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  1. Guys do you think it is a couple ring on Yoo Jung?
  2. Hello from a newbie! This has to be Chansung, right?? I feel like I recognize the tip of the nose as his. I have three theories regarding Chansung's identity: 1) He's the king who was about to marry Lee Mira's princess past self, but the girl had been killed by Manwol some time before that and Manwol was dressed as her to continue whatever bloody mission she had. 2) Chansung's past self killed Changmyung and Manwol is on her revenge spree. It kind of goes with the old character description, that Chansung killed his friend (it could be that as a the army chief Changmyung and Chansung's past self were friends) 3) Manwol was forcibly married off to Chansung's past self and she's determined to kill her future husband. phew.
  3. I'm mostly a silent lurker but I'd love to be a part of the private chat so we can be delusional together haha. Me (and probably many other shippers who are silent lurkers) would feel more at ease if we had a private space
  4. I'm still recovering from the episode 8's ending but I am still surprised that Dan really kissed LYS. He suddenly looked so out-of-character serious the moment before he kissed her, I don't know how to describe it but there was something in his expression that I can't quite put my finger on.
  5. Hello fellow Her Private Life fans!! Did you notice how in the next episode preview there's a scene where DM is wearing a blue shirt while RG is still in the shirt he's worn during their "confrontation". I'm REALLY curious how did this happen and I am surprised no one pointed this out. Also...Do you think it's his shirt she's wearing? It really looks more his style than hers.
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