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  1. Mother of mine will extended 8 episodes. So the total is 108eps. https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/241/0002940487
  2. New added cast.Kang sung yeon I think she will act as TJ's step mother. Na hye mi,an actress.want to life stable by married Han jong soo,the chairman of Hansung group. Will appear in to night ep Linky http://m.breaknews.com/661523 Im not happy with this additional cast. Tj and Miri has enough problem,why adding more. Better made Miri jealose seeing TJ with soyi #sigh
  3. @diane90 Miri doesnt have close friend thats because her personal character. If you remember miri ever told TJ if she has lack of confidence bcz her mother abandoned her. She also ever told TJ if she never felt gratitude to anyone else except to her family and TJ. So i think bcz her lack of confidence,feel unwanted.she want to become a success person.she said she only study..study..study and then work.even when people praise her she still not proud of her self. So i understand why she doesnt have any close friend. She is introvert and think that only with her family she feel enough.
  4. Just finished watching with sub. Such a heavy episode. I just cant believe IS.she abandoned her family when married miri's father and then abandoned miri when married a chaebol.the reason is money.wth And i think later the chairman even TJ will notice there is something happen betwen miri and IS. Miri didnt blink her eyes when chairman asked her to come back.but she gave a reaction when chairman mentioned IS. Also in the preview,when they have an official meeting.seem Miri and IS have an argu.chairman keep look at miri while TJ look at IS. Miri still in her last position,as General manager.so she will working under TJ.they will bump to each other. Its not like Miri doesnt love TJ more than him to her. But she is put her shield on her again. She love him alot thats why she told him her secret. She need time and TJ need to slow down.
  5. I worried if SJ later will angry bcz of huge disappointed with miri that miri didnt tell the truth about TJ. Miri keep hide her secret from SJ,that must be hurt SJ alot.
  6. I think the chairman asked miri to comeback and tell her if he can support her to become like IS. He will help miri to reach higher position if she want. Then miri said if she doesnt want to become like IS but she like to come back if she get a higher position than IS. Chairman accept. Seem that Miri's resign affect company.chairman angry when learn IS want to recruit a new staff to replace Miri. You are welcome
  7. Ep 22 raw [Site has been edited out. Illegal viewing sites are not allowed on soompi threads.]
  8. OMGGGG the ending was unexpected.i was shocked. Miri back to company with a bang! She already cut her hair. And got new position higher than IS
  9. In the end of preview miri wear same outfit when she meet TJ infront of restaurant and dragged SJ out from her house. I just wish that TJ saw IS came out from restaurant.then he will wonder how come she know this place.
  10. Such a heart wrecking scene when miri told IS that when IS ignored miri at the lobby (when miri saw TJ as the chairman's son for the first time) miri says if that the twice time her mother abandone her.
  11. TJ ask an apology to miri to not tell her the truth before hand.but miri wont listen. She slap him and throw her resign letter
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