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  1. Yeah agree with you all, we're all sure dissapoint but what's done is done, So lets move on. No more blamed. Hope to see them in another projects someday. I choose to remember KC and DKW as a badass couple. I already kept them together in my mind and my heart. So, no more sadness. Well this is my second videos to lighten up your mood, hope you like it chingu: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5SVD2irdheU
  2. I can't believe it, how could DKW? But even though it's impossible he survived from that headshot..i really hope he still alive and comeback for season 4. I feel so empty now..
  3. Eps 15 is the best eps from voice 3 so far. I'm so happy for today's eps..yeayyy!!!
  4. @sushilicious hmmm..what about if his blackouts was an effect from tranquilizer or that injections? is it possible? and about talking to himself, i think it just an effect from being brainwashed and hipnotized by Kaneki. He even doubted himself. So it's possible he believes in it..because it's like a sugesty.
  5. @sushiliciousI agree about Kaneki, but DKW? he's just diff from Kaneki. I don't think he has that Personality Disorder, except being manipulatived, brainwashed, and hipnotized by Kaneki. Because we already saw in many scenes that he still has shymphatized for others..he's not a lunatic like them.
  6. Wow, what an interesting theory. If that theory turn out to be true..this voice series is really mind blowing.. So it's some kind of black magic in the proceed? But now the questions are, why DKW? for what? were they all know each other before?
  7. Not only S2, In eps 9 before, he also didn't remember about killed MH. He still wasn't had a clue about it. So i think he's got brainwashed by someone. Maybe during his childhood period.
  8. I think the one who killed Koichi was another man, not the one who killed yukiko. He's more younger, most likely the IT man who was Ms Park's college friend, i still don't believe him..the way he got the information was suspicious too. Wasn't it too easy for him? i do believe he gave the wrong info about MH's killer. Maybe he wants to make KJ in doubt with KW again. So it can trigger out Kousuke in KW's body. Remember the sound which det. Na heard in the office? he must be a cop too.
  9. @ellelyana88Yeah i think you right, he is just one of them..not the main villain. I think they show it one by one..cause, the one we saw in the building before, little bit younger and taller.
  10. It's really heartbreaking when KKJ talked to DKW. She is really dissapoint and mad at him..and i think that is the major reason why Kousuke now is being stronger controlled his body.
  11. Eventhough I don't understand what they've said, i'm happy enough to see them together. Btw, love the way he stares at her (cookies for our shipper heart )
  12. @ellelyana88 Happy Eid Mubarak.. Yeah me too, never can't get enough of 'Voice' drama esp Kang Centre and Do Timjang. Always be my moodbooster.
  13. Well, since MH's bro was dead, so my theory now totally wrong. But i believe Kousuke didn't killed MH. He just being brain washed by the main villain..The main villain just love to play around with his targets. Esp KW and KJ, because they are his fave toys.
  14. Hi everyone! have been silent lurker here. But, now i decides to join this thread. i loved to read all of your comments here, so interesting discussion. So this is my thought: i also think if the main villain is MH's brother, i think i know why KJ's is his target, that's because KJ reminds him of MH. So i think he was the person who killed MH and actually he felt jealous with Kousuke cause MH and Kousuke was a closed friend.
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