlessly genuine.. Otherwise they wouldn't be able to keep faking it for another minute even if it's for the sake of marketing purpose. Because it takes sincerity to form such natural closeness. On a side note, loved how the director of HPL, the ever amazing Hong PD, and the editing team, including some scenes that were allegedly not meant to make the final cut and yet ended up creating that warm atmosphere on the entire scene. And of course the ad-lib party that i personally hope will keep on coming, Think i lost counts of how many minutes have been spent by our OTP holding hands or staring at each other's eyes and souls. And most of all, i truly appreciate the way they persistently portraying RG & SDM's honesty and understanding level toward each other AND toward themselves. Admitting to ourselves about how we actually feel about someone else or something in particular can be a rather challenging task to complete, and yet they did exceptionally well. If i may add a little bit more, their mature relationship reminds me so much of Hong PD's last romcom project prior to HPL with Kim Nam Gil & Kim Ah Joong. In 201. There was this amazingly endearing piece, also brought to the audience by TVN, called 'Live Up To Your Name' (LUTYN), alternative title 'Deserving of the Name'. This particular project left such a deep impression in me because for the first time in a long time, there was no single noble idiocy trope was pulled in a K-drama. Whenever there were issues surfaced, they talked about it together, about how they feel and think toward the existing problems, including over how they're gonna face the worst possibilities. In times of despair, They consoled each other in such a subtle way, mostly without even saying many words. In one of the most memorable scenes, fully knowing that her man was facing such a tough hardship at the time, when the leading man come home looking all weary and emotionally tired, instead of saying "Are you okay?", she welcomed him home with "Did you have dinner? I haven't had it yet. I made soft tofu stew. Do you like it by any chance ?. I'm actually not good at cooking, but cooking is all about effort, you see" before reaching out to him and gently hug him tight. As if she was trying to say "I know you're in inexplicable pain right now, i might not have the solutions for you but i'm here for you". That kind of conversation shows just how mature their relationship is for they always know how to settle a problem without having to saying the typical lines that at times can sound meaningless. I know that script plays such a crucial role in creating a drama or movie, however, i can never overlook the role of the directing in it. As much as i appreciate the writer of HPL, i think the director has also done such a great job in choosing the perfect angles and gestures to describe the what was originally written on the script into a perfectly realistic and genuine moment on screen. As once pointed out by one of the members here on the early page, the director seems to have his own styles in managing the content of his project. Instead of weighing his decision on choosing his following project solely to the story itself, i concluded that the director also prefers script with the character of the leading male to be a highly mannered gentlemen who are respectful toward her lady, adoring them without demeaning her own values. His 'men' should know how to respect their ladies. Therefore, we got Kim Nam Gil's character on tvN's LUTYN, Cho Seung Woo's character on JTBC's Life and Kim Jae Wook's Ryan Gold on tvN's HPL. Hong PD always knows how to turn modest scenes into memorable ones, and i suspect he even allows his leading actors to act out most of romantic scenes according to their own interpretations for the script only says the general ideas they have to depict. As in he expected more act, less recite. That way, some romantic scenes can come out more natural because the actors were told to actually do it in their own pace and understanding as a human being. That's why the dating scenes in both LUTYN & HPL (at the theme park) spark that same sense of fun and excitement, because the actors were actually enjoying it during filming (judging from the released BTS clips). Another pattern i found after watching HPL was taking family portrait that seems mandatory in most of his dramas (HPL-during sudden picnic with SDM's parents) AND last but certainly not least, how the Director always succesfully managed to bring out the sensual tension between his on screen 'lovebirds' without even involving oversexualized skinship (still can forget the entire episode at Writer Ahn's Cabin ), and instead maximize his actors capability to act through eyes to do the talking (that bathroom scene is so dangggg!!!). There weren't many holding hands happened between the OTP of LUTYN back then, and yet i can clearly feel their emotions exuded the entire time, and every time they got close each other, i can almost see their souls "making out" to each other (that's weird, sorry, i can find a better term to describe how i feel toward this invisible tension effect the director always successfully create between his main actors). I'm sorry for my long rant. It's just i can help but admiring Hong PD's work, along with the entire production staff. Whilst writers are often highly praised for their contribution in the success of Korean Dramas, it just feels unfair if we don't applaud the finest directors out there as well ,for their superb force in crafting a well made drama. If wasn't for them, even themost genius script could've ended up turn into a mediocre TV show filled with poor cinematography qualities and lots of blank or unnecessary close up glarings. Lastly, i just wanna thank Hong PD for taking part in HPL. Without you, sir, this drama would probably turn out straight up corny, from beginning til the end. Can't believe this means, you have worked with like the two effortlessly sexiest actors in K-dramaland, Kim Nam Gil & our gooey Lion, Kim Jae Wook, whonot only had they worked together on Bad Guy ages ago, but also had taken on some of the most challenging roles individually. Such as a gay dude, a priest and a murderer. And the ladies as well. Gosh, i couldnt think of anyone else but Park Min Young who are the chemi queen of K-drama and the ever suave actress who slay every role she had taken on both motion picture and silver screen fields, Kim Ah Joong, to match their respective leading men's incomparable method acting. WHAT AN ASTONISHING GROUP OF PAIRINGS !!!! It's finally Tuesday, guys. Keep it together. We're almost there.
  7. Hi, everyone... Hope you guys don't mind to allow me to join this joyfully amusing thread at last. So, here are two things i've been wondering about lately (while STS-ing of course): #1 "At that very night soon after they finished filming their electrifying woodshop scene, on their way to return home until they reached their own bed while resting & waiting to fall asleep, did that sizzling moment hopelessly linger or did it easily go away from their minds!?" Because, it certainly stays in my life forever (i'm sorry if i appear or sound rather creepy right now?). #2 "Ain't this Kim Jae Wook's romcom project debut worth waiting for or what!??" Because, from now on, i highly doubt it that Kim Jae Wook, and even Park min Young herself, will ever be able to forget each other, this particular project and every single moment they spent together (that darn wrist kiss in particular ) for a very very very long time. On a side note, a few days ago, i found this simple comment on Instagram about HPL that majorly sums up everything i feel about our OTP, It essentially went like this: "Kim Jae Wook & Park Min Young's chemistry is scary. It's crazy." Similar to the aforementioned comment, i found another one from YouTube's comment section if i'm not mistaken, or probably from someone here in this forum (i'm sorry i totally forgot the username, please let me know if the owner of this statement happened to see this post). it basically said: "Actors are certainly good at acting, or what people might commonly refer to as 'pretending'. But even so, no one is that 'good' at pretending in real life". These two are driving me nuts. Nowadays, i can no longer tell if i'm looking at SDM & RG or PMY & KJW instead. They are the living definition of cuteness overload for sure. *internally screaming* I. AM. GOING. CRAZY. WHERE. IS. MY. LATTE ??? I MEAN, WEDNESDAY. WHERE IS MY THURSDAY ??? I feel better now.
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