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  1. I miss his black hair when I see it in the season greeting, he is such a flowerboy with black hair but he looks manlier with his brown hair and shorter haircut.
  2. @LULUNNA the drama is probably going to start filming in March and it takes around six months to finish filming, it makes sense they start early because of the law that prohibits working over 52 hours a week. It's pretty common of the supporting cast to not be revealed until after the photos and video from script reading come out, so I am not worried about it either. They are not in a rush, everything is just the way it works.
  3. Hi! The photos with Bogum from the end of January are for Fall Winter 2019, the photos from the new Summer Collection by tngt were first posted on the 2nd of February (without Bogum).
  4. It looks like Bo Gum is no longer with TNGT. The 20SS collection has a new model and there is no more tngt x park bo gum in their bio on instagram.
  5. I clicked on the article and it's not Wonderland filming that keeps Choi Woo Shik from attending the Oscar it's another film. Wonder when/if they are going to make the film, because Suzy's new drama is scheduled for May and Bogum's for July. There isn't much time for any of the actors to film even if they are about to start shooting.